Books are Bae: My Valentines Day Tradition

Monday, February 5, 2018

So I started this tradition two years ago where I buy myself books for Valentines Day! Maybe I started it to give myself an excuse to buy all the books I had been wanting to read, or maybe it was to #treatyourself ? Whatever my reasoning it has become one of my favorite parts about Valentines Day (because who doesn't like new books)! 
Valentines Day means different things to different people, whether it is love, relationships, candy, chocolate, flowers, etc. I have always celebrated it in some way that meant something to me. Growing up it was ice skating with our local homeschool group or co-op, making valentines day boxes and delivering cards to friends, but now I tend to take it easy and use it as a self care day or just a day to celebrate me. Okay.....I know that sounds conceited, so when I say celebrate me I mean celebrate my season of life, which is being single and embrace it for what it is and LOVE it (even though many people view it negatively). So if I am celebrating being single why not buy myself books? 
I am quite the connoisseur of books! I have a book shelf in my room busting at the seams and have titles and topics ranging from self help, world view, historical fiction, mystery, adventure, futuristic, and my personal favorite young adult fiction (which has a large expanse of topics in and of itself). So today I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite titles and series I have bought myself and read as well as some of the titles on my list to read (or buy myself this year for valentines day). 
Most of these titles are ones that I have bought myself over the last two years (for valentines day or just because). I LOVE all of them so much and they are all different in their own way. No joke....all of these are titles that I definitely love to binge read :) 
I had heard so many people talk about these books and seen so many bookies on social media with them that I wanted to check them out for myself. The plot itself is intriguing (not to mention the book covers are so pretty) as it centers around a girl (America) who is chosen to participate in the selection, a contest (kind of like the Bachelor or Bacheloret without all the ridiculous drama....well actually there is drama because of a guy named Aspen) to find a wife for the Prince Maxon. The series details the differences in classes, following your heart, stunning ball gowns, battling countries, and making difficult decisions for the good of a kingdom. Predictable, dramatic, and exciting while spanning 5 books and eventually goes onto tell the story beyond the selection! 
I seriously couldn't gush about these books enough! The first book is also being made into a movie and I am sooooo EXCITED! The main character Lara Jean wrote love letters to the boys she loved growing up, then one day the letters are send to all the guys without her knowing and they all find out how she felt about them, and that's just the beginning. There is the best friend and neighbor Josh and then there is the popular high school jock Peter. Lara Jean is a girl after my own heart, she loves to bake and her style is seriously the cutest. The first and second book follow Lara Jean through High School and the third book takes us with Lara as she starts college. These are a charming and delightful read about family, friendship, forgiveness, and growing up.  
There is a lot of debate about this book and story line and I know a lot of people who didn't like it. I read it before the movie came out and loved it as well as the movie. I think while in some people's eyes this book promotes euthanasia, I believe there is a deeper meaning and focus to the book about loving people even when they don't want you to and being there even when you don't support their choices. Louisa is a quirky odd girl just trying to find a job, she has an inspiring spirit and her fashion since would put a smile on anyone's face. The bond and relationship that develops between Louisa and Will is one that truly give you hope, even when there seems like there isn't any and when things don't happen how we would like. 
Just the name made me want to read the book! Cath is the ultimate fan girl of Simon Snow....she reads all the books, goes to all the movies, has all the posters and writes all the fanfiction. When it comes time for her and her twin sister to go off to college life changes and she has to find her way as she and her sister live different lives and she worries about her dad living alone. Throughout the book Cath learns to live apart from her sister and discover her own life along the way. There is a cute barista at Starbucks, loads of fanfiction, fangirl obsessions, and self realization. 
Written by the same author as Fangirl this story is deep, touching, and will probably make you cry. Two misfits from completely different backgrounds meet during high school in 1986 and develop a bound that is worth the risk. It's about first loves, messed up families, courage, determination, cassette tapes and comic books. 
(I'm holding it in my pictures) Oh my gosh this book!!! I started it and finished it in one day (or one night = 4 hours). It's the story of Lea and Gabe and how they fall in love....or finally realize how much they both care for each other, however, the story isn't told from a personal is told by everyone around them, like the bench, the squirrel, their best friends, and their college creative writing professor who knows the first day she sees them that they have something special. I love that this story is set in college because it makes the story so much sweeter. I love that Gabe is an insanely shy guy because I relate to him so much, but Lea understands that about him and that is what makes their story so special.....the Bench would agree! 
These books are some of the titles that are my list to get (some of them will probably be titles I get myself this year for Valentines Day). A few of them are books written by authors whose books I have read before or new books in a series. They range from adventure, futuristic, inspirational, geeky, love stories, etc. 

I am definitely a girl who loves books and reading....I love escaping into works and connecting with characters and becoming part of their story, going on journeys of discovery and finally realizing what is right in front of them! And as the Introvert that I am books are one of my prized possessions, so Valentines Day always seems like the perfect excuse to add a few more titles to my collection:)

Are you an avid book reader?
Have you read any of these titles?



  1. I am definitely an avid book reader. My parents say I decided when I was 3 that I was gonna learn to read, dagnabbit! So I did. And I never stopped. :) I've heard of all these books, but the only one I've read is Geekeralla. The whole texting-with-a-stranger thing was one of those "don't try this in real life, kids" momemts, :p but with suspension of belief about that part, It. Was. Adorable. <333 I finished it on my birthday last year and loved it so much I felt like it was one of my presents. XD You may have heard it described as a love letter to fandom and it is, it truly is. This geek appreciated the many references LOTR, Star Trek, and Star Wars among other things, along with the themes about what fandoms can mean to people, like how people find lifelong friends through it and family members bond over it, etc. It truly is a sweet, sweet, story.

    Now that I'm done fangirling...;) I'm also single and am VERY tempted to take up your tradition of buying myself a book for Valentine's day. It's such a fun idea, and I agree that we singles need to celebrate this season of our lives while we have it.

    Thanks for the fun post. :)

    1. Ahhh...this makes me even more happy about Geekerella now because I ended up buying it as one of my books for Valentine’s Day:) you should definitely steal the’s worth it!