Upper East Side

Monday, January 22, 2018

| Sweater: Thrifted (GAP) | Skirt: Thrifted | Scarf: Target | Beret: Target |
| Boots: Joules | Purse: Thrifted (Coach) | 

Visiting New York was seriously a dream......and getting to experience the life of the city and what it felt like to be a "newyorker" was so fun. New York truly has so much to offer and taking part in that IRL rather than through movies and TV shows was so amazing. One of my favorite parts every day was walking along the sidewalk in all the different neighborhoods, especially ours.
Our Air bnb was in the Upper East side and each street had something special about it. The avenues had markets and bagel places, coffee shops and restaurants, while the streets themselves were lined with tall historic apartment buildings, all different in their own way.
I have always admired the architecture of New York, especially the neighborhoods themselves, and getting to walk four blocks each day to the subway was the perfect time to admire the doors, iron fences, windows, and stone work. Just think "gossip girl" and that is what our daily walk looked like, not to mention we were a 15 minute walk from the steps of the MET:)
On our Sunday (our second day) we went to brunch with one of my Instagram/blogger friends who recently moved to NY, which was so much fun! Since Sunday was still a frigid 15-20 degrees I layered it up with this look (not pictured, my parka and gloves). I picked a navy wool sweater for the day and paired it with this gray wool skirt I thrifted and altered from Goodwill. Since the look itself was simple I paired my plaid blanket scarf with it to match my red boots. I finished the look off with my cream slouch beret hat (because if you don't wear a hat in NY you will be very cold). As I mentioned my style inspiration for this trip in my last post, this look definitely went more along the lines of preppy with a nod to classic and it was perfect for a low key Sunday excursion.

- Madison 


  1. Ahh! This is like the most perfect outfit! And I'm pretty sure I have that exact scarf! I never would have thought of packing big rain boots on a plane, but it was an awesome idea! Love the bag, too!
    ~ Megan Joy

    1. TWINS!!! Funny that you mentioned the boots, so my friends and I both took boots to NY but we didn't pack them, we actually wore them on the plane to save room in our suitcases:)

  2. Thats so amazing you stayed in an air bnb in the upper east side! Talk about a dream come true
    I love these photos