A Day At The Met

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sweater: Faded Glory
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Amazon (fleece lined leggings)
Boots: Joules (Amazon)
Boot Liners: Amazon
Beret: Amazon 
Purse: Vintage Coach 

The first major post of my New York trip....hooray!!! New York was seriously AMAZING! Not sure if I will even be able to capture the vibrance and bustle of the great city in all of these coming posts or in my vlog, but it is definitely all I thought it would be and more.
One of our first stops on our trip was The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have always loved going to art museums, seeing history captured in art, admiring the talent of artists from the past, and seeing the many forms of art that exist. The MET was definitely the most impressive art museum I have yet to visit and is broken into so many different sections and time periods of exhibits you can't help feeling as though you are walking through history. I loved that each time period exhibit was in a room (or rooms) that actually resembled the architecture of the time. On one side you were walking through an elaborate and elegant American house filled with furnishings from the late 1700's. In another section of the museum you visit the Renaissance time period and feel as though you are in a dark paneled wood abbey, it was so cool.....I would highly recommend visiting if you are ever in New York.
As for my ensemble for the day, the weather in New York the first day was quite cold (15 degrees and colder to be exact) so I was definitely focused on dressing for the weather. Looking at my outfit you might be wondering how that was even dressing for the winter, but what you can't see are the two long sleeve shirts + tank top under my sweater, the 3 pairs of fleece leggings, and the two pairs of socks + boot liners. With all of those layers and my parka coat I was perfectly cozy in the nippy city air. I would definitely have to say my style inspiration for New York was classy prepster meets Parisian chic (and as all the NY outfit posts come to the blog you will start to see that trend).
This look in particular I really LOVE now after wearing it in NY. I have recently become obsessed with beret hats again, so this black number is a classic staple. I also love how classic turtle neck sweaters are, so pairing this plain black one with this wool wrap skirt was the epitome of classic prep with a hint of french. As for my footwear, I practically lived in my red Joules rain wellies because New York was covered in a blanket of snow, plus they are comfortable and warm:)

Have you ever been to New York?
Have you visited the Met?
Do you like art museums?



  1. What a fun city chic look! The beret is especially on point. I bet you had *so* much fun at the Met. ^_^ I've never been, but one of my friends recently went to NYC and shared photos of the trip, so this looks familiar!

  2. The Met is an amazing museum! I love your beret so cute


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