Dressing For Work & The Weather

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

When the weather cools off and the temperature drops significantly, the biggest challenge is dressing to stay warm! However, for those of us who are not only dressing for the weather, but also for work, figuring out what to wear to transition from outside --> Inside --> outside can be a challenge. 

In today's post I am sharing all of my tips for picking out a look that works both indoors (where it is warm) and outdoors (where it is cold). When it comes to dressing for work and the weather, I always go back to the art of layers. Now, when I say layers, I mean that there are multiple components to my look that keep me both comfortable and warm. The base of any one of my outfits this time of the year is always a light sweater, wool skirt, close toed shoes or boots, and a pair of tights or socks (like above). Tights for me really are the key!!! You wouldn't believe how much of a difference wearing a light pair of tights with a skirt can make to your personal warmth:) With all of these components, this base keeps me cool and comfortable inside as well as covered and fairly cozy outside. 

Inside of course I do not wear a coat :), but being the "cold natured" person that I am I always bring a chunky and cozy cardigan with me to throw on if it somehow decides to get frigid indoors. When I step outside into the crisp air however, I always make sure to grab a scarf and a trench coat! Depending on how cold it really is outside I might opt for a wool coat, but here in Texas a trench coat and a sweater always does the trick. 

The great part about this layering technique is that you can always put on or take off layers depending on your personal comfort. I always take a sweater to work with me and a jacket if I am going outside, so if I get cold all I have to do is put on a layer. The same thing is said for if I get warm, all I have to do is take off my jacket or cardigan and I am comfortable. Keeping the base layers light yet covering your arms and legs helps to keep you entire body insulated and helps you expertly dress for both work and the weather. 

I decided to put together some layered outfit ideas to show you the pieces that I gravitate towards when getting ready in the colder months. While the base of any outfit is important, the extra outer pieces are the KEY components that keep me warm when I step outside and I never leave the house without them. I also decided that it would be fun to show you the guy version of my method, so I put together two looks that would keep any guy both comfortable at work and warm outside (and I have to say that I am so in love with these two looks below). 


While a light pair of tights with a skirt can add to your personal warmth as a lady, I don't want to forget about the guys, because layering is also extremely important for the men out there too. Wearing flannel lines pants or dress slacks will keep them warm outside, while still looking professional for work. Pair those with a knit sweater, dress shirt, or flannel underneath and you have quite the cozy look. I would recommend checking out these shirts to complete the layering look. With all of these components, this base will keep them cool and comfortable inside as well as covered and fairly cozy outside:)  

BONOBOSShirt 1, Shirt 2, Sweater | Brown Belt, Tan Belt | Slacks, Jeans | Brown Boots, Leather Lace Ups | Cardigan | Scarf | Socks | Bomber Jacket | Coat 


Do you use these layering tips to stay warm in the winter?
What are your go to work and weather pieces?



  1. I love wearing layers in the winter! I wear a uniform to work, but when I'm not at work I layer with leggings, tights, and sweaters. I've been outside in 20 degree weather with a wool skirt and fleece lined leggings and I'm just as warm as someone wearing jeans!

  2. I love that skirt! The coat is great, too!
    Lately, I've been wearing sweaters, with jeans or a skirt, and then a scarf and hat. Although, I'll have to layer up better from now on, since we just got 3 inches of snow in the past few hours! It's beginning to look like Christmas!
    ~ Megan Joy

  3. That skirt is so cute, I love how you styled it with the socks

  4. Last winter, I put on ski pants because there was SO MUCH snow outside (like 3 feet!!!), but when I got to work I nearly fainted from heat exhaustion! Won't happen again, thanks to this!!

    1. Oh gosh, I am pretty sure I would have been dying too! Glad this could help:)

  5. Hi, This is the most feminine post I have come across. It is summer or winter the biggest challenge is dressing to stay warm or to stay light. Your post is an answer to all the problems. Thank you for sharing such a lovely dress design and text.

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