My Favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies

Saturday, November 25, 2017

If you know me you know I am OBSESSED with Hallmark movies, especially Hallmark Christmas movies. If I had cable I would definitely watch Hallmark Countdown to Christmas 24/7 but since I don't, I pick a LONG list of my favorites to re-watch each year and always make sure to catch the newest originals (there are 33 new ones this year). With that being said, I thought I would share some of my FAVORITE Hallmark Christmas Movies full of heartfelt stories, fuzzy feelings, predictable moment, cheesy beginnings, and pure happiness + Christmas spirit. So get ready, grab your favorite snacks, a bowl of popcorn, a cup of tea, hot cocoa, or coffee, chocolate (its a must) and any junk food you can find! Put on your sweatpants, your coziest sweater, your fuzzy socks, and if you have a cat invite them too (trust me, they love it) and get ready for a Christmas movie binge......(p.s. don't forget to click the pink links for movie trailers):

  • Love At The Thanksgiving Day Parade: A must see movie and not just because I am practically the girl in the story. This movie was probably one of the most influential movies in regards to my love for vintage because the main character wears vintage throughout the movie and I even went out and bought her white hat after watching it:) It follows the story of wrong first impressions and mutual respect and understanding. 
  • Princess For Christmas: Ugh....I could gush about this movie for days! If anything let me throw out that Katie McGrath and Sam Heughan are the two main characters, so if that doesn't sell you then the fact that it is the story of an ordinary girl and a guy who just so happens to be a prince should. Full of fairytale perfection and just the right amount of drama I watch this movie multiple times each Christmas and even own it on DVD!
  • A Royal Christmas: Why not continue the royal Christmas movie theme with this heartwarming tale of a girl who isn't like by the mother and a prince who stops at nothing to be with the woman he loves, despite what others think. I love this movie because Lacy Chabert (Mean Girls) stars as the lead opposite a dashing prince and the movie actually starts out with them together, which I love. 
  • 9 Lives Of Christmas: Maybe it's the fact that this movie has two cats as supporting characters, or the sweet love story, but this is definitely one of my top Hallmark Christmas movies and a Purrrfect holiday romance! 
  • Bride For Christmas: She has left 3 guys at the altar, that is, until she met Aiden; but what she doesn't know is that he made a bet with his friends that he could get a girl to fall in love with him before Christmas.....but you will have to watch it to see how it turns out:) 
  • My Christmas Love: I am a sucker for best friend love know, the ones where the guy is in love with the girl but she totally doesn't see it until it's almost to late and then she realizes what was right in front of her all along....yeah, that basically this movie plus a whole lot more of Christmas cheer! 
  • Matchmaker Santa: Santa always has a way of showing people what they never thought to see, and this movie is full of two people discovering that the person they have been waiting for is right next to them. 
  • Crown for Christmas: Another royal Christmas movie that is just as heart warming, if not more. NY maid gets hired as the governess for the Kings daughter only to find there is more that awaits her at the castle. 
  • A Boyfriend For Christmas: I think this was one of the first Hallmark "chick flicks" that I saw and is definitely a few years old (or more) but the storyline is still a classic in my book. Santa once again brings two people together in a sweet and romantic story. 
  • A Christmas Prince: Okay, so this one isn't actually a Hallmark movie, but the story line fits perfectly as if it were one. This movie is a Netflix original this year and I LOVE IT! I kind of have this thing for "royal Christmas movies" (if you haven't noticed) and this one is perfection. Moral of the story is that what people assume about others isn't always who they really are. 
  • The Christmas Card: This is a Hallmark classic and the sweetest story. Girl writes soldier a Christmas card and he travels to her town to find her, only to learn that she has a boyfriend and is getting will have to watch it for yourself to see what the ending is. 
  • Christmas With Holly: Toy stores, fairies, and Holly, a little girl being raised by her two uncles. Holly hasn't talked since her mom died, but her life is about to change for the better as a special toy store owner enters her uncles life:) 
  • Hitched For The Holidays: This movie follows Lesson #5 learned from Hallmark movies "don't pretend to be engaged to someone unless you want to eventually end up together!" Full of crazy families, traditions, and two different worlds but one perfect ending, this movie is funny and heartwarming all at the same time! 
  • Naughty or Nice: Hilarie Burton (One Tree Hill) stars as the crazy girlfriend who REALLY wants her boyfriend to propose, but life doesn't go according to plan and it takes a mix up of her last name and Santa's Naughty or Nice list to show up in her mail to change things up a bit. 
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: She can pick out the perfect Christmas presents, so when she is hired by a handsome executive to help him with Christmas presents for his friends and family its only fitting that they spend time together. 
  • A Christmas Kiss (netflix): On repeat ever year for me, this movie follows rule #1 learned from Christmas Movies "Elevators are match makers, and if you kiss in one it is fate!" Holiday parties, The Nutcracker, Charles Dickens, and jealous girlfriends this movies is a must for me and you need to watch it too! 
  • Let It Snow: Dislike on first sight turn is how this story starts, but it soon turns into something more in this fun Christmas movie with ice skating, skiing, holiday traditions, The Feast Of St. Thomas, and families reuniting. 
  • A December Bride: What do you do when your fiance marries your cousin and your are invited to the wedding? Remember lesson #5......just keep that in mind for this movie! Oh, and did I mention it stars Daniel Lissing from When Calls The Heart:)  
  • Karen Kingsbury The Bridge Pt. 1 & Pt. 2: (a Hallmark Movies and Mysteries movie event) Truly heartwarming, this two part movie is one of my favorites to watch every year. The Bridge is a special book store owned by a special couple, Wyatt and Molly are two college students who meet on their first day and develop a close bond, but life has a plan of its own and things don't always go according to plan. However, even if paths go separate ways, life has a way of bringing them back together! 
Are you a fan of Hallmark Movies?
Have you seen any of these movies?
What is your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie?



  1. Watching Hallmark Christmas movies is definitely a tradition for me! I always have to watch at least one -- even if they all do seem to be the same movie after awhile. :P

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Some of these are my favorites too!
    The Christmas Card
    Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
    A Season for Miracles
    Window Wonderland
    Hitched for the Holidays
    Let it Snow
    A Perfect Christmas
    A Boyfriend for Christmas
    The Best Christmas Party Ever
    Fir Crazy
    The Nine Lives of Christmas
    Once Upon a Holiday
    Naughty or Nice
    Those are the top of my list (we ranked them a couple years back, and I've tried to update my list).

    1. Ahhh...I love it so much! I should rank mine:) Most if these (if they aren’t on my list) are also some of my faves!

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  4. That so cool you like Hallmark movies because they are all filmed in Victoria and I do background in most of them. your cat is so cute

    1. You've mentioned that before which is just way to cool!!! You have to let me know which movies you have done background for so I can keep an eye out for you:)

  5. This list is so cute! Those movies are always fun. Have you seen Snowglobe? I'm not sure it's Hallmark, but definitely made for TV. It's a good one :P


  6. A crown for Christmas yes yes yes. Even my brother likes this movie.

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