24 Hours in Fredericksburg Texas

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

If you remember, earlier in May I went on a road trip with my college roommate. For our first two days we explored sights in the Austin area (read the post here), and after that we headed to the quaint town of Fredericksburg Texas. I have been wanting to visit Fredericksburg for years, so I was very excited that I would finally get to visit with my friend who had been there before. 
Since we are both major planners we planned out our stops at each location and what places we would visit, and there was definitely a lot to see and do in Fredericksburg. While walking along main street and exploring all of the shops is the perfect way to spend your day, there were a few places that I highly recommend you stop at if you ever happen to visit Fredericksburg:

  1. Enchanted Rock: If you like the outdoors, hiking, climbing GIANT rocks, and seeing the world from high up above than you have to visit and climb Enchanted Rock. I have visited this state part many times throughout the years, and it really is such a great adventure. No joke....it really is a GIANT rock and the view from the top is stunning! 
  2. Rathskeller: On Wednesday morning we stopped off at this darling German restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant is located in the basement of an old hospital and walking in I felt like I was in underground Germany....it truly was the most unique place and the food was fantastic! We both ordered Italian omelets with potatoes and it was the perfect meal to get us going for the day (plus, very reasonably prices) and if you like like beignets they have those too :)
  3. Wild Seed Farms: This place was definitely high up on our list of stops and I am so glad we got to visit. Wild Seed Farms is a basically a wildflower farm, so just think of a large expanse of wildflower beds budding up from every direction! It was so lovely walking around and looking at all the flowers and seeing ALL the MANY Zinnias. 
  4. Rustlin' Rob's Texas Gourmet Foods: This place was quite the adventure! If you like tasting different jams, jellies, crackers, salsas, and hot sauce this place has rooms, upon rooms of every flavor of everything you could imagine. There is even a cupboard of super spicy hot sauces that is locked up because they are soooooo extreme!
  5. Fredericksburn Winery: If you are in Fredericksburg and over 21 you have to go wine tasting! Fredericksburg is known for their wine and vineyards, and we knew we wanted to go wine tasting while there. We ended up visiting Fredericksburg Winery to do a tasting and it was such a fun experience. 
  6. West End Pizza Company: Pizza is good wherever you go, and this place was no joke! We stopped off for dinner here on Wednesday night and it was so good. Their pizza is brick oven made to order and they have so many delicious gourmet flavors! 
  7. Java Ranch: No road trip is complete without coffee! In fact, we both made matching shirts for our trip that said "Road trips & Coffee", so there was not discussion on whether or not we should stop at Java Ranch, which is the coffee shop in town. We stopped by to grab latte's on our way out Thursday morning and I ended up getting a vanilla coconut latte which was to die for! 
Have you ever visited Fredericksburg Texas?



  1. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos. The outfits are lovely.

  2. I would love to visit wild seed farms it sounds so beautiful! The place called Enchanted Rock sounds similar to Elephant Rocks in Missouri we liked hiking and climbing on the huge rocks too! Sounds and looks like you had a very enjoyable visit;) thanks for sharing. Stephanie

  3. It looks so cute there, I love your floral dress