Seaside Sailor Suit

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Swimsuit: Thrifted
Sunglasses: c/o Madewell


Ahhhh...the beach! I am a big proponent of beach trips, vacations, walks, movies, sounds, etc.....basically anything to do with the beach! In fact, our family just got back from camping at the beach this past weekend and it was so lovely to be back at one of our favorite places, sitting on the sand, listening to the ocean, fishing, reading (for me), and enjoying time together. 

However, with summer comes the heat which means we are all looking for a way to cool off be it at the beach, at the pool, or in our own backyard, and with that comes swimsuits. In the past I haven't shared much of my beach/pool style on the blog, but that is going to change this summer and I am so excited to share those looks. 

This fun nautical beach look is the first of its kind and I couldn't be more obsessed with it! I am a huge fan of anything "nautical" and when I found this suit I couldn't believe how perfect it was. The print is a dainty braided rope stripe on a navy background which is perfect for any beach trip. I actually altered this suit a bit by raising the neckline and adding a second panel in the back, for a bit more modesty. The main reason I LOVE this suit though is because the bottoms are a retro cut which makes them extra comfortable and covering :)

But in all seriousness can we talk about how exciting it is that summer is here! I am looking forward to many more walks on the beach, wades in the ocean, book after book, lemonade, watermelon, swimsuits, and adventurous vacations. 

(I will put out a disclaimer that my swimsuit standards might be different than it in my choice not to wear a bikini or maybe even not covering as much as others choose to



  1. That suit is super duper lovely!


  2. What an adorable swimsuit! Totally love it, can't tell that you altered it. Looks perfect:) those swimsuits are rare and hard to find. I love going to the beach also. We go in September to Destin Florida to a beach called Henderson Beach. Looking forward to walking on the beach myself:) perfect post for the first day of Summer;) Stephanie

  3. This is such a cute swimsuit! I am on the look out for a cute vintage inspired one

  4. Lovely swimsuit.