Recent Faves pt. 10

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

There have been sooooooo many great things to love lately be it new YouTube Channels, favorite videos, gush worthy prints, fabulous posts, stunning photography, and all in all, sheer talent and creativity from so many lovely people that I have the pleasure and opportunity to follow! So here's to Part 10 of my recent faves....pull up a chair, grab a blanket and get ready to fall in love with everything I have been going HEART EYES over:
  • Olivia's post on Ethical fashion & Consumerism is so ratable for me as someone who loves clothes, loves to shop, and kind of promotes fashion, but with that, it is important to develop a healthier attitude towards buying clothes and learning about fashion production. 
  • Also....if you didn't Know that Olivia has a YouTube Channel you should go check her out RIGHT NOW because I love all of her videos and her British accent is so pretty:) However, I am so loving her recent room tour video because it reminds me of my own small room!
  • Okay, so yes, the golden hour lighting of Rebecca's post is amazing, but to be perfectly honest I am all about her croissant purse......because lets be real, what gets better than a super buttery and fattening baked good that you can put more butter on (am I right....hence the picture for this post)! 
  • This post by Olivia on the Fear Of Missing Out is GREAT! I feel like it is hard for me to disconnect sometimes because I do think "What if I MISS something"!!!
  • Noelle's Galentines Day post is literally #FRIENDGOALS and the whole fact that she recently visited Europe and England make me want to hop on a plane right now....
  • I always tell myself that I need a cat print dress and I think I have found the perfect one at MODCLOTH
  • These night time photos of Klara over on A Robot Heart and the coolest thing ever! Also....after admiring everything about this post I totally want this yellow dress now:)
  • I might have had a small childhood dream of being a mermaid (actually that might still be true) and I also have a crazy over the top love of cats, so when I found this Mer-Cat shirt which basically combines both of these slight obsessions into one perfect blouse I kind of FREAKED OUT!! 
  • This Lemon Cupcake Stop Motion, created by the uberly talented Kenna and Lulu is the greatest and most cheery thing EVER! 
  • You might have seen the book Capture Your Style on my Instagram, but it is one of my new favorites for Instagram Inspiration and, Modcloth has it on sale for $8 right now so you should grab a copy:)
  • If I had $100 to spend on shoes these unique and oh so popular loafer flats from Madewell would be the first thing I would buy! Sadly, they are so popular that they are sold out at most places.....

 What have been some of your recent faves?


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  1. We basically follow all the same blogs! That shop with the Mer cat shirt is so cute I love everything there!!