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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Skirt: Thrifted
Shirt: Vintage
Sweater: Thrifted + DIY
Tights: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Purse: Melie Bianco

I LOVE having a blog, and being a blogger has truly become a HUGE part of who I am on a day to day basis. I find myself thinking like a blogger when I reach for my phone to take a picture of my ice cream cone, make note of a perfect photo shoot location, or immediately start planing an outfit/post based off of the dress I found while shopping. However, with that being said, I have discovered a different side to blogging that at times is hard for me to wrap my head around, and with that, it is the realization of being visible. 

That might sound weird, but I have always been the girl who preffered to be in the background if I had a choice.....I am a behind the scenes kind of person most of the time, but as a blogger I never realized how visible I would become to people. This might sound weird, but people actually see me now (okay, that does sound weird...) and see my life! I started blogging to share my loves and interests with people but I never expected to be recognized so much for it by the people around me....Okay, so yes, being a blogger is who I identify as, but it has also become a definition and label that people place on me after they learn about it. It becomes even more obvious when they exclaim "Oh my gosh I love what you are wearing! You always look so cute!" Truthfully, I do love getting compliments, but I am the worst person in the world at responding to compliments because to me I am just an ordinary person who does what she loves and doesn't deserve to be elevated by those around her or seek out attention. However, when people voice such sweet compliments I feel as if they often see me as a super talented person who is kind of "famous" to a degree and I often feel like they have elevated me to a level of "perfection" in their eyes.....a level that I don't place myself on or even see myself.  

Maybe the though of being visible and seen for who I am with all of my interests and talents isn't a bad thing, but sometimes I feel like I don't deserve the attention or praise. I do what I do and I am who I am because that is the best version of myself and a version I happen to LOVE! I don't try to be "perfect" or "the best" or an "over achiever" but so often those are the labels people give me. Thus, as a blogger, my life is more on display than it used to be, and maybe because of that I actually get a glimpse of seeing myself through others eyes. Sure, it's still weird when I meet people and they tell me they follow me on Instagram, or they comment in person on my latest post, or even when they look at my blog or Instagram for the first time (in front of me no less) and then somehow change their whole perspective of who I am. 

I think this whole idea of being VISIBLE stems from the fact that I am typically a pretty private and reserved person, but as a blogger I seem to present a different side of myself and open up. Being a blogger and calling this space my own is almost like living inside a room surrounded by windows for anyone to peak inside, sure they have curtains in which to keep certain things to myself, but most of the time they are open for the view. So whoever you are, wherever you are from, just know the fact that you care about my life, me, and what I love means THE WORLD to me......but just know I am far from matter what my life might look like on my Blog or Instagram I am still me :)


As for the outfit in this post, let's just say that it was very Noelle Downing inspired, plus I kind of created my own DIY version of her "As Seen On My Blog" sweater which might just be the greatest thing EVER! Interesting fact, I didn't want to pay/buy the original of this sweater so I decided it would be "pretty easy" to stitch myself; much to my surprise that it would only be 3 Twilight's (as in the movies) later when I finally finish it, but I am so excited with how it turned out! 

Do people ever see you for someone you don't see yourself as?
What are your thoughts on being visible? 



  1. Hello Madison! Thank you so very much for writing about your feelings on blogging and being "public". I am a terribly reserved and private person but have always wanted to start a blog and share my creativity through photos and writing. My struggle has been that I want to ensure my privacy and share only what I feel comfortable with rather then too much. Recently I worked up the courage to begin a blog but have yet to write anytihng past the initial two postings. Your honesty has encouraged me to move forward and be brave (as silly as that may sound - it's only a blog!). I truly enjoy your blog and wish you all the best!



  2. Alexandra,
    I totally understand the feeeling of uncertainty in putting yourself out there. Starting a blog is such a fun adventure but also terrifying at times, however, remember that you have complete control and power over what you share and what you choose to keep to yourself:) That is one of the great freedoms is that you decide how much you want people to see! Best of wishes on your new adventure as a fellow blogger! I am so glad that this post could encourage you somehow:)
    - Madison

  3. Such a cute sweater, I think I need to start wearing my hair in a bow like yours it looks so cute! Thanks for following me! I love your style too!

  4. I totally feel a lot like what you described. People at work always say to me, I want to be like you, your so positive. Your always filling in anywhere with out complaining. So I do feel like you Madison I'm just me. I don't think another thing of it. It's hard to accept compliments when you are just being "you". Thanks for sharing:)

  5. First off, your outfit is so cute! I freaking love that you DIY'd your sweater-it's adorable!

    Second, while I personally love getting attention for my blog, the thing I struggle with is getting exhausted from online interactions. Stuff like replying to comments and emails always seems to stress me out. I think that's my introverted side manifesting itself! Over time, I've learned how to cope with that, and I really think that your issue will also resolve itself after a while.

  6. Favorite poss so far, Madison! I can relate to a lot of what you're saying! I LOVE fashion blogging, but it is a little weird for me, just because I've never been one of those to be a huge social media person or to be "out there" with myself. I love being in pictures, so that's not a hard adjustment, but it's still a little weird for me to post those pictures online and then see it re-posted places! And I've definitely had to adjust with learning how much to share, and what not to share. But it definitely has a lot of benefits, and like you said, it's a huge part of what I do!

  7. I am shy and not a person who likes to be seen. I tend to stay in the background. Thanks for sharing your feelings.

  8. You perfectly summed up my thoughts on blogging & having an internet life in general.

    I made this realization a couple years ago - how people view me as ordinary until they see my online life and suddenly I'm a god to them - and it really struck me. Shouldn't all people be important regardless of their social lives? I've tried hard to think of each person I meet as a big deal without needing to see their social media to tell me so.

    I'm shy (but awesome) so I know how difficult it can be to convey that in person but so easy to convey online. It's a work in progress to express myself but hopefully people will slowly start to see that I'm the same person in both places. I'm not cooler than them because I post selfies on Instagram or something. lol

    Thanks for putting your thoughts out there & starting such an interesting discussion, Madison! PS that shirt is super rad! Great job on the DIY.

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

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