The Perfect Sunglasses With Eye Folds

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that not only have protective benefits, but can also add so much to an outfit. Have you ever worried about breaking your sunglasses in transport? I know that when it comes to carrying around my sunglasses, I often worry that they will break in my purse. Sunglasses can be so fragile and often times we will invest in a pair of shades for their fit, style, and brand and hope that that will be durable and last us awhile. 
That is why I was so excited to partner with Eyefolds Eyewear, a company inspired by the idea that eyewear should be easy to carry around, thus creating their iconic folding eyewear! I must say that their folding frames are quite brilliantly engineered to be expertly folded into a compact shape while still keeping with fashionable styles. I was able to pick out three styles, and while I was surpriesed at the variety of options, I chose three styles that reflect a more vintage look. The great thing about their glasses is that all Eyefold frames come in a variety of style options such as AviatoryWayfarerClubmaster, and even Readers (which I can't get over because they are the most stylish thing ever). 

Countryclub-Tortoise Gloss Gold

Countryclub-Tortoise Gloss Silver

Countryclub-TortSilverMatte Flash

If you have ever worried about breaking your sunglasses (or glasses) or maybe you are one of those people with the gift of breaking things :), then I highly suggest you consider trying out Eyefolds! If you are blow away by these revolutionary sunglasses (just like I was) you can hop on over to their site and take a browse for yourself! 
If you see something that like you can use the code:
MUSE16 for $20 off your purchase till November 30th! 

Have you ever seen folding sunglasses?
What do you think about Eyefolds?
Do you like the 3 styles in this post?


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