Recent Faves pt. 7

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hello lovelies.....It's time for a new favorites post because these links have been filling up this draft and I can't wait to share them with you all! There have been so many swoon worthy posts recently from my favorite bloggers as well as number of fabulous other items, songs, articles, videos and what not. Hope you find something that catches your eye! 

  • Loving this post over on the Modcloth blog talking about Layering Your Legs For Fall! I am all about socks and tights in the fall and I love these tips. 
  • I have always been one to love other people's homes and apartments...falling in love with the simple details and how they so perfectly describe the person who lives there, so of course I am in love with Daphne's Apartment in Paris France (who wouldn't be)! 
  • Loving Klara's denim jumper dress, milkmaid braids, and bangs in her recent post over on A Robot Heart!
  • I have always been a fan of simple and classic jersey dresses and This striped dress from eShakti is so perfect! 
  • Now I know it's possible to pull of white converse + frayed jeans + a classic neck scarf because Daphne is rocking it in her Recent Post!
  • FOREVER the BIGGEST fan of any "Introvert" products and this "Currently Introverting" Shirt is the GREATEST! 
  • Okay...keeping on with the "Introverting" goodness is this article about 22 Shirts That Every Introvert Needs which totally made my day and had me laughing so hard because they are 100% accurate! 
  • Jessica newest post "Lakeside" over on The Boyer Sister's makes me so happy with its perfect and simple 1930's, can we all just take a road trip to this lake! 
  • Another Blogger Love goes to Lauren over on Someone Like You who created another perfect outfit combination with a barrette hat, silk neck scarf, and knee high socks!
  • If any of you are HUGE fans of High School Musical (like me!) than you have to check out Anthem Light's newest recording that is a High School Musical Medley and is literally the BEST THING since double stuffed oreos!!!
  • Shawn Mendez's album Illuminate has been playing on repeat for me lately!
Did you discover any new faves?


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