Weather Or Not

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sweater: Thrifted
Jumper: Me Made
Tights: Target
Socks: Old
Shoes: ???
Purse: Thrifted
Broach: Vintage
Watch: Sam Moon

The weather has taken a change of turn and it has finally reached cooler temperatures!!! Hurray!!! In the morning temperatures have been in the 50's and the day warms up to a lovely 70's which means sweaters can be worn without dying of heat stroke and there is a crisp fall breeze drifting through the air. It seems like I have been waiting forever to wear my favorite fall pieces and now I finally can embrace them with full force in layers and tights:)

Oddly enough, this semester I am taking my last science class which just so happens to be a weather and climate class. As a result of this, I now know more than I ever have about the weather and might be known to say something scientifically smart about the clouds or terrestrial radiation! However, because of that class I also know that while I am enjoying the wonderful cool fall weather this weekend, there is unfortunately a warm front coming in later next week. Thus, I am soaking up every ounce of this weather that I can!

As the cool weather is only to be shortly lived I am fully taking advantage of the sweaters and tights in my closet! This ensemble is definitely a new fave of mine! Stripes have always been a favorite as have sweater turtle necks. Apart from that, it is no surprise that I pulled out my mustard tights, because lets be honest, mustard is my favorite fall color!!!! I can't help thinking that this ensemble looks like something straight from Modcloth's fall styles....complete with the jumper dress! Modcloth has done a fabulous job with their fall patterns, styles, and colors and I fell in love with their modern does 1970's style which seems to be a fall inspiration I fall back on. 

Has the fall weather arrived in your area?
Are you familiar with Modcloth's fall styles?



  1. Oh my word, totally getting a Marcia Brady vibe from this! Adorable! And three cheers for cooler weather (it finally arrived in Nashville, too. ;)

    1. Thank you! Your so right! I couldn't agree more:) Yay for cool weather.

  2. Love yellow💛💛💛 Definitely need to get some yellow for my fall/winter wardrobe!!! Yellow is one of my favorites and yet I don't have any😟 Oh and I love your 60s/70s outfit so adorable!!!!

  3. Love that outfit.

  4. Oh goodness, this is such an amazing outfit! I love the sweater/jumper combo.


  5. So totally love your outfit! It looks fun, bright. I like leggings they complete the outfit. Stephanie

  6. That last photo of you is the absolute cutest!