September Plans & Goals

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 2016 InStyle Magazine

Can you believe it is September already?!?!?!? That means I have already been back up at college for nearly a MONTH! I seriously can't wrap my mind around that, much less wrap my mind around the fact that the semester has started back and I have to get into FULL STUDENT MODE again......anyone else ready to be done with school??? I seriously feel like school has become my life (which it basically has) and I am so ready at times to get on with another chapter of my life besides waking up, going to class, drinking coffee every chance I get, doing homework, and taking tests, #readyforadultlife and yet also #notreadyforadultlife! However, there is one thing to look forward to this month and that is FALL or AUTUMN (as you know that is my favorite season), so bring on the cooler weather, colorful leaves, pumpkin EVERYTHING, sweaters, and cozy mornings!

If you didn't get a chance to catch my August Plans & Goals post than check that out HERE real quick, otherwise, lets get stated with my plans and goals for the month of September:

September Plans:
  • The most OBVIOUS plan is that I will be drinking LOTS of pumpkin spice when it arrives at Starbucks sometime this month (hopefully), but in the meantime I am determined to discovering the best homemade version of that beloved drink! (stay tuned because it could come to the blog??)
  • I think this is a FIRST in my history of blogging, but I actually have nearly every post for the rest of this month planned out with pictures! I honestly don't know how that happened, especially since I started back to college, but we shall see if I can keep that streak up. Keep an eye out for all the new post coming to the blog! 
  • This semester had a TOTALLY DIFFERENT dynamic than other semesters! I am closer with all of my co-workers and as a result we do things together a lot, including staff bonding dinners and coming up within the next month I want to have a movie weekend with the 4 girls and show them the 5 hour Pride and Prejudice since none of them have seen that version. 
  • Per my mothers request (with hidden motives) I will be attending the large College Bible  study every Thursday evening. To be honest I probably would have gone anyways this semester, since one of my co-workers is a part of it and has invited me before, and now that I have a few more friends who are up at Sam. However, full disclosure that my moms main reason for DESPERATELY wanting me to go to the college Bible study is so that I will hopefully"meet a guy"(LOL)......mind you that is not my reasoning for going (I promise) ! 
  • Now that I am stuck up at college most weekends of the month, and considering I have a few friends who started going here this fall, I am planning on us grabbing breakfast a few Saturday's a month followed by a photo shoot!! (why not utilize them as your designated photographer on Saturday's...)
  • As I will be up here at college on the weekends (hence the plan above) I am hoping to grab a group of friends and try out some different churches in the area to attend on Sunday mornings. 
  • Per my recent realization that I have a number of my posts planned out for the beginning part of this month I am hoping to continue that organized schedule in my blog routine!
  • In light of blogging, having content, and planning posts, I am trying to work out a good schedule for days that I can go and take pictures. In the past I would just wing it because I needed pictures for a post, but I would love to go take pictures to store for future posts instead of always having to go out the day before I want to post something...
  • One of my college friends and I head up a small group called "Daughters of Righteousness" on campus. We are having to rebuild the organization from what it used to be and basically start from scratch, so we are in the midst of planning lessons and trying to get the word out to people. 
September GOALS:
  • Recap on last month: I said I wanted to start and finish a book....well, I read one in a weekend (Lovely Bones) so #accomplishment! I also said I wanted to start drinking more water and I have, so I definitely want to keep that up! 
  • Still have yet to film a second Stop Motion video so maybe I will do that one of these weekends I am stuck up at college for duty rounds? 
  • Finger crossed that I will find the time to film a couple new tutorial videos! Leave a comment below with any ideas you have in mind!!
  • I am still giving myself the goal to meet new people or at least start conversations with new people! I have been fortunate to have a number of newbie freshmen in my house this year so that has been nice getting to talk to them and ask them about life:)
  • I started a second book on my Fall Reading List so if I keep up my pace I should finish that by the end of this month (or hopefully sooner) and can keep working through all of the titles I have set aside to read this semester!
  • I am the absolute WORST at being motivated to work out!! Yes, I am taking a modern dance class 2 days a week and probably burn off all of the calories I eat every day with the speed at which I walk to class (up and down hills mind you) but I still want to go and run at least 2 days a week! That is my main goal for this month is to get into a workout routine and be motivated. 
  • Oh gosh....I have a partially sewn dress sitting in the drawer of my desk! I definitely need to finish that dress this month and post it on the blog:)
What are some of your plans for September?
Do you have any goals you are working towards?
Any thoughts on new videos you would like to see on my blog/channel? 



  1. I feel like August flew by way too fast! I am looking forward to this month because fall is my favorite season too! It is already starting to feel like fall weather here - this morning it was only 53 degrees and it felt wonderful. Enjoy college - I remember feeling like I was so ready to be done with college and now I am. This is the 2nd fall semester and the first full year that I will not be at college since I graduated a year ago in May. Adult life is great, but I miss college life too!
    I love your first plan for this month - I plan on drinking lots of pumpkin spice as well! It is one of my favorite things about fall. Some of my other plans are to start blogging more and make time to sew. I have been horrible at both of those lately even though they are things I love to do. I need to find my motivation again.

    1. Loved reading your reply Elizabeth! I definitely understand the struggle with finding motivation for blogging and sewing. Best of wishes for fall!

  2. No, I CAN'T believe it is September already!?!?!?! It's so amazing how fast this summer has gone by and even though I love, love, love Autumn, it's bittersweet that summer is about over. Oh, and I guess that Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Lattes back already but you need a pass (coupon?) or something to get one?!? I got one in an email so I'll have to see if its legit sometime in the next few days. :-) Maybe you have to be a rewards member or email subscriber to get one...hmmmm...

    In your part of Texas, do you get all the lovely colors and weather of Fall? I don't know Texas at all but my impression is that some areas do and some don't...?

    Impressive plans for this month! I need to check out your Fall reading list; somehow I missed that post. I'm always on the search for another good book! ;-) You should check out a book by newly published author, Katie Maloney called "Deadly Puzzle". Its online but I just recently read it and loved it! It's the perfect read while cuddled up under a blanket with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. :-)

    Staying motivated to work out is the hardest! I always enjoy it when I do it, and feel even better afterwards but it is sometimes so hard to just. do. it. :-\ Maybe you could find a workout buddy and you'd both help each other to stay motivated? I've heard it helps. (I should take my own advice actually. :-D )

    Definitely post more videos. Maybe a makeup tutorial on how you get the vintage inspired look?

    Can't wait to see the dress you're working on! :-)

    Take care!

    1. We do st some lovely fall weather but in my area of Texas there are a lot of pine trees so we don't get that many pretty colors. Thanks for the suggestion for a video!

  3. Yes, just had my first pumpkin spice latte last night and it was SO good!! I get a little crazy with all things autumn this time of year. Haha! ;) As for planning and having blog posts ready to go? Yes, I typically shoot on the weekend and it makes all the difference! Happiest Friday, love! xo

  4. Where did August go, I can't believe it's September already! I need to make my own Septembet goals before this month flys by too! Thanks for sharing yours :)

    Sophie x