Recent Faves Pt. 5

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Picture by Me

Of course Donuts have to be the header picture for a FAVES post, because Donuts are definitely one of my weekend (really all time) faves. However, aside from donuts, I have come across a number of FABULOUS things, bloggers, posts, books, shows, fashion, etc. for this installment of my recent faves and I think you will like the content you find below. I have tried to start compiling my faves post in advance so that when I see something I LOVE I can quickly add it to the post, that way when I go to write a faves post I don't forget about all the great things I recently discovered. Hope you all enjoy this installment and let me know what some of your recent faves are (aside from Pumpkin Spice Latte's of course!!!!)

  • Recently discovered the blog Finding Femme and am totally obsessed with Liana's fabulous vintage style and her love for bikes paired with darling ensembles! I have always wanted a vintage style bike just for taking pictures, and her blog makes me want a bike even more!
  • Blogger LOVE: I just cant get over the perfection of this post on Wish Wish Wish, Totally want to steal Lauren's Bike in her Latest Post, Always love anything Rebecca puts out and her Fall Wardrobe is perfection, and I also recently discovered Poor Little it Girl and can't get enough of Cathy's FAB outfits (plus her post titles are lyrics to songs).
  • Definitely get a tad bit jealous any time I see Daphne's new posts on her blog! Especially this most recent one, because I think we would all agree that living in Paris France would be perfection! 
  • Is this Anne Of Green Gables Book Set not TO DIE FOR!!! I seriously want to add this set to my library (especially since I haven't read all of the books). Like seriously, these covers are so Anne APPROVED!
  • While we are on the topic of Anne of Green Gables, did you know that Netflix is coming out with an Anne of Green Gables TV adaption called ANNE! The show is set to premiere in 2017 so I am super curious to see if they do the story justice. 
  • Totally in LOVE with the song "Not Today" by Imagine Dragons from the movie Me Before You! I recently watched the movie again and the ending scene with that song totally got me......definitely on repeat lately and I try not to tear up thinking of the book and movie...
  • Have any of you seen the trailer for the new movie Hidden Figures coming out next year? To say I am super excited about it is a totally understatement! The movie focuses on the women behind NASA (called the "human computers"), specifically the women behind John Glenn's space flight (which I know a decent amount about because of "Astronaut Wives" and an old Time Magazine). I SOOOOOOO CANNOT WAIT for this movie! 
  • Kelly over at Studio DIY has done it again with her FABULOUS Colorful Fall Capsule Wardrobe! I don't think fall could get anymore colorful, or a capsule wardrobe be any more inspiring! I have never been one to like the idea of a capsule wardrobe because it seemed to "plain" for me, but now I am seriously reconsidering it......I basically want to steal Kelly's wardrobe:)
  • For all my seamstresses out there, can we just take a moment to appreciate this darling "No Regrets" seam ripper pin! I totally relate 100% with the message of this pin! 
  • Basically I would love to be Sarah KJP with her fabulously classy style, adorable dog, and exciting adventures with her husband Like HERE! But alas, I am not, so I am contented in reading her blog and swooning over her Instagram knowing that she is as close as I will get to Kate Middleton here in America, because lets face it, they could be sisters:) 
What are some of your faves?
Did you find any new faves from this list?



  1. I agree that those Anne of Green Gables book set is just awesome. I wish they had the whole set of the books though. If they did, I would most definitely be buying at some point. I haven't yet decided if it is worth it without. Hmm......


  2. Gah! Hello darling Madison. Thanks for your lovely words.

    YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET A BIKE. Riding a bike is one of the closest things to flying. It's the business for physical and mental health and you'll look cute to boot!


  3. That Anne of Green Gables set is really cool; I wish it had all the books in it, though. There have been some not-so-great film/TV adaptations of Anne of Green Gables in the past so I'm interested to see how this new one will turn out. If you are looking for a good one that already exists, the Sullivan Entertainment miniseries they made in the '80's is where it's at!

    - Sarah A.