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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Shampoo: Hello Hydration

I don't know about you all, but I am one of those people who loves a good beauty product, especially when it comes to my hair. My hair is never the same, it is ever changing be it in length (I have cut it many times in my life) or in styles be it curled, straightened, natural, etc. Whatever the case, a good hair product can completely change how my hair acts and is managed when I style it. 

I recently joined Influenster and was super excited to get a VoxBox with two Herbal Essence hair products. I have always been a major fan of Herbal Essence as the smell of their products is so delectable, but also because they always delivered the outcome that is promised. It was fun to switch things up a bit in my hair product routine and try out the products that were sent to me. 

I have used the Hello Hydration before from Herbal Essence, and was so excited to see it in my box, as it is hands down one of my favorite Herbal Essence products I have ever tried. With the amount of curling and straightening that often happens to my hair, I find that at times it can become dry and need a re boost of moisture. This shampoo definitely re-hydrated my hair as well as made it smell delightfully tropical!

The second product, the Toussle Me Softly Let It Loose hairspray, was a new product that I wasn't familiar with. However, after trying it out I was highly impressed! While this product is recommended to be used on damp or dry hair to give it a beachy wave, I actually chose to replace my normal hairspray and instead used this after curling my hair. The results blew me away! Typically when I curl my hair I end up with tight curls that are frozen in place by my regular aerosol hairspray and don't give off a wavy relaxed curl until day #2 hair. However, since replacing my typical hairspray with the Toussle Me Softly I have found that after curling my hair and spraying it with this product, I can actually achieve relaxed natural looking curls on the first life is forever changed (I might do a tutorial on this??)! Aside from it's fabulous ability to make my hair touchably soft while still holding a wavy curl, it also is smells fabulous all day long!

P.S. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who left such sweet comments on my Blog Birthday post!!

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