Gel Nail Polish + Stop Motion Video

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I don't know about you all, but nail polish has never lasted very long for me. Somehow I am very hard on my nails and regular nail polish or a manicure from a salon only lasts a few days. Thus, with the short life of regular polish, and my impatience in having to wait for nail polish to dry has often kept me from painting my nails on a regular basis. However, when gel nail polish came out I was intrigued by its quality and lasting ability. Since Then, I have tried out three different brands of Gel Nail polish, all varying in prices, and for the most part they all hold up under wear equally and I am never going back to regular polish! 
While regular polish usually only last 3 days before it starts chipping, Gel Nail Polish will last almost a week before it starts chipping/fading and then I can still get away with it for at least another week.....pretty GREAT if I do say so myself! 

I thought it would be fun to make a Stop Motion video showing my Gel Nail polish collection! 
Thus, here are all of the polishes and colors included in the video:
Roulette Rush 620 (red)
2 Of A Kind 465 (grey/brown)
All or Nothing 020 (light pink)
Diamond Top Coat 010 (clear)
Sally Hansen
Sugar Fix 370 (light blue)
Game of Chromes 510 (gold)
All Chalked Up 230 (lavender)
Wet'n Wild
Pale In Comparison 720A (blush pink)
Pardon My Peach 726A (peach)

Have you ever tried Gel Nail Polish?



  1. Cuuute. :)
    I love gel polish! I actually have a couple of the same ones (Roulette Rush, Sugar Fix, Pale In Comparison) - and they definitely last longer than regular polish. I think a manicure lasts longest for me when I get false tips at the salon (around 3 weeks with no chips!) but since at home is much cheaper, it's what I do most often.

    1. Glad to hear you have used some if the same ones I have:)

  2. I love the Sally Hansen gel polish!

  3. I love gel polish. I've also noticed that regular nail polish lasts a little less than a week for me and then, my nail color loses luster and of course, chips.

    I love the O.P.I gel polish in "Be There In A Prosecco."This line of polish requires a UV lamp to set and "dries" instantly! I love it! Then, after wiping with a little bit of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover, you're all set to go! The best part! It lasts like two weeks!!!

    1. OH, that sounds fabulous! I have always tho of using that type of polish, because it probably does last extra long.

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