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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I was recently nominated for the "Get To Know Me...4 Things" blogger tag, by Victoria of Ruffles and Grace. I am always intrigued by "get to know me" type posts and real life situations (maybe I am a bit nosy) because they are always so intriguing. Therefore, when Victoria contacted me about participating in this tag it was an  absolute "Yes, PLEASE! Count me in."

This is just to let you get to know me a little better. It is certainly not all encompassing, but it shares some fun and little known facts. This is just to let you get to know me a little better. It is certainly not all encompassing, but it shares some fun and little known facts about me! One of the special things about blogs is how we get to know others and make friends with similar interests or beliefs. Maybe you could comment below! I would love to learn a little more about you! 

Lets get started shall we......

Four places I have lived:

My family has been in the same house since I was born, so technically I have only lived in one place. However, as a full time college student I move up to college every semester which means I have "technically" lived in two other places (three if you count last summer) away from home on campus. My first two semesters I was in an all girls dorm (built in the 30's), last summer I lived in an apartment style dorm for all of July (for summer college classes), and the past two semesters (going into this coming fall semester) I live in a small sorority house (no, I am not a member of the sorority) as their RA.  

Four places I have visited:

My family LOVES to travel and camp. I think my four favorite places I have visited however have been Monticello, Mount Vernon, Louisa May Alcott's House in Concord, and Boston Massachusetts. 

Four TV shows I watch:

Ah......I can only pick 4.....LOL! Okay, lets see.....if I had to pick four I would say, DEFINITELY Agents of Shield, Elementary, Grantchester, and Criminal Minds. Truly this list could go on, and on, and on......

Four of my favorite foods:

I LOVE Italian food, so basically anything in that, pasta, lasagna, etc. I also love Chinese stirfrey! And ice cream isn't really a food, but I think most of us consider it to be its own food group, so ice cream ALL THE WAY, every day.....oh, and cupcakes! 

Four things I like to drink:

COFFEE!!!! Hot Tea, Lemon Water (it's so good for you), and Pineapple Fanta (it is the BEST thing EVER)

Four pet peeves:

Ugh....I can never remember my pet peeves when asked, but I have a LOT! Number one, would be when people are not authentic and pretend to be someone else just to be accepted by certain people. I also am slightly a type "A" personality at times, so when the kitchen is not organized and the dishes are not cleaned when I go in to bake or cook that stresses me out. Also, just in general when people are unorganized....ahhhhh! And wrapping up the pet peeves, hmm....when people expect you to feed them at your house when you were not prepared for that. 

Four wacky or odd things about me:

Hmm.....I love questions like this but I always forget good answers.....I really am such a geek at times because I LOVE super hero TV shows and movies (like the Avengers and HELLO Captain America!!) as well as action movies. My sister would say the oddest thing about me is how I dress, but to me being told how I dress is "different" or "odd" is more of a compliment :) I have never included this on the blog before, but it seems fitting for this question, soooooo.....some people (a lot of people) think it odd that I have never been on a date (WHAT!!!)....tis true :) Lastly, I am known to be quite a sarcastic person and laugh at the absolutely most ridiculous and TOTALLY not AT ALL funny things in life, and once I start laughing I sound like a dying walrus and can't stop! 

I hope you got to know a few new things about me? Leave a few of your own "get to know me" answers in the comments below! I would love to hear what you have to say:) Also, make sure to check out Victoria's Blog and the other bloggers participating in the tag. 

Now, I nominate these fellow bloggers: 



  1. Italian food ftw!! :D Ok, just for fun I'm going to join in a little with 1 of each of those things listed above:

    1 Place I've Lived: Vancouver, Washington (I miss the PNW so bad!!)
    1 Place I have visited: Destin, Florida (take me back! I'm a beach girl all the way :D )
    1 TV show I watch: This is an old tv-show, but Jeeves and Wooster is one of the best series ever :}
    1 of my favorite foods: Pizza, hands down.
    1 thing I like to drink: water, LOL! But if I'm being luxurious, a Strawberry Shake with whipped cream will do me just fine! ;)
    1 Pet Peeve: a dirty kitchen!! :P
    1 Wacky/Odd thing about me: Well, I think that this might seem odd to people who identify my sisters and I as 100% "old-souls", only loving all things vintage; but I do love me some decent pop music :} Especially instrumental versions of pop songs like Simply Three's "Shake it Off". Oooh, love that one, hehe! I'm also a sucker for Mumford & Sons and Owl City, and One Direction occasionally rears it's head, so there's that ;)


    1. So glad you answered these Charlotte! I am a pretty big fan of pop music too...Shake It Off is totally my car jam! I also like Mumfors and Sons and Owl City and my sister and I am decently big fans of One Direction too:)
      Thanks for answering these!

  2. This was super fun to read! Loved it!

  3. Such a fun, delightful tag. I second your passion for all things Italian food related. It's a very good thing then that I just happened to marry a native son of Italy. :D

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  4. I would have to agree with some of these. I have only lived in two places, Idaho and Oregon. Ice cream should be in its own category and cheesecake too. I have never been on a date either. So have some company. :)


  5. Ahhhh this is such a fun tag!

    1. I've only ever lived in one place!
    2. Paris, London, Charleston SC, and New Orleans have to be my favorite vacations! I hope to move to Charleston when I get older; it was absolutely amazing there.
    3. The West Wing, Elementary, Sherlock BBC, and Supernatural!
    4. Chocolate lava cake, creamy pasta, stuffed peppers, and olives (can you tell I'm Italian yet? xD)
    5. Tea, Sprite, water, and the occasional mocha. :)
    6. All the isms, first of all - sexism, racism, ableism, etc. I also dislike when I'm trying to take a nap and my parents are like "Let's choose this time to make as much noise in the kitchen as we possibly can".
    7. my entire life an option? xD The dying walrus one definitely sounds like me, though.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. So fun! Thanks for participating Madison!
      I love Italian food too! I actually am part Italian so there is a lot of great food traditions that go with that. One of my favorite memories is that every year I make homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs with my Nana for Christmas dinner!
      I love the Avengers too! That one is actually my favorite of the Marvel movies so far. I just loved the dynamics of all the characters having to work together.
      Haha! We are so alike when it comes to having to have things clean! I am so with you there! I get all fidgety when things aren't put where they belong and tidy. I guess that is a good trait to have as a homemaker in training eh?

  6. I always love these behind the scenes peeks- it's fun to find out random stuff about the "person behind the blog". I was always one of those people 10 years ago who would send out those "get to know your friends better" spammy emails to all of my friends and drive them crazy :)

    So, here are some of my answers:
    1. Various places within the province of Alberta, Canada
    2. My favourite place to visit was England, last year with my family.
    3. I only watch TV shows once they are on DVD, as I don't have TV- so Foyle's War, which has sadly ended
    4. Black Forest Cheesecake! (every year on my birthday!)
    5. Tea, too many times a day.
    6. People chewing loudly (and especially with their mouth open!!!)
    7. This is a hard one. Maybe that despite the fact that I seem like such a girly girl (and I am really) I know almost everything there is to know about installing tile- from subfloor,to grout, to caulking- and have done several installations myself too. I worked in a tile store and learned about the whole industry. Which was also pretty funny, as I wore skirts and dresses to work which just confused people as it was kind of warehouse environment (like Home Depot).
    The Artyologist

    1. Ah, so jealous that you got to go to England. So glad to hear you watch Foyles War....I LOVE that show!

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  8. Loved reading your answers, such a fun tag! I was tagged by Lee from Lee Thrifts, and so I came to your blog. Your blog is so pretty and I love the photography! I'm gonna do this tag on my blog quite soon as well :)

    xx Ilse

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to read your post for the tag.