Tutorial: How I Curl My Hair

Saturday, July 30, 2016

You've asked, I've listened, and FINALLY I filmed a hair tutorial for you all! For the longest time I have been asked how I achieve a vintage "finger wave" curl with my hair and what kind of tools I use. Thus, in my latest video I show you just how I achieve this style. 

For any curled hairstyle I do, I use the KOR 19mm wand. Funny story in regards to my wand (and straighter because they are the same brand) is that they are actually from those carts in the mall that always ask to fix your hair with their products........oddly enough all of my heated hair tools have come from the mall kiosks (apparently they are good salespeople) and have all turned out to be the best tools ever!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial video and hopefully I will be doing more of these in the future! Make sure to go and subscribe to my YouTube Channel in order to stay updated on any new videos I put out. 

Do you use a wand to curl your hair?


Review: ThredUp

Friday, July 29, 2016

Striped Top: H&M c/o ThredUp
Bicycle Top: Xhiliration c/o Thredup
Peach Blouse: Xhiliration c/o ThredUp
White Dress: Tahari c/o ThredUp

I am a girl who loves shopping, thrifting, designer pieces (at a low price), and sustainable fashion. Thus, when I discovered ThredUp, it was the perfect compilation of all three of those things! I had heard of ThredUp a few months back and kept seeing things on Instagram and Blogs about it, but never got around to actually checking it out for myself. Therefore, when the lovely team over at ThredUp contacted me about doing a review I was happy to accept and excited to see just what ThredUp had to offer. 

For those of you unfamiliar with ThredUp, it is a website that centers around reselling top brands at affordable prices. Their focus is to help the world in one small, yet big way, by providing shoppers with a fabulous second hand experience. They believe in being a conscious consumer and in doing so greatly focus on the sustainability of fashion though second hand pieces. Thus, whether you are looking to save money on top brands or are passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion, ThredUp is the perfect fit for everyone! The other great thing about ThredUp, is you can actually order a "clean out bag" from them and send your like new clothes over for other people to get a second use out of. 

When ThredUp contacted me and offered to send me some pieces for a review, I immediately started browsing their stock to see what I could find. I will admit, just like any experience at a thrift store, browsing a large selection of brands and styles online can become a bit overwhelming and sometimes you might not find what you are looking for right away. However, you can streamline your search on ThredUp and that is so helpful! Therefore, one tip I will give you for shopping ThredUp, is to go in with a plan. If you go in with an idea of the color, type, size, or brand of piece you are looking for, you can customize the search engine to select those pieces that apply (instead of scrolling through countless items). 

It probably took me close to 2 hours to select which pieces I wanted to order, but I also wanted to get a feel for the site and the brands they offered. Depending on what you are looking for or how you shop, your ThredUp shopping experience could be quick or more time consuming (it just depends). However, I finally picked out four darling pieces (3 tops and 1 dress) and excitedly awaited their arrival. 

When I received my package in the mail I was so excited to open it up! Not only are ThredUp's colors and logo the cutest and most classy thing ever, but their packaging makes you feel like you ordered something from a designer boutique. It was like getting a Birthday Present in the mail, and I almost didn't want to unwrap it:) 

I was very impressed by their packaging method, because while all the clothes are second hand, they are shipped and packaged in a way that makes them feel crisp and brand new! Each piece was packaged perfectly and in great condition and I was excited to add such versatile pieces to my wardrobe. 

Throughout the next couple of weeks my outfit posts will probably feature my ThredUp pieces so keep an eye out for that! In the mean time, you can see how I styled the Bicycle blouse I received in this weeks outfit post HERE, and don't forget to check out ThredUp for yourself! 

Have you heard of ThredUp before?
Have you ever ordered anything from ThredUp?


I Can't Take A Compliment

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Top: Target c/o ThredUp
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Old Navy 
Purse: Coach (Vintage) 
Necklace: Sam Moon
Earrings: $1 Wallmart

I can't take a compliment! I know that might sound weird but its totally true. Whenever people compliment what I am wearing, my blog, Instagram, my sewing, baking, etc. I never know how to respond......Usually I just respond with a mumbled "thank you" and then awkwardly stand there trying to change the topic of the conversation and take the spotlight off of me. Or, in regards to social media I revert to the monkey emoji's that cover their eyes and mouth (those emoji's are my fave). 

The thing is, I don't do the things I do to gain recognition, be thought as cool/talented, or get people to compliment me or my abilities. I do what I do because I LOVE it, because it is me, and it is a way for me to use my gifts and talents. That is the craziest thing about putting myself out there, is that people begin to see who I am and all the things I can do. Even stranger is that I always forget people I know actually read my blog (hello all of you!) and then when I see them they always say something about it. Don't get me wrong, I do love it when I get compliments from people, but I hate being the center of attention, so reacting to the compliments I receive is always hard. 

Blogging and Instagram are like my jobs I don't get paid for and sewing and baking are just two of the gifts God has given me and I love using them to fill creative voids and make other people happy. Therefore, even though it is hard for me to take a compliment at times, it's something that comes along with my varied interests and actually gives me an opportunity to compliment those who give me such sweet compliments. 

So here's to each one of you who always make my day by your sweet comments and compliments!
You are FABULOUS:)

Do you ever have a hard time taking a compliment?


Blue Water

Friday, July 22, 2016

Swimsuit: Dillards
Sandals: Salt Water Sandals c/o Modcloth

It took me 20 years to see clear blue water in person, but it was totally worth it! The second day we decided to travel to Sanabell Island which is known for its beautiful beach and crystal water.....they were not wrong! The water was such a pretty turquoise blue color with hints of green and you could see your feet in waist deep water. 

The sea was lined with shells in every shape, size and color and you could find hints of sea grass mixed in with the shells....it looked like something from an old Mermaid story. However, while the beach was beautiful in all of its natural splendor, when it got close to sunset you better have bug spray otherwise you will get eaten by "no see ums" which are biting gnats. Thus, the rest of the week I had to deal with bug eaten ankles that itched like crazy....not fun!

Even though I got eaten by unfriendly bugs at the beach it was still worthwhile trip just for the view! 

Have you ever seen blue ocean water? 


Get To Know Me...4 Things: Blogger Tag hosted by Ruffles and Grace

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I was recently nominated for the "Get To Know Me...4 Things" blogger tag, by Victoria of Ruffles and Grace. I am always intrigued by "get to know me" type posts and real life situations (maybe I am a bit nosy) because they are always so intriguing. Therefore, when Victoria contacted me about participating in this tag it was an  absolute "Yes, PLEASE! Count me in."

This is just to let you get to know me a little better. It is certainly not all encompassing, but it shares some fun and little known facts. This is just to let you get to know me a little better. It is certainly not all encompassing, but it shares some fun and little known facts about me! One of the special things about blogs is how we get to know others and make friends with similar interests or beliefs. Maybe you could comment below! I would love to learn a little more about you! 

Lets get started shall we......

Four places I have lived:

My family has been in the same house since I was born, so technically I have only lived in one place. However, as a full time college student I move up to college every semester which means I have "technically" lived in two other places (three if you count last summer) away from home on campus. My first two semesters I was in an all girls dorm (built in the 30's), last summer I lived in an apartment style dorm for all of July (for summer college classes), and the past two semesters (going into this coming fall semester) I live in a small sorority house (no, I am not a member of the sorority) as their RA.  

Four places I have visited:

My family LOVES to travel and camp. I think my four favorite places I have visited however have been Monticello, Mount Vernon, Louisa May Alcott's House in Concord, and Boston Massachusetts. 

Four TV shows I watch:

Ah......I can only pick 4.....LOL! Okay, lets see.....if I had to pick four I would say, DEFINITELY Agents of Shield, Elementary, Grantchester, and Criminal Minds. Truly this list could go on, and on, and on......

Four of my favorite foods:

I LOVE Italian food, so basically anything in that category....pizza, pasta, lasagna, etc. I also love Chinese stirfrey! And ice cream isn't really a food, but I think most of us consider it to be its own food group, so ice cream ALL THE WAY, every day.....oh, and cupcakes! 

Four things I like to drink:

COFFEE!!!! Hot Tea, Lemon Water (it's so good for you), and Pineapple Fanta (it is the BEST thing EVER)

Four pet peeves:

Ugh....I can never remember my pet peeves when asked, but I have a LOT! Number one, would be when people are not authentic and pretend to be someone else just to be accepted by certain people. I also am slightly a type "A" personality at times, so when the kitchen is not organized and the dishes are not cleaned when I go in to bake or cook that stresses me out. Also, just in general when people are unorganized....ahhhhh! And wrapping up the pet peeves, hmm....when people expect you to feed them at your house when you were not prepared for that. 

Four wacky or odd things about me:

Hmm.....I love questions like this but I always forget good answers.....I really am such a geek at times because I LOVE super hero TV shows and movies (like the Avengers and HELLO Captain America!!) as well as action movies. My sister would say the oddest thing about me is how I dress, but to me being told how I dress is "different" or "odd" is more of a compliment :) I have never included this on the blog before, but it seems fitting for this question, soooooo.....some people (a lot of people) think it odd that I have never been on a date (WHAT!!!)....tis true :) Lastly, I am known to be quite a sarcastic person and laugh at the absolutely most ridiculous and TOTALLY not AT ALL funny things in life, and once I start laughing I sound like a dying walrus and can't stop! 

I hope you got to know a few new things about me? Leave a few of your own "get to know me" answers in the comments below! I would love to hear what you have to say:) Also, make sure to check out Victoria's Blog and the other bloggers participating in the tag. 

Now, I nominate these fellow bloggers: 


Florida Travels

Monday, July 18, 2016

Swimsuit Top: Thrifted (Target regashioned by me)
Colottes: Gaurage Sale
Hat: Forever 21 (last summer)
Shoes: Hiking sandals
Bag: Hobby Lobby

After 20 hours in the car making our trek back to Texas, I am finally back home. While vacations are great and I love exploring new places it always feels so good to be back in your own room and sleep in your own bed!

Well, apparently my lack of energy did indeed keep me from blogging the rest of the time I was on vacation, so now its time to share the pictures and adventures with you all from the comfort of my own home. I have to say that Florida is now one of my favorite places I have visited so far in the US (and I have been to MANY states). While I am not much of an ocean girl, I adore sitting on the beach and reading, listening to the waves, and walking along the shoreline collecting shells. Apart from the beach itself , which was wonderful as I FINALLY got to see clear blue water for the first time, I love all the details of island life. 

Our first day to the beach, we decided to drive to Fort Meyers beach. The odd thing about Florida is that every beach is different in regards to the sand and water color. Therefore, when we got to Fort Meyers beach we were slightly disappointed as we were expecting clear blue water, but even though the water wasn't as pretty as we would have liked, the sand was so sparkling and white and the darling beach houses and condo's that lined the shore were a sight to take in. 

As someone who is used to going to the beach in Galveston Texas (which isn't that great), Florida thoroughly spoiled me with its tropical island appeal and I would definitely go back in a heartbeat. From the colorful beach houses, to the palm trees framed by crisp blue sky, it was everything I needed to fill my seaside dreams! 

Like I have said before, countless times, I am not much of an ocean girl, as I prefer to sit under an umbrella and read a good book. Therefore, my beach attire usually encompasses one of my swimsuits and a coverup, or in this case (above) a lovely pair of black culotte's and my trusty "Salt Water" sandals or my water sandals (pictured above). 

While we only went to Fort Meyers beach one day, it was still a wonderful snippet of what Florida had to offer and the rest of our trip was just as GREAT and I can't wait to share more with you in the coming week! 

Have you ever been to Florida (if so which beach did you go to)?
Do you like the island charm such as palm trees and beach houses?