Quite The Oxymoron

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Skirt: Modcloth Fashion Frenzy Skirt
Top: Vintage (Minnie's Menagerie)
Shoes: The Shoe Department
Necklace: Vintage
Broach: Thrifted
Starfish Earrings: Icing's
Sunglasses: Sam Moon
**Pictures By Me**

In honor of "Shark Week" (yes, that is a thing) I thought it was high time I showcased this skirt on the blog that is quite the oxymoron. Why an oxymoron you ask? Here is why......I HATE sharks (or more so have an unrealistic fear of them) and yet I bought a skirt with sharks on it! Thus, we have a girl who despises sharks and yet she fell in love with a shark skirt......that is quite the oxymoron if I do say so myself (which I do). 

If you were wondering, this was the skirt that I picked up when I visited Modcloth IRL in Austin. While there were so many darling styles and prints to choose from that day I have always had this mindset that you should "go big or go home" in regards to those "one of a kind" trips or store visits. Thus, that mindset prompted me to get the Fashion Frenzy  shark skirt over the practical red skirt (of course) because visiting Modcloth IRL in person was one of those "once in a lifetime" opportunities and in those moments you should commemorate with something equally as "one of a kind."

To be honest, when I first saw it I thought it was the coolest thing ever (despite my disdain for sharks themselves). Once I tried it on of course, I knew I liked it even more! Therefore, when I realized that this week was Shark Week (which I will not be celebrating besides this "shark themed" ensemble) I knew that this skirt had to make its debut and so we have a 1950's take on a shark print novelty skirt.

The skirt itself is super comfortable with the elastic waistband in the back and the fact that the sharks are water colored print with hints of pink and lavender are utterly to die for. I will definitely be wearing this skirt all throughout the summer, including wearing it on our vacation in July (more details coming soon) because who doesn't wear a shark printed skirt in the summer! 

Apart from this darling oxymoron combination, taking pictures for this post was quite the adventure! I would have much rather taken these pictures on a beach or near the ocean, but alas I didn't have 2 hours to spare in a road trip. Therefore the pond at our local college was chosen. Note to self: try not to run over the rocks so quickly that you loose your balance and your foot slips into a watery hole while getting dreadfully mutilated and scraped up in the process. Whoever says blogging isn't dangerous, I can prove you wrong! LOL In short, it was a good thing that these pictures were not actually taken by the ocean, as if this same accident, that resulted in a blood soaked ankle (and my brand new sandals being christened with blood) had happened near shark infested waters I would have attracted sharks from near and far and likely would have lost a foot (not really).

I can't help but laugh over this combo because I LOVE it so much and at the same time it screams "OXYMORON" for anyone who knows my feelings towards sharks (and to think I used to want to be a marine biologist). Not only that, but the fact that taking these pictures resulted in a wounded blogger makes me laugh even harder!! LOL.......

Therefore, HAPPY SHARK WEEK to any of you that celebrate it with Discovery Channel by watching show, after show, after documentary, on the fascinating and terrifying life of sharks that make me never want to step foot in the ocean again.......I however am content to stay on dry land with a book knowing the closest I will ever come to a shark (fingers crossed) is in wearing this skirt. 

P.S. If you didn't know it before, I can be quite a sarcastic person.....this post is an example of that:)

Do you like sharks?
Does your family take part in Shark Week?
What do you think of a shark printed skirt?
Share something about you that is an Oxymoron!


All The Colors

Monday, June 27, 2016

Dress: Thrifted (Talbots)
Shoes: Marshalls (Steve Madden)
Sunnies: Five Below
Bag: Borrowed From a Friend
**Pictures By My Sister Taylor**

I think BOLD and crazy colors are my new favorite thing for summer! My wardrobe is such a random mix of styles, silhouettes, prints, and colors that its completely impossible to pinpoint what I like the most. Sometimes I am all for simple plain earthy tones, sometimes I am all for prints, and other times it is all about the colors! Oh.....and don't even get me started on eras of fashion.....that's a whole nother ballgame. However, to me, summer is truly about the POPS of color that we bring out of our wardrobe and add to the sunny (and hot) days. Therefore, when I think of summer and vibrant colors this candy colored dress is a "dream come true". 

I found this dress at Goodwill last week and fell in love with it when I saw it on the hanger! I immediately thought of the 1960's when I saw the silhouette, colors, and fabric and started dreaming up where I would wear it and with what. To say that this dress is perfect in every way is an understatement, but it truly is perfect! Not to mention that the dress is Talbots, which always happens to be a brand that I buy most often at thrift stores for their classic and timeless styles. While this is most definitely a style that came out in the last couple of years from Talbots, it seems as though it were pulled straight from the 60's and to be honest the 60's seem to be my style muse for the summer (we shall see where that takes me). 

It seems like every summer I make a plan of finding a cotton/spandex dress that is simple and easy to throw on for busy days or when I am in a hurry. Often times however, the dresses fall short as they are of a poor quality or appear way to modern and not classic enough for me. Needless to say, this dress is the complete opposite of all the downsides I have run into before and I am so in LOVE with it. Not only is it so dreamily comfortable, but it is also a sturdy quality which means I don't have to wear a tank top underneath so "hello no heat stroke in the summer humidity!"

While this ensemble would have been perfected by my oversized floral 1960's cat eye style sunnies (left at home) and a head scarf (because you have to keep your hair safe from the wind) I think this look is the first of many to come out of this dress!

I hope all of you lovely readers are having a wonderful summer so far! Let me know what you have been up to in the comments below:)

Do you have a perfect dress to throw on for busy days?
Are colors a main part of your summer wardrobe?
What do you think of the 1960's?


Summer Must Haves

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Must Haves

        As the warm summer weather starts for each of us, it becomes even more difficult to dress fashionably in the heat. In Texas the heat is almost unbearable at times and even when the heat isn't that bad the humidity is the worst! Due to the heat and challenge it brings for us who still want to look fashionable without dying of heat stroke, I thought I would share some of my Summer Must Haves:

  • Denim Jumper Dress: I don't actually have one of these yet, I am in the process of making one and know I will wear it all the time. I love how basic yet versatile denim jumpers can be and they are perfect for summer time. For those of you who focus on creating "capsule wardrobes" this would be a perfect addition!
  • Striped Quarter Sleeve Shirt: I have a black and white striped shirt that I wear all the time. Stripes are great because not only are they classic, but they go with solids and prints. For the most part my quarter sleeve top is fairly cool, but if the day is extra sweltering than I will go for a striped tank top. (perfect for a capsule wardrobe too)
  • Gingham Skirt: You all probably saw my gingham skirt in my last post. I am so IN LOVE with gingham skirts because they are just the BEST! I have been wearing my skirt all the time and its is great for the summer heat as it is flowy and also looks like a picnic blanket :)
  • White Blouse: I have a number of white blouses and often revert to choosing them when I need a blouse that goes with any skirt. Though I sometimes have to wear a tank top under my white blouses, white is great because it goes with everything and it is a very cool color. 
  • Fujifilm Instax Polaroid: I have a pink polaroid camera and love using it to snap artsy photos and hang them in my room. Summer is the perfect time to capture memories and using a polaroid is an extra creative and fun choice. 
  • Canvas Tote: I have become a huge fan of canvas totes because they are perfect for trips and are super cute, plus you can get them with whatever wording or graphic you want! Throw a book in your bag and you are good to go for the beach. 
  • A Good Book: Everyone needs a good book in the summer. I am the girl who goes to the beach simply to read a book......I just finished The Siren by Kiera Cass and it was so perfect for a summer read. 
  • Lemon Water: In the summer heat it is important to stay hydrated! I know for myself personally, drinking water is sometimes a battle. However, I am more apt to drink water if it is lemon water as it adds flavor. Plus, lemon water has its own set of benefits!
  • Cute Shades: I am a connoisseur of cute sunglasses! My favorite pair as of late are similar to those in the set, as they are a fun oversized cat eye with a springy floral print. 
  • Boater Hat: I am totally in love with boater hats and they are perfect for keeping the sun off of my face. Not only are they extremely classic and go with everything, but they sometimes make you feel like you stepped out of Italy when pairing it with specific ensembles. 
  • White Sandals: Anyone who reads my blog knows I LOVE Salt Water Sandals. Unfortunately, I don't have a white pair, but I did just find a pair of white Steve Madden sandals that kind of look like a pair of Salt Water sandals so I was happy. I love white sandals because they go with anything, but also look super summery because of their light color. 
Are any of these items on your Summer Must Have's list?
What are your summer go too's?
Have you read any good books this summer?


Wedding Wear

Monday, June 20, 2016

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Cato's
Necklace: Wallmart
Purse: Vintage
Sunglasses: Five Below
**Pictures by my Mom**

This summer happens to be wedding season for our family! Not that anyone in my family is getting married (I am the oldest and that isn't in Gods plan yet) but more like the fact that we have seven weddings to attend this summer. This past Saturday was wedding #3 of 7. The strangest thing about a slew full of weddings is that while I absolutely ADORE wedding, taking in the layout, ceremony, dress, flowers, every little detail I am the absolute worst at mingling. While that might not be to surprising to hear coming from an introvert, I often find that I wish I was better at mingling and catching up with people, but alas I thoroughly lacking in that department. However, despite my shortcomings I still LOVE attending weddings, especially since my degree is partially in event planning and I always feel like I am doing research as well......apart from people watching of course! 

As can be imagined, with seven weddings this summer one must figure out what to wear for all of them. I find myself with a number of suitable dresses yet nothing I particularly want to wear. Thus, I had completely forgotten about this ladylike and flowy pastel dress from Forever 21. This dress was originally a Maxi dress I had picked up a couple of years ago and unfortunately have only worn it once since then. Therefore, I decided to turn it into a springy midi dress. I am quite in love with the simple transformation which created the perfect dress for a long list of summer weddings. Pair this flowy pastel dress with a pale pink necklace, vintage purse, and nude flats and you have the perfect wedding wear (not to mention it is comfortable enough to wear for a 3 hour car ride to a wedding). While I still have four more weddings to attend, this dress is bound to make a re-appearance at two of them.......after all, if the guest list isn't the same then why should my ensemble be different? 

Are you attending any wedding this summer?
Do you like attending weddings & having an excuse to dress up? 


Recent Faves pt. 1

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I thought I would take a quick post and share some of my recent Faves with you all which include blog posts, products, videos, and other random things so lets get started! 

  • I can't get over Jessica Robert's inspiring story and totally adorable family! Her most recent  Blog Post features the cutest pictures of her 5 adorable kids (plus a little girl on the way) and their fabulous "kids say".
  • The most recent post from Rebecca on her blog A Clothes Horse titled What To Pack For Ireland has me wanting to hop on a plane and travel to that beautiful country right now........Ireland is one of the places I want to travel to one day and her packing tips were so helpful:)
  • Charlotte's new dress on The Boyer Family Singer's Blog is absolutely to die for!!!
  • I found my new favorite luggage brand (though it's doubtful I will ever be able to afford it......a girl can dream right!) from Steam Line Luggage and this Pale Pink set has me dreaming.
  • Grace VanderWaal's original song audition on America's Got Talent is so inspiring and fantastic and basically brought me to tears!!
  • I am so in love with my new white Steve Madden Sandals from Marshall's! 
  • I just bought a DONUT float exactly like this one for $5 and can't wait to go to the pool! 
  • I have yet to see the new Love and Friendship movie (based off of Lady Susan) but it looks so hilarious and comical compared to Jane Austen's other works. 
  • If you want to watch a good football movie (our family loves sports movies) that will also make you cry (trust me), than you have to check out My All American which not only has a wonderful story line but is also set in the 1960's and Linda's Outfits were so great!
That's it for now on my recent Faves. Hope you all enjoyed checking all of these out:)


Confessions of the Social Kind

Monday, June 13, 2016

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: I Made
Shoes: Modcloth (Salt Water Sandals)
Purse: Sam Moon "Melie Bianco" (same here
Earrings: stole from my sister (Forever 21)
**Pictures by Taylor (my sister)**

I have a confession.......when  I was in high school I was the girls who always did her persuasive speeches and papers on the same topic. What was the topic? I did every persuasive speech and paper on "Why Social Media is Bad" and I had a number of pro/con articles to back up my beliefs and ideas. Now that I look back on that I have to laugh because as a blogger social media is a HUGE part of my life now.....without it my blog would never have grown to reach the audiences and readers that it does (y'all are awesome by the way) and I have also come to meet and know a number of other talented and amazing bloggers and people through those outlets!

Maybe I was sooooooo against it all those years ago because it wasn't really that "big" of a thing as back then not a lot of teenagers had smart phones and wifi was still coming into play (wow.....writing all of that makes me feel sooooo old). However, while I wasn't allowed to have a social media account, which would have only been Facebook, (that was the "thing" back then) my parents wouldn't let me and honestly I was fine with that. I remember people asking me all the time if I had a Facebook and I would just be like "Um, no. I am not allowed to have one" and quite frankly I didn't ever want to be like "everyone else" in giving into the trend. However, as much as I was against social media a few years ago I often failed to realize the positive aspects of it! 

To be honest, if it wasn't for my blog I wouldn't have all the different social media accounts that I have HERE, but social media is such a key tool for the blogger world and I have truly grown to appreciate its positive aspects. Not only does it present us with different types of social media setups that each does a different thing, but it also allows us to connect and find others who share our same interests and even strike up a conversation with them. Therefore if I was only allowed to choose one social media I would hands down have to go with Instagram (hence the FAB bag!)! Not only does Instagram allow you to write long posts (which I like to do at times) but it also focuses on capturing life and telling a story strictly in pictures! Not only that, but nearly every blogger has an Instagram and it is a way for each of us to connect on a platform other than blogger and share our blogging lives through behind the scenes pictures, pictures from recent posts, and even a few goofy snap shots here and there. Through this platform I have gotten to know a number of different people/bloggers apart from their blogs and I love to see what is going on in other peoples lives and sometimes give a quick shout out in the comments :)

I always find it interesting to see how each person treats Instagram and how they use their creativity in taking pictures, styling, editing them, or creating a fun and cohesive feed. Instagram shows each persons uniqueness and captures that in the pictures they take and how they share their lives on their account, and for that my old viewpoint no longer exists. 


Okay, now lets talk about this FAB bag!!!! I might have been squealing and jumping up and down in Sam Moon when I found this Instagram purse though I was just slightly torn when I also discovered an avacado purse, mermaid sea shell purse, and icecream cone purse.......but I think the Instagram purse won! It is truly the "perfect" summer accessory especially as a blogger and as someone who LOVES to use Instagram and might just take 10 minutes to set up the perfect picture (only sometimes.....) 

I can't get over how "summery" these pictures are with the checkered skirt, white picket fence, green grass, sandals, sunglasses and of course you can't forget your iced tea (it's a must for us Texans & Panera is a fave for me, my sister, and my best friend)! I will definitely be frequenting this spot for pictures in the summer though I know the heat and humidity will be a battle as it has already reached the high 90's here but the humidity makes it feel like the high 190's!!! 

I hope all of you are staying cool and enjoying your summer so far! 

Do you have a favorite bag/purse?
Have you ever viewed social media like I used to?