End Of Semester Recap

Friday, May 6, 2016

I thought I would take a post and share with you all a recap of my spring 2016 semester. I know there are a number of you who are in college as well as a number of you who are not in college, so wherever you are in life right now I hope this is slightly intriguing if not maybe even inspiring in relation to your life. 

This semester has honestly been the most intriguing of my three semesters (not including last summer) at college so far. While this semester was just like every other in many respects it differed quite drastically in one area and that was having a job at school. Last semester I applied and got a Resident Adviser position at college which basically means I live in a house/residence hall and have 28 residents whom I am in charge of making sure they follow the rules and be there if they need anything. To be honest living in a small house which only has 28 girls is different compared to others, although it is a whole other ballgame in itself due to it being a sorority house. However, being an RA means that I not only interact with the residents in my house every day, but I also have an entire staff team that I work along side. 

I have never been one to get to know new people. I never really felt a need to make new friends or get to know others around me in a new place because I was content being on my own (as are most introverts). However, this semester I have been challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and get to know new people (particularly those on my staff team) and talk to them on a daily basis. Quite honestly a year ago I don't think I would have seen myself being able to do something like this, but sometimes I can surprise myself at my ability to become a different person for 30 minutes or more as I become the person to start conversations, keep them going, and try to get to know someone or make them feel welcome! Maybe it is that I have always been the quiet person who people never really talk to, or never seem to be able to start conversations around, and therefore I have become quite skilled at starting and keeping conversations going which is very rewarding. 

While I might never have seem myself as a resident Adviser a year ago or an RA in a sorority house at that, I know that it was God's humorous way of placing me in a situation where I was forced to step outside of my comfort zone and grow in different areas. Even more so, I know that God placed me where he did to be a light and example to others even if I am not aware of the impact I have. 

However, I think the funniest part of my job (I still laugh when I think about it) is knowing that my boss thinks I am someone who likes to talk to new people and get to know them.......which is TOTALLY not me what so ever, but apparently I have done a good job of getting out of my shell enough when carrying out my duties and appear to be somewhat of a outgoing people person! So hurray for challenging myself to the ultimate brink and so far succeeding! 

Apart from life lived up at school and working a job on top of everything else, my classes this year were interesting. Well...interesting in the since that most of them were very enjoyable and in the case of my Biology class it was quite a God ordained experience to be in the class I was placed! Going into my Biology class this semester I would never have foreseen that at the end I would write up a long letter to my teacher about my faith and sharing with her the truth that I know.....but I did!! Trust me, I am not in the habit of writing my professors letters but this particular professor intrigued me with her passion for science and teaching and after finding out that she was an athiest God directed my heart to write her a letter. Writing my professor was one of those moments of just doing what I feel God had lead me towards without stopping to think about it lest I freak myself out and overthink!

Quite honestly, this entire semester has been full of moments where I was forced to jump off cliffs and trust that God would be there to catch me! This semester has opened my eyes in more ways than I can count and has shown me that I truly do have the courage, strength, and determination to do things I never saw myself doing and that is all because of God's presence in my life!

School/homework wise this semester was probably my easiest so far, but that might have also been because the main classes I had the most homework for were project oriented or writing driven which I enjoy. I took my first education class which was very exciting as well as an interior design class which was quite intriguing. My schedule was set in stone like most semesters and for the most part full, but now I know what its like to say "Oh, sorry I can't, I am on duty" #residentadvisorproblems! And contrary to popular belief and my mothers complete shock I somehow am able to stay up to date with multiple TV shows (probably because I have to stay up till 12am/1am for rounds) throughout the month/semester! Especially when my college bestie and I have a set in stone Agents of Shield new episode watching every Wednesday night after Bible Study (we LOVE that show way to much #Fitzsimmons). I have also developed a pretty good routine when it comes to blogging as I try to get at least 1-2 photo shoots done on the weekend and have photos backlogged when things get busy (lets hope I can keep that up).

All in all the semester was great even when there were stressful weekends, late nights, difficult situations to deal with and strangers to talk to, but it is always in the difficult situations of life, or trudging up the hills that you must climb, that you realize just what you are made of!

I hope that for those of you in college your semester went well and if you are about to start your finals best of luck...you got this!

In closing My Nuggets of Wisdom:
1) Coffee is life......seriously!
2) Don't be afraid to challenge yourself because you will be surprised at what you can handle.
3) Always smile at everyone you come into contact with.
4) When life gets crazy stop and enjoy the little things, like flowers and birds singing.
6) If you live near a donut shop, get donuts on the weekends (preferably chocolate and sprinkles)
5) Don't be ashamed to eat an entire pint of ice cream by yourself....we all do it! :)

Now I am off to pack up all of my "stuff" which could take all day so I will probably be playing/watching That Girl in the background or maybe finishing the last season of Gilmore Girls (decisions....decisions) or possibly even dancing around to music.

Have you ever been in situations that you had to step outside of your comfort zone? 
Was your semester crazy? 



  1. Such a great post and I love your nuggets of wisdom, especially enjoying the little things. I love nature. You have a lovely blog.

  2. What a cool, fascinating job. I was nodding along in agreement, as I'm very shy and don't usually go out of my way to meet new people in person either, yet, interestingly, I do seem to do well in most jobs where I'm in helping and/or in charge of others. Thank you for sharing some of the highlights of this semester with us. I hope your finals go wonderfully and that you have a great (relaxing!) summer holiday.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

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