Spring Dungarees

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dungarees: Forever21
Blouse: Thrifted (hand me down from mom)
Sunnies: Charming Charlies
Shoes: Charlotte Ruse 
**Pictures by me & Betsy my camera**

I feel like it hasn't even been spring for very long, at least not here in Texas! Somehow we are already reaching 80 degree days, but that just means summer is fast approaching! For me however, that means that there is only one more week in the semester....this next week is finals week and then it time to cue the confetti, put on some music, and grab a pint of ice cream in celebration because summer break is just around the corner.  

Anywho......if any of you follow me on social media you have probably seen some behind the scenes pictures from this shoot last Saturday and most of you have also already seen the pieces in this ensemble. I must admit that I am a bit obsessed with this combo and thus have already worn it a number of times (including last weeks Hairstyle Post). However, this time I bring you the look styled for spring in its natural habitat of leafy green trees and wild flowers. 

Even since the beginning of spring I have been swooning over the dungaree styles and fashions! I had been looking all over for a pair but most of them were a bit to much out of my price range (even though they were the cutest!). Nonetheless, while shopping at the outlet mall a few weeks ago I came across this pair and snagged them up. I must admit that while I am completely in love with this style which honestly takes me back to my youth, I do think its quite funny how these particular dungarees are a distressed style.......I have never worn or owned a pair of distressed/ripped jeans in my life but somehow these work. 

Truly, I don't think you will ever realize how comfortable and easy going dungarees are until you have tried a pair on for yourself:) They are not restricting like regular jeans (at least not this loose pair) and they are just sooooo fun to wear! It's like embracing your inner kid:) Besides, the best part is that they can be dressed up or down. 

I chose to pair this flowy floral blouse with my dungarees because not only is the floral pattern unique, but it gave off a air of ease, and a slight boho vibe. I then paired my black t-strap sandals with them, put on some pink lipstick and grabbed my flora heart sunnies.......the perfect spring ensemble for a sunny Saturday. 

I think the best part about last Saturday was finding a bed of wild flowers while walking to the abandoned houses that I wanted to take pictures at. I can assure you that after finding the bed of wild flowers there was not a bud left that I hadn't picked to brighten my day, and the best part is that there were white daisies which are my all time favorite!! Thus, the flowers, paired with the blouse, and paired with the floral heart shades made for a perfect and fun spring ensemble. 

Do you like the dungaree styles?
Do you think you will try dungarees out/have you already?
What is your favorite wild flower?


Beauty Basics: Makeup Routine

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Welcome to the third installment of the Beauty Basics series! Today will be a bit of a lengthy post as it is focused on the contents of my makeup bag, though I hope to keep the writing short and let the pictures speak for themselves. As a blogger and someone who takes a keen interest in experimenting with different makeup styles and techniques I love reading about others products and routine. Thus, today you lovely readers will get a glimpse into the contents of my makeup bag. 
Step #1 starts with the primer, foundation, concealer, and a highlighter. 
I LOVE the Rimmel London "Stay Matte" primer though Rimmel's "Fix & Perfect" is fabulous as well. As someone whose skin tends to get oily later in the day I have found that starting off with a primer is vital to my makeup lasting longer and appearing less shiny. 
After primer comes my liquid foundation. For the longest time I have been using Maybelline "Dream Pure BB 8-IN-1 Beauty Balm" clearing perfecter in the Light Sheer Tint. This line has two versions of the foundation, one without Salicylic Acid and one with it, I prefered to use the one with the Salicylic Acid because it is nice to use a foundation that has a treatment for acne. However, I recently wanted to try something new and also needed a lighter color (problems of being pale) so I have recently been using COVERGIRL "Tru Blend i 1" liquid makeup base. So far I am loving the feel of this foundation as well as its shade and lasting capabilities. 
After I apply my foundation I use a concealer to cover up any problem areas and use a lighter concealer as a highlighter to brighten my face. For a concealer I have been using the Maybelline 15 fair concealer. I had also used the Clinique acne solutions "Clearing Concealer" but the color did not work for me. As for a highlighter I absolutely LOVE Maybelline "Fit Me Shine-Free +Balance"foundation stick. This stick works great to use in specific areas of my face as a highlighter and also cuts back on shine. 
After I have used my primer, foundation, and concealer/highlighter I then blend in my Clinique loose powder "08 Transparency Neutral" to finish off the base look and blend everything together.  
Step #2 Blush
Now for the blush. I tend to match my blush with my eye shadow. Therefore, if I have a pink tinted or colorful eye shadow I go for the e.l.f. "Mellow Mauve." However, when I go with a natural eye color or a gold I choose to use the e.l.f. "Candid Coral" shade. 
Step #3 Eye Shadow
As for eye shadow my routine and look varies by outfit, day, feeling, and technique. Most often I tend towards a brown or tan from any one of my pallets whether that be an Estee Lauder pallet or drug store Pro Fusion "Natural" pallet. I also LOVE the e.l.f. gold shade called "Enchanted". Whatever shade I use for the day I always finish off the look by highlighting right above my brow with a Maybelline white and blend it together with whatever color I chose. 
Step #4 Brows
Brows are finished off by using COVERGIRL brow & eye makers pencil in "Soft Blonde" or "Light Brown." After using that to color in my brow (that sounds quite odd to write) I then blend it in with a brow brush to make it look more natural. 
When it comes to brushes I am not all that picky when it comes to brands. My grandmother gave me a set of her old Mary Kay brushes which were in perfect condition and I have been using those for a good while. My powder brush and blush brush are Mary Kay. My shadow brush (which I use for loose shadows and blending) is from Artistry. My blending brush is the e.l.f "Small Stippling Brush." I have also started using a pink blending sponge to apply my foundation and I love how it blends everything together smoothly. 

Have you used any of these same products?
What are some of your favorite drug store brands?
What is one makeup product you cannot live without?


YouTube: New Video

Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy MONDAY to all of you lovely readers! I just wanted to let you all know that I have a new video up on my YouTube Channel. This video is about some of my favorite thrift finds over the past couple of months and also some thoughts on Ethical Fashion and thrifting. 
You should totally go check it out HERE and if you haven't already subscribe to my channel while you are there so that you can stay up to date with any new videos I post. 
Hope your week is off to a great start :)


4 Easy Short Hairstyles

Friday, April 22, 2016

I thought it was high time I did another hairstyle idea post. Quite honestly it makes me chuckle thinking about how these hairstyle posts come to life because it usually involves me running around my room 20 minutes before class and snapping pictures!! This time my hair is about three inches shorter than it was in the last hairstyle post so here are 4 easy hairstyles for all of you who have short hair (though these can easily go either way). 
 First up is "The Flip" and it is everything it sounds like....just take a curling iron or straightener and curl the ends of your hair up, by doing this you get a flip! I used to wear this style ALL the time when I was growing up and now that I have short hair again it works quite nicely and offers a different look and feel than simply curled hair. 
Number two is a style that I honestly don't wear enough but after putting it together for this post I fell in love with how simple and different this ponytail was. It isn't your typical ponytail however, because not only does it have wispy little hairs in the front framing your face, but it also incorporates a classic and girly ribon which completely reminds me of the hairstyles that Rebecca from A Clothes Horse would wear. After fitting in this shoot on Tuesday morning I ended up wearing this hairstyle for the rest of the day!
Number three is easy peasy as all you need is a headband! Granted, you might have slightly unruly hair that threatens to spread out in every way and thus you have to tame it down, but even after you quickly do that you just throw in a quick headband of your choice. This particular headband is a gathered cotton headband I picked up at Forever 21 while back and I simply LOVE the blue color. With this style and variations of it (depending on the headband) I have come to realize how easy short hair is when you just use a headband. 
Last but not least, and a style that takes me back to my own pigtail running around days is this cute and quick style:) I have always loved how pigtails look and how they take you back to your youth, but I never wear them enough. However, when putting together these styles for the post I quickly discovered how easy this style was for my short hair and how much I liked it! Pretty sure this will be a recurring style this summer.

There are two weeks left of school....I can't believe this semester is almost over! When I reach the last day I might just have to have an impromptu dance party in my room complete with crazy dance moves and a brush microphone....whose with me?
For any of you wondering "Madison, why didn't you talk about what you are wearing?" As much as I could easily talk about what I am wearing in these pictures I figured I would make you all wait:) Have no fear dear readers, this look, dungarees and all will be getting photographed this weekend and will hit the blog sometime next week!!

For now I am off for a full weekend of blogging "stuff" complete with multiple photo shoots and maybe even a thrift video of I have some time:)

Do you have short hair like me?
Would you or have you ever used one of these styles?
What will you do at the end of your semester?


City Mode

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Shirt: Thrifted (LOFT)
Skirt: Thrifted (Talbots) similar
Shoes: Charlotte Ruse 
Bag: Hobby Lobby
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21

Taylor Swift meets nautical, meets classic, meets Mode and The City in today's post (and oddly enough I was listening to Taylor Swift while writing this...lol). I have always been the BIGGEST fan of stripes, especially when they are a nautical theme stripe which is exactly what this LOFT sweater reminded me of when I snagged it at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. Quite honestly this look is very "designer" brand inspired as both this top and skirt are major brands (both thrifted) and it makes me feel all citified :) Of course that is precisely what I was going for with this look. However, if I had to be more specific as to my inspiration for this ensemble and post I would have to say that it is all due to Mode and The City with Daphne's fabulous parisian city style (go check out her blog right now) which I completely swoon over when I read each one of her posts! 

On the contrary, I am not that much of a city person (at least not all the time). I attend college in a small country town, both my parents are from small towns (and I likewise have been given a taste of that life all my years), and I myself come from a moderately small town (which happens to be about 45 minutes from a bursting city). Nonetheless, I consider myself to be both a mix of city and country. I love the excitement of city life, the fashion, opportunities, shopping, and people (people watching, not mingling) but really only in moderation for occasional adventures and travel. However, I will always love the country life with its serene atmosphere, silence, peace, simplicity, and the general laid back lifestyle. 

Switching directions, how are you lovely people doing? I wonder if it is raining in your neck of the woods, country, or world? It happened to rain buckets yesterday and everyone had school canceled except me. We shall see if today goes the same, since it is supposed to storm again, and if we are granted a day off also? It is nearing the end of the semester and I am sooooo ready for classes to be over so I can move home and get started on my life! As cliche as that may sound college doesn't leave much room for "living" which in my case really just means: sewing, shopping, writing, picture taking, blogging, adventuring, creating, and doing nothing.......can you relate! I want it to hurry and be the end of the semester because right now I have so many ideas swirling around in my mind and if I have to wait more than three weeks my head might explode...hehe. Summer means free time from school (though I unfortunately have on online class) and time to catch up on the MANY blogging things I have written down and making a dent or even demolishing the pile of fabric that needs to be turned into a piece of clothing:) 

What do you consider "living"?
Do you prefer city or country?