Cheating The System

Monday, February 29, 2016

Sweater: Thrifted (Croft and Borrow)
Jeans: Thrifted (Levi's)
Sneakers: Converse
Glasses: Wallmart

Some days are low key and all you have on schedule is to stay in your room and do homework, and maybe run to the store for a bit just to buy flowers:) That was basically my weekend! I had loads of homework, studying, and projects to work on and with a weekend like that one has to get comfortable......and my by comfortable I mean over sized sweaters, thrifted jeans for when you run to the store, sneakers, and sweat pants when you are back home. The best part about low key weekends is NO MAKEUP! Yep, these are the first pictures I have posted on my blog where I wasn't wearing makeup, but that is kind of my premise for this post......cheating the you ask???

Okay, so weekends are just about the only time I don't wear makeup and I will admit that it is quite refreshing to just be "all natural" and let your skin breath. Therefore, when I go out and run to the store I like to look slightly put together even though the weekend (Saturday) is when I really don't care, so here is my secret for cheating the system. First, you might be wondering "Do you wear glasses?" and my answer would be no:) However, I LOVE fake glasses and this pair always makes me feel extra hipster! Therefore, here is my secret. My view is for people who do wear glasses, most of them choose to wear contacts on a regular basis and only on low key and errand days do they forgo contacts and reach for their glasses instead. Thus, my rational is that when I choose not to wear makeup and dress comfortably it is my chance to grab a pair of glasses. Why? For some reason when I put on glasses on my low key days, when I really don't always care how I look but I want to appear slightly put together, for some reason in my mind the glasses take away from the fact that I am not wearing any makeup and well.....they just look cute! They have truly become my weekend accessory:) I guess this look is inspired by those who done the effortless look on low key days where they wear a comfortable pair of jeans, classic sweater or tshirt and sport their glasses proudly because they didn't feel like putting on contacts.....basically I am choosing to not to completely care what I look like, while at the same time cheating the system in reached for my fake glasses to complete my look instead!

Do you wear real glasses?
If you don't wear glasses have you ever tried fake glasses?
What do you think about glasses being used to cheat the system?

P.S. Don't forget to leave me your questions HERE for my Q&A coming in two weeks!!


//Coming Soon// Q&A pt. 2

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hello all of you LOVELY readers!!! I hope this quick post finds you well. As I mentioned at the beginning of this week I am going to be filming my second Q&A video over my spring break which is in two weeks......yay!!! 
On that note, I need questions from all of you:) I know that there are a number of things that I wonder about bloggers when reading their posts, because lets face it, we can't talk about everything in a post.....there just is not enough time. Therefore, now is your chance to ask me those questions. 
Leave a comment with any and all of your questions or you could even comment them on Instagram. 

For starters here are some ideas:

What are your long term goals or dreams for your blog? 
Where do you buy your clothes?
How do you put together an outfit?
How does your fashion/style affect your college experience?

I can't wait to hear what you all have to ask!!! 


Sunshine On a Cloudy Day

Monday, February 22, 2016

Shirt: Thrifted
Sweater: Thrifted
Skirt: HannahEverly
Shoes: Cato's (this season)
Necklace: Target
Flowers: Kroger
Hello all you lovelies! The title of this post seemed fitting for today as the world is quite dark and dreary in my neck of the woods, however this post promises to add a ray of sunshine to the otherwise cloudy day:) 

It has been awhile since I did a "Sunday Best" post and this ensemble is a perfect way to share with you all what I donned to church yesterday. I must say that as it is not completely spring (thought it already feels like it is almost summer here) this ensemble was inspired by the fact that to me it screams "SPRING!" in a subtle yet classic way. Furthermore, I am finally able to share my FABULOUS Hannah Everly skirt on the blog and boy is it utter perfection:) I actually won this skirt through an Instagram giveaway that Hannah did back in November (I think) and was over the moon when I found out that I had won her signature Polka Dot skirt from her winter collection. Let me just gush over how fabulously perfect this skirt is (you can get it HERE)......

#1- because it is black and white polka dot (who doesn't LOVE Polka Dots!!)
#2- because it has a bow (bows make everything fabulous)
#3- because it is Hannah Everly (who is so incredible and inspiring)
#4- because it is a TOTAL classic and NEVER GOING OUT OF STYLE
#5- It has pockets!! and 
#6- because it can be worn in and out of season with nearly anything.  

Okay, I think that is enough gushing for now, but seriously, if you have never heard of Hannah Everly skirts you have to go check them out over on Hannah's Etsy shop HERE! Also, for those of you who are on Instagram, you have to go visit Hannah's account and give her a follow @hannaheverly. Her Instagram feed is the cutest and has the most perfect aesthetic as well as the best captions in the history of ever:) Alright, you get the point that you need a Hannah Everly skirt and that you should TOTALLY go follow her on Instagram......mission accomplished! 
Back to yesterdays ensemble we go! 

As I said above, I wore this to church yesterday and boy was my Hannah Everly skirt a major hit :) As is typically the case with me, whenever I wear something cute to church most of my moms friends ask if I made what I am wearing, however yesterday that was not the case, which was actually perfect because then I got to tell them all about Hannah's incredible business and fabulous skirts.

However, when wearing a fabulous skirt such as this one and such a cheerful yellow sweater, one cannot simply go straight home after must go to the store and buy discounted tulips and then proceed to persuade your sister in taking pictures of you for a blog post:) I have decided that whenever I have a few extra dollars in my walled that I will be buying flowers from now on. Flowers just make a room feel like a home, add a touch of elegance and class, add a bit of the outdoors, smell nice (most of the time), look pretty, and can also pose as a prop for photos. All this being said flowers are a must have! 

I hope you have a splendid day wherever you are and that this post adds a ray of sunshine to your day!! 

Over my spring break in March I will be filming my second Q&A video so keep a lookout for a post later this week announcing that officially and asking for questions!!

Do you ever buy flowers on a whim? 
Have you heard of Hannah Everly before?
What are your favorite flowers? 


Nook and Cranny

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sweater/Jumper: Thrifted (Talbots)
Pants: Minnie's Menagerie (DIY paint splatter)
Socks: Old Navy
Earrings: Target
Okay, so here is the thing.....I took these pictures last week (plus more) fully intending on posting them and doing a room tour. However, life happens, lighting isn't right, your camera decides not to act how you want it to and well.....the perfectionist in you wins the battle!!! Nevertheless, while these are not even half of the pictures I took and while they don't show near as much of my room I decided I had to post them because well.....they were to cute not to:)

While in theory I have two rooms, one at home and one at college, I am hardly ever in my room back at home because I am only home two weekends a month (boohoo). However, since college is my life and my home right now it is important to me that my room be just as much home as I can make it. It is also important that my room be something that makes me smile, shows a little of who I am, and also adds joy to my life. Since my room is where I spend most all of my time when I am not in class it has to be an atmosphere conducive to studying, learning, and working on projects. No....I am not one of those college students who goes to the library to study.....I only go to the library to explore:)

I discovered after decorating my room this semester that I quite like color, or at least for decorating my dorm room I used a LOT of color. That is probably because the quilt I made for my bed is made of fabric scraps in all the colors of the rainbow, but I think that is what makes it so very cheerful!
However, since I have a room all to myself (perks of being a Resident Adviser) with my own blue bathroom ( tile bathroom) and HUGE closet I always feel like I live in an apartment or at least I pretend I do. I love those bloggers who have the most perfectly arranged and decorated just makes me want to have my own! 

I think that my favorite part of my room from these pictures (because really my favorite part is the closet) is the wall above my bed. I would probably have to call it the inspiration wall, but it also reminds me of a carnival with the lights, bunting, quotes/pictures, and the numerous paint swatches that I have collected:) That is one DIY pinterest trick for taking care of a bare wall, simply stick on a collage of paint swatches and you are good to go. 

All in all this is my safe space! My nook and cranny where I escape from the world, sometimes from school, and most of the time from people (though my residents are always welcome) and simply breath.....brew a cup of coffee, or make a cup of tea, put some essential oils in my diffuser and curl up with a good book, a blog post, or get caught up on a TV show. I believe it is important that each of us have a special nook and cranny be it your room or elsewhere that you can escape to and forget about the troubles of the world or maybe sometimes like me brainstorm ways to fix them! 

Is your room your special place?
Are you in college like me? If so how do you make your room fell like home?
Where is your nook and cranny? 


Galentines Day

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy almost Valentines Day or what I like to call it "Galentines Day" where I get to celebrate chick flicks, cheesy movies, and hang out with some of my favorite Gals and sisters :) While many people don't like to celebrate valentines day for the many consumer dollars spent on the day, or for the fact that they don't have someone special in their life, I like to think of it as a day (or in this case weekend) where I have the EXTRA excuse to watch wwaayyy to many chick flick movies, pamper myself, and eat a high amount of calories (putting my Nutrition Class knowledge to work)! 
While I am unfortunately on duty this weekend for my job at College my sister and BFF are coming up today and staying the weekend and we have a FABULOUS Galentines day planned out complete with everything I stated above. However, I thought I would put together a quick post with some of my favorite Valentines Day worthy pieces from my closet! 

Loving you is RED

Blouse: Tatyana (bought it in Boston)
Nail Polish: Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy 620 "Roulette Rush"
Lipstick: Rimmel London Kate 01 
Earings: $1 @ Wallmart
Belt: Minnie's Menagerie 

This shirt surprisingly has never been featured on the blog, which is a surprise considering it is one of my favorite shirts and is also the only pin up per say clothing item I have. I think it is also my favorite because I bought it when I went to Boston two years ago. However, when it comes to Valentine's day you can't go wrong with red or bows. 

Pretty In Pink

Sweater: Thrifted (Talbots )
Perfume: Bath & Body Works "Berry Flirt"
Liptick: Revlon Ultra HD 845"Peony"
Nail Polish: Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy 

Nothing says girly, frilly, and romantic like pink...and light pink at that! This sweater has become one of my favorite pieces because I can easily dress it up or down. For this occasion I would perfectly pair it with my darling "Hannah Everly" skirt because why not! Top off this look with nail polish that is seriously the EXACT same shade as this sweater, pink lipstick, and some cheerful berry perfume. 

Shipping Shirt

Shirt: DIY 
Flannel: Old Navy
Perfume: Bath & Body Works "Japanese Cherry Blossom" 
Mug: Anthropologie 
Necklace: James Avery

Now, this is what I call the perfect Valentines day look.....who's with me for Ships and OTP's!! Now, I might be a little obsessed with FitzSimmons, but I think that this shirt paired with a red flannel shirt is the perfect lounge wear to cozy up with a good book and cup of coffee:)

Movie Time 

Sweat Shirt: Wallmart
Lip Balm: eos Mint
Nail Polish: Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy 020 "All Or Nothing"

This is basically how I will be spending my Valentines Day weekend.....watching movies. My mom got this sweatshirt a few years ago and I love pulling it out around this time of the year for a little sparkle. While I am at it with a comfy look I love to use my eos mint lip balm because it is the best every! Oh....and you can't forget my FAVORITE popcorn which is technically really healthy because it is super low in calories and the sea salt lime flavor is to die for:)

Hearts For The Win

Dress: Thrifted (Forever 21)
Nail Polish: Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy 
Heels: Old Navy
Belt: Minnie's Menagerie
Perfume: Bath & Body Works "A Thousand Wishes"
Lipstick: Rimmel London Katie 05

Last but not least is the ensemble I will actually be wearing on Saturday when we go on a Galentines day excursion! This dress is one of my favorites and sooooo perfect for this time of the year with the many colorful hearts. I will pair this dress with a red belt, red nail polish, lipstick, earrings, a sweater if it is chilly, and these oh so comfy clogs from old navy. 

With that I think my Galentines day weekend is complete! I  hope all of you have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend relaxing, pampering, and spending time with the ones you love:)

Do you have any Galentines day plans?
Which look best describes you?
Any Favorite movie you will be watching?


//Lately// Behind The Scenes On Instagram

Saturday, February 6, 2016

New writing project.....yay!!
I take pictures of flowers at the grocery store :)
Never to much lipstick!!
FRIDAYS when class is online #coffee #comfy 
So this is my new FAVORITE nail style!!! 
Rosie...insert heart eyes :) <3 looks like this past week was so busy I didn't get in a real post. I was planning on doing a post about my room up at college, but maybe that will get done this next week. However, I was wanting to post something so I thought I would throw together some recent pictures from Instagram  and or from my iPod history and write a little something today. 
I was able to come home this weekend which is always a nice break from being up at school working and doing homework. I always miss sitting around the table with my family as we tell funny stories and laugh our heads off, or when my sister and I have a movie night and nail painting party....those are the good times. Apart from that I really miss my cat Rosie (above) when I am up at school #crazycatlady! 
Aside from that, lately life has really just been focused on school and carrying out my duties as a Resident Adviser at college. I am still getting into the swing of school and mid terms are already creeping up....ahhh! I will say though, that I have resolved to try and organize my life more smoothly so that I have time for reading books and writing. of the pictures above (with the yellow legal pad) is a new project I am working on and I have soooooo many ideas for it....eehh :) I must say that I have become really addicted to books as of late....not that I have actually read or should I say finished any lately but I do have 3 books on their way in the mail. That is what happens when you start following a few bookish people on Instagram who have libraries in their room and post the cutest pictures of their latest reads and all because of that you end up ordering three books that all of them seem to be reading.....LOL! 
When I am not working, or doing homework, reading, writing, or blogging you will find me watching the latest episodes of all my favorite shows which include: Arrow, The Flash, Super Girl, Agent Carter, Blue Blood, and in March Agents of Shield (seriously can't wait till this comes back). 
Well....I suppose that it all I have for now, but hopefully a post will be coming this next week with a tour around my room at college or maybe something even a little Valentines Day....who knows. I hope that everyone has a splendid weekend. 

P.S. If you ever want to know what I am up to when I am not blogging and sharing about my life on the blog, you can always head on over to my Instagram @oldfashionedgirl where I LOVE planning and posting way to many pictures:)

Do you follow any bookish people on Instagram?

What have you been up to recently?