Hats Off To Fall

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hello Lovelies!!! I hinted at the possibility that some pictures might make their way to the blog (fingers crossed) and it happened! They might not be my best pictures but with an ensemble like this you just stand anywhere and it kinda works...lolz. This was my first time actually venturing onto the main part of campus to snap these photos. Usually I avoid going onto the main part of campus for fear people will pass by (which they did) and or cars drive by on the street, but I guess it is just part of being a blogger:) I can't help but laugh every time a car or person passes by wondering how those people must think me quite strange:)

If you remember from a few weeks back, I wrote a post talking about a few of my fall style obsessions and inspirations Here. Thankfully those styles and inspiration were finally brought forth in a real post that I bring to you today!!! As I said before, I am really into the whole "felt hat" trend that is going on right now, granted I don't wear the hat that frequently,but when I do I can't help loving how it looks:) 
Last weekend (well more of Monday, but I celebrated Sunday) was my birthday and my dear family + BFF made a trip up to see me, spend the day, and go shopping! Going shopping on or for my birthday has always been sort of a tradition for me so of course our excursions were splendidly wonderful! I had planned to buy a felt hat that day and found this beauty at Target. At first I was thinking of going with an oversized (or medium) felt fedora, but quickly realized a more classic felt hat would be more versatile.
Sweater: Thrifted (St. John's Bay)
Skirt: Minnie's Menagerie
Hat: Target (this season)
Belt: Thrifted
Leg Warmers: DIY
**Pictures By Me and Betty**
It is finally getting chilly here in Texas so it was time to pull out all of my warm sweaters! Funny thing is that I have been slowly switching from my summer wardrobe to fall/winter wardrobe, bringing a few new sweaters or skirts back with me to school whenever I went home for the weekend. However, last weekend my mom brought me even more of my fall/winter wardrobe when my family came and I must say it is a good thing that I have my own room as an RA because now I have my own closet and it is AMAZING!!!! I seriously can't exaggerate enough how perfect it is:) 
The sweater I am wearing in this post was one I picked up while thrifting a few years ago, and while I don't wear it all that often it is quite warm and cozy. When you pair that with a plaid wool skirt (my grandmothers) and combat boots you get quite a fun and fall worthy ensemble. With the cool weather hopefully here to stay I am eagerly anticipating wearing more wool skirts and sweaters. 

That is all for now lovely readers, but I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving next week! Enjoy your turkey and stuffing yourself with all the tasty treats of the season:) 
I myself will definitely be enjoying time spent with family, flipping through all the shopping deals in the ad's and planning out our Friday schedule, going Black Friday shopping, and of course I can't forget about Hallmarks "Countdown To Christmas" movies!!!

Would you wear a felt hat like this?

Do you like wearing wool skirts and sweaters in the fall?

What are some of your Thanksgiving plans/traditions?


Saturday, November 14, 2015

I just realized that it has been a month since my face has been on the blog......that has been way to long! Therefore, hello dear readers after such a long time!!! Since it has been awhile I guess I should fill you all in a bit. This semester is almost over and while I am both excited and relieved about that it means finals are coming up. On top of there being less than a month of classes left I also applied to be a Resident Adviser on campus and got the job which starts immediately, so RA duties and training will fill most of my free time. 
However, Thanksgiving is only a little over a week away and I am soooooooooo excited!!! Oh, and it is finally cold here in Texas which is fabulous:)
I thought that today I would bring you all something unique in a post. If you remember a post I did on my Fall Inspiration awhile back focusing on the fashions of Bletchley Circle here I decided to incorporate that into my ensemble for this post. I love everything that Emily wears in the series so I thought I would recreate one of my favorite looks of hers. I love how simple the look is with a cream shirt, silk scarf, and grey wool skirt with a jacket....simple and perfect. I must say that I am becoming a HUGE fan of wearing these scarves! While wearing these style of scarves might have seemed odd and old fashioned to me years ago, now that is exactly what I need and I adore how it transports me into a different day and age!
This is one of my favorite buildings on campus & apparently people carve their names in the brick when they graduate.
Skirt: Thrifted
Sweater: Thrifted
Scarf: Grandmothers
Trench: Forever21
Shoes: Target (old & broken)
Socks: Target
Purse: Thrifted
Earrings: Walmart
Lipstick: Rimmel London Provocalips (230 Kiss Fatal)
**Pictures by Me & Betty (my camera)**

Have you ever had this perfect idea and everything just didn't work out how you had planned? While we have all had many instances like this throughout life, yesterday was a good example of this for me. I had this perfect idea in my head of what kind of pictures I wanted to take and how I wanted them to look and then when I started taking pictures nothing turned out how I wanted. I realized it is the same way in life (as I have been learning).....sometimes we just have to re-adjust our focus and realize that not everything is perfect. We might have ideas and dreams, and while they might seem perfect to us, they might not always be what is best or meant to be in that present moment. Sometimes we have to step back and view life from a new perspective and setting. 
So there is a little photography example for you! Just a side note, I think I really need to invest in a hand held remote for my camera that way I can take better self portraits:) 

Well dear readers, I must bid you adieu for now and hope that you are enjoying the cool weather and anticipating Thanksgiving!

What do you think about my take on Emily's look?

Have you ever had to re-adjust your focus?

Do you use a hand held remote to take pictures?

//DIY// Shipper Shirts

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hello all you lovely readers! It appears time has gotten away from me again as I didn't manage to take outfit pictures yet this week. Life has slowed down a bit and yet all of my plans for posts have not yet happened. I must say I have some exciting ideas for posts coming up, including a very wonderful review! On top of everything, Betty (my camera) wasn't working yesterday and I was freaking out a bit thinking she was broken, however all is well now:) 
Nonetheless, I thought I would bring you all something different today.....a DIY! Now, as much as I would have loved to put together a step by step process for this DIY I am afraid you all will have to simply settle for the final projects. 
For those of you who might know, I am a big Agents of Shield fan. This being said, I am an even bigger Fitzsimmons shipper.......maybe even a little obsessed !!! This season has been quite dramatic for Fitzsimmons and has had me on the edge of my seat a number of times, but I will leave it at that so as not to give to much of Season 3 away. However, as a HUGE fan of Fitzsimmons I thought it only fitting to make a few (I actually have 3) shirts to show my support!

I found a shirt with this saying on pinterest and absolutely fell in love with it! I love that the last names that make up the ship "Fitz" and "Simmons" have the first names in white on one of the letters. 
(I used the website Canva to create the logo.) 
As always you can never go wrong with a statement necklace and a Tshirt!
I have found that the white shirt goes quite well with my washed out denim button up. 
I couldn't very well make a DIY shipper shirt without a picture of my two favorite people:) This is a picture from season 1 and I have always loved how it shows Fitz and Simmons relationship. 
The grey shirt goes very well with my red flannel shirt! This has been my go to combination when I just want something comfy!
FYI.....if you are wondering how I made these shirts (obviously) I used logo maker paper from Hobby Lobby that you print your logo from the computer onto. To make the logo I used googled clipart and then Canva for the text & creations of the cohesive design. 
I will leave this post with a few favorite Fitzsimmons gifs and head off to watch this weeks episode....who knows what to expect!

Are you a Fitzsimmons fan?

Have you seen any of season 3 yet?