//Confessions of a Fashion Blogger// Collection of Reactions

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy 2nd day of FALL dear readers! I hope the crisp autumn weather has found you in your little corner of the world. As much as I regret saying it, my fist day of fall was not quite as crisp as I had hoped for but that didn't stop me from smiling every time a glistening golden rays of sunshine hit my face and melted me all the way to my toes! The sun was shinning high in the sky as if to say hello and as faint as the smell was...if you concentrated you might just be able to make out the waft of autumn in the breeze:) I am afraid you all might find me a little to obsessed and in love with fall but it is by far my all time favorite season in the history of EVER! 

However, enough with my exuberation of the coming season and on to today's exciting post and the premiere of Confessions of a Fashion Blogger II. When I first announced bringing back this series I asked you all for questions you would like answered or things you have wondered about. Therefore, in today's post and the first post of the series I will be answering a question submitted by the lovely Naomi Bennet of Wonderland Creek, talking about the reactions and comments I have received from people over the past couple of years in regards to how I dress (some of them are quite interesting an entertaining). 

#1 - For those of you who watched my first Q&A I told you all a very interesting/funny story (min. 8:34). In short, one day a guy walked past me at college when I for class and asked if I make my own clothes. He then went on to say that he always noticed me when he was leaving class and really liked how I dressed (in all honesty it was a little strange....hehe). However, the crazy part of the story comes a semester or maybe even a year later when I was at the college involvement fair and there was a guy sitting at a table and he said "I know you!" of course I was like "Who are you crazy person?" (I said all of this in my head of course...).....out loud I really said "Oh really?" and he was like "Yes....you are the girl who always wears vintage!" Needless to say that guy somehow remembered who I was over a year later simply by how I dress! Weird or cool??? Not quite sure:)

#2 - " You look like a teacher....are you?" I don't actually remember where or from who I heard this from but it is pretty accurate for me because I will be a teacher one day:)

#3 - While eating lunch at our local tea room with my mom a lady told me "You look like you are going to school on the east coast!" Strangely enough, even though I was wearing a skirt that day I somehow managed to put together an ensemble that was quite preppy in itself and thus I would have to agree that I looked like someone who would be going to school on the east coats...hehe.

#4 - This one is REALLY interesting and I toyed with not including it but I thought it was just way to out there not to share so here goes....someone actually used a bad word (because the average worldly college student can't seem to have a normal conversation without using them) in exclamation to how much they loved my outfit.....strange I know. 

#5 - While waiting in the Subway line my first week of school a girl came up to me and said "You just look so fabulous and I wanted to make sure that you knew that"....of course I am not the best at responding to compliments so I just said "Oh....thank you (with a smile)."

# 6- My RA at college this semester told me " last semester whenever my friends and I went to grab dinner at the dinning hall we would always notice what you were wearing." I am pretty sure a lot of people in the dinning hall notice the girl who walks around looking like she stepped out of the 40's / 50's but that is what makes like exciting:)!

#7 - By far my favorite comment I have received was from an RA visiting from a different dorm that was coming around to all of the rooms in our residence hall and asking us a question for something. Anyways, when I opened the door her first response was....."Oh my gosh....you look like a presidents wife!" I couldn't help but smile and laugh at that one:) I was actually wearing the capri outfit from my Trudy Cooper post. 

#8 - This one is actually a compliment that I received just today and knew I had to include it. I was walking back to my dorm after meeting with one of my professors and I passed this guy on the sidewalk who turned to me and says "You look beautiful.....I really like what you are wearing." Now, some people might beg to say that his intentions were not the best but you can tell by how someone says something, what they mean, and he was quite sincere. Plus, in my opinion, when a girl is dressed modestly and classically in a skirt (like I was) a guys complement on your dress has more to do with him appreciating how you care about your appearance, and the dignity with which you carry yourself, rather than trying to get your attention in a bad way. Quite honesty, I have had a couple of guys compliment me on what I was wearing when I walked by them and it always renews my hope in society that guys appreciate a girl who takes the time to look nice but who also cares about dressing modestly. In such a modern world, most guys response to girls is that they are cute or hot, but when a guy says you look beautiful (or maybe even nice) it has to do more with a since of dignity rather than attracting the wrong attention. 
Blouse: Forever21
Skirt: Minnie's Menagerie
Sweater: Thirfted
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Sperry's
Necklace: Target spring '15
Lipstick: Rimmel London 01
*Pictures by Me & Betty (my camera)*
In conclusion of today's post I would have to say that for someone who dresses vintage, receiving compliments from people is quite encouraging as well as many times amusing. While I often joke about people looking at me and thinking I am an interesting, different, and sometimes quite a weird person, most often people look at someone who has defined their own style and respects them for it. For those of us who dress vintage, or even for those of you who choose to look nice and put time into what you wear, it is not so much that you dress differently, but that you don't care what others say or think about you. Quite honestly, I think it is refreshing (especially for older people) when they see someone dress like we do because it reminds them of what life used to be like when women took the extra time every day to appear put together, instead of throwing on a tshirt, sport shorts, and head out for the day. The way that a person dresses says so very much about them as a person, and dressing modestly or in vintage truly sets you apart as someone who cares about their appearance and who also has a high since of dignity about them. 

Therefore, I hope this post encourages you to laugh at the funny and interesting comments or remarks that you get from people, as well as to also cherish the sincere comments that come your way. You wear the clothes that you do for a reason and NEVER let anyone try and persuade you otherwise. Embrace your style and wear it with confidence and dignity! 

Which of the reactions I shared is your favorite and why?

Have you ever received and interesting reaction?

What do you think about my idea of looking beautiful and carrying yourself with dignity?

FALLing Into Swing

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some days are just hands down great days! Of course those days when you are especially motivated to take blog pictures and your trust camera Betty (I decided she needed a name) does wonders for you, one can't help jumping for joy:) Besides the obvious facts of a successful blog shoot.....it makes the day all the more fabulous when you discover a serenely picturesquely perfect picture spot (I seem to like crazy-big-worded-alliterations) and are surrounded by natural beauty, changing leaves, and natures choruses. Life is Beautiful! 
Now, I could go on, and on, and on, and on, about how much I LOVE fall but I will stop myself from getting carried away to talk about the things you all really want to hear:) First things first, lets talk about this perfectly picturesque spot shall we? As you all know I am away right now living at college. The college I attend is in a fairly small historic town, important for its impact on Texas's founding and History. In short, one of the men (Sam Houston) who helped in founding Texas lived in Huntsville and well.....what is a small town without a historic museum with Sam Houston's house!!! Thus, is where I get the perfect pictures spot.....yay! 
I think one of the main reasons I am so in love with this new found haven is due to the fact that growing up I lived for taking field trips to places such as these museums, where there were old log houses, gardens, plantation homes, bridges, streams, barns, flowers, and well.....you get the point.....it was like stepping into another world for me! Therefore this is hands down my new favorite spot as well as my go to picture spot from now on. 
Okay, but enough with my ramblings as always and lets talk about this ensemble! If any of you follow me on Instagram you might remember my post from a few days ago featuring a number of magazine cutouts??? Well, as it turns out this semester I am taking an Apparel Production and Pattern Making class and we are currently working on our Fall 2015 trend boards which will then be the basis for the pattern and garment we will eventually make. Due to this, I had been skimming the current fashion magazines in search of trends and finally found something a little out of the box....MIXED PRINTS!!!! Yes......stripes, polka dots, patterns, jacquard, cheetah, paisley, tweed, and plaid all mixed to make an outfit. I think my trend board will turn out pretty great and I can't wait to start designing my dress for the class:)
However, since I am caught up with ushering in the fall season as well as focused on the mixed print trend I thought I might as well implement those mindsets into my own style. Therefore, that is where the inspiration from this ensemble came from. 
I am the biggest fan of stripes and pair that with yellow stripes on a shirt at that and I am a happy person! Stripes tend to go fairly easily with most any print so I thought I would pair this top with an old refashioned skirt. Strangely enough, this skirt has much history to it as it was once a dress up skirt for playing settlers and Indians, and quite easily could have been worn to a museum such as this when I was younger. However, after years of wear it was a little ratty at the ends and so I thought I would shorten it.....and boy am I loving everything about this print, fit, and flowy fabric:) Last, but not least, I cannot forget o mention this darling little scarf (or whatever you might call it)! Now, I am not one to wear scarves such as this, but after some recent shows and old photographs I have run across I thought it would be the perfect addition to a mixed print ensemble, as it is a lovely print in and of itself. Over all I would have to say that this look is a late 40's early 50's era. 
Top: Faded Glory (Wallmart)
Skirt: Old (dress up)
Belt: Thrifted
Scarf: Grandma's
Earrings: Wallmart
Shoes: Target (last fall)
Socks: Forever21
*Pictures by Me (and Betty my camera)*

All in all I must say this was one of those posts that made me giddy to scan through the pictures on my computer and hurry to finish all of my work so that I could write this post. I think I am finally getting a better feel for my camera (Betty) and I hope to produce more blog worthy pictures in the future.
I hope that you all enjoy the coming crisp season of apply cider, pumpkin everything, changing leaves, and cool breezes that are coming your way....I know I am:)
Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn.
Emily Dickinson

What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Have you ever found a picturesquely perfect spot?

What do you think about mixed prints?


//Fall Insp.// Bletchley Circle

Thursday, September 10, 2015

All photos from Google!
As you all know, I have started back to school and boy has life been a bit crazy! Due to that fact I didn't have time to take any outfit pictures this week (though I was planning on it) and therefore thought I would be forced to skip today's post. However, you dear readers are in luck for I thought I would share my fall fashion inspiration with you all a short and sweet post! 
Funny thing is that I just discovered this show only five minutes ago when I was going through Netflix and thought to myself "Oh boy does this look like a fabulously good show!!" Well the first minutes have already been great and I can't wait to watch more of this show called Bletchley Circle about a group of code breakers in the 1940's (perfect right). Since I just discovered it I can't tell you the characters names or who I like best so for, or even what happens so for now we will focus on two thing....the clothes & Hair!! Their clothes and hair are simply to die for and I want to copy each and every look soooooo bad!!! 

The picture above is absolutely perfect because it shows three different versions of a 1940's look! You have the casual middle look of a skirt, blouse, and deep red sweater (the fall 2015 color by the way). Then you have the next ensemble which features some incredible 40's pants, tie front blouse, cream sweater and deep red hat. In the back is your 1940's business look with a navy suit and blue shirt. And last, but not least, you perfectly charming ladylike pale grey blue polka dot dress (which I want so bad), dainty grey sweater, lovely light grey purse, and absolutely perfect shoes!! I just adore everything about this picture and the ensembles. 

If you are looking for a winter coat why not search for a style like these above! I am really loving the ladylike cuts and earth tone colors.....definitely something to keep an eye out for:)

Prints, sweaters, checks, and rayon......what could be better!!!! 

More coats and can I just say that these ladies know how to find the perfect satchel/purse! Loving  these looks and definitely wanting to incorporate them into my fall/winter wardrobe....hurry up and get cold Texas!!!

Okay, now I cannot forget about the hair! Absolutely none of the hairstyles are overdone. They are all perfectly simple, smart, and ladylike. Weather they are curled, wavy, straight, or pulled up each one of these hairstyles looks perfectly 1940's no matter how simple appears!

Told you it would be short and sweet! However, I think that pictures are worth 1,000 words and these pictures are definitely worthy of some intense studying, swooning, daydreaming, and sewing inspiration!!!! 
Until next week when I will hopefully share something original!!! 

Have you every seen Bletchley Circle (what did you think)?

Do you like any of these looks?

Your reaction to these fashions in one word?


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fall is just around the corner and college is back into full swing. This was my first full week of classes and I am still getting used to my new schedule as well as figuring out when to get all my homework finished. Nonetheless, good news.....I have wifi now!!! Hurray!!! That is not to say that I won't be visiting the coffee shop to write up a post now and then, but for now its back to enjoying the comfort of my bed:)
Therefore, in honor of school starting up again here is a little something scholarly inspired!

On campus all of the old original collage buildings are still standing and those are some of my favorite sites when walking to class (You can see some pictures I have shared before on the blog Here). However, this week I thought I would take the opportunity to snap a few pics in front of the old library, which really is a charming building with a huge red door and stained glass window. 

Blouse: Garage Sale (Columbia)//Skirt: Forever 21//Belt: Vintage
//Shoes: Payless//Bag: Hollister (old)
Lets talk about my outfit shall we? For those of you who happened to read my latest post in which I answered a series of questions, one of them asked what the last thing I had purchased was? If you remember my answer I had said it was two of the same skirt from Forever 21 (which aka, is a "Fast Fashion" industry as learned from my Apparel Production class). Well, this is one of those skirts (the other one is black)! I couldn't help falling in love with these skirts because my first thought was "I really need some solid colored skirts for fall" and two "Oh my is this 1940's perfection." I absolutely fell in love with the big front pockets, comfortable waste and as the fabric nerd I now am I might have thought it interesting that they were a Lyocell/Cotton/Spandex blend:) I have definitely been getting my wear out of them so far. 

All in all this ensemble was fairly comfortable and casual. This top is one of my favorites because I love the style and it is the cutest color and weave of Seersuckeer. To top off this 1940's inspired look I added one of my favorite braided belts and my oxford ballet flats. Of course I can't forget the book bag because, well....I need it for class and it adds to the whole scholarly affect :) hehe...

As for my hair, I have been trying out new things and this is one style that is super easy, fairly quick, and for the most part can pass as vintage. All you do is take two french braids, put them in a pony tail and then put them in a french tuck. Super easy! When I have morning classes and need something quick but exciting (rather than straight hair) this is my current go to style! 

And of course I can't end the post without sharing my new favorite nail polish color! With fall just around the corner I was all for finding a nice maroon polish and when I was shopping at the mall this past weekend with my sister we found this perfect maroon color (and of course my sister loved it because she is an Aggie fan!). It is an L.A. Colors gel nail polish. I have always been a fan of this brand but when I saw they had gel nail polish I was even more excited. I have started using gel nail polishes now because they will last at least 3-4 days for me (for some reason I am hard on my nails) which is an accomplishment none the less:) 

In closing I just have to say I can't wait for fall!!!!! It is my ALL TIME FAVORITE SEASON.......with cool breezes, rustling golden leaves, crisp mornings echoing the choruses of birds and the scent of the season passing through the air (you know what I mean). I have been dreaming of sweaters, wool skirts, and even planning on what new lipstick shades I need to get for the upcoming season. Transitioning into fall is definitely something to look forward to as a fashion lover and even as a blogger. I know many of you have already been talking about how you will be transitioning and it is always so fun to read those posts. 

Well, that is all for now lovely readers. I hope for those of you who are in school that your semester has been great so far!! Also, don't forget about Series II of Confessions of a Fashion Blogger that will be hitting the blog this fall. You can participate in this series by leaving questions for me and topic ideas!!! If you want to contribute to this series you can head on over to the announcement post Here.....or you can leave a comment on this post (just make sure to label it for the series). 
Until next week!

How has your semester been going this fall?

Have you ever bought two of the same thing?

Has your mind been swimming with ideas for your fall transition?