Swoon List: Vol. I

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I am back (not that I was gone that long)!!! I have definitely missed this blog and all of you dear readers:) To start things off from my almost two week break I thought I would do something a little different on the blog. Usually all of my posts consist of outfit posts, projects, or life happenings but considering the fact that I haven't had the change to do any photo shoots recently (I am having with drawls!!!!!) I decided to whip up this quick post on my recent "Swoon List." If any of you happen to follow Lauren over at Musings of a Flower Child this post is kind of like her Favorite Things posts (yes, I stole her idea...it's a good one) so thanks Lauren! 

Without further adieu lets dive in and swoon!

  • I recently discovered Hello Holiday through a fellow blogger and fell in love with this pin of theirs      (100% Me)! 
  • Have any of you seen the new line of Brit Stitch purses at Modcloth (what blogger hasn't!)? I have fallen in love with all of their styles but I especially LOVE this color.
  • Are these heels from Anthropologie not "To DIE For!!!" I mean.....heels+yellow=can I have a pair?
  • I am currently loving the dresses over at Miss Patina London. They are so unique and one of a kind. 
  • Can we just all stop to swoon over Kenna's dress here !! I love the geometric print of it and I totally agree that it does indeed look like a painting by Piet Mindrian. You can read the full post here
  • Okay.....can I just gush and swoon over that fact that Green Gables Fables is coming back in September with season 2!!! For those of you unfamiliar with GGF it is a modern adaption web series for Anne of Green Gables (I am kind of obsessed). 
  • A Royal Night Out anyone? Can't wait to see this movie when I get a chance but look at what princess Elizabeth and her sister wear......totally swoon worthy! 
Alright, well I think that is enough swooning for one post...hehe! 
So glad to be back from my blogging break and super excited for all the post ideas that will be hitting the blog the next couple of weeks:):)

Are you swooning over anything on my list?


  1. Delightfully fun post - I'm a major swooner in general, so this charming take of a link love type post is right up my alley. It will be a lot of fun to see what you continue to share with us in future editions.

    Have a fabulous Friday,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Ohhh, I love these kind of posts. AND YES I'M SOOO FREAKING LOOKING FORWARD TO A ROYAL NIGHT OUT. :)

  3. LOL, that image is so great ;) Also, A Royal Night out looks seriously awesome!! :D Here's to hoping it releases in the US soon!


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