Seaside Travel Traipsing

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sunglasses: Forever21; Necklace: Icings (borrowed from sister)

Ahoy and Aloha dear readers! (just a little bit of beachy lingo) I must say it seems like it has been far to long since I posted an actual outfit post (I think I get withdrawls if its to long?). Anyhow, today's post is all about this past weekends trip my family and I took to Galveston, which is the closest beach near us whose ocean is the Gulf of Mexico. While these trips typically consist of entire days spent at the beach. this particular trip was a little more low key. However, Saturday was the real fun as Me, my Mom, and my Sister headed downtown for a quick tour of the Bishops Mansion (an old stately home) and some shopping (its a beach tradition). 
Ever since I can remember going shopping downtown Galveston has always been a treat. From the old and beautiful buildings, unique shops, old fashioned ice cream parlors, fellow beach goers, the bay with ships, and the history of the town nothing is more exciting. While I will admit I am not much of a beach fan (as in getting in the water) I do so enjoy the atmosphere of the beach. Oh....and can I just have a beautiful beach house please!!!! Seriously though, the houses weather they are near the beach or downtown are simply stunning (totally gush worthy). And of course as a blogger you must always scope out perfect picture spots and boy was the sidewalk I found Peerrrfffeeeccccttttt!!!

Blouse: Minnie Muse; Shorts: Thrifted (vintage); Shoes: Salt Water Sandals (ModCloth)
The Mornings getting ready went down like this:
My Sister: "That is what you are wearing?"
Me: "YES"
Mom: "That shirt doesn't even match those shorts!"
Me: "Um, yes it does (in my mind)."
Mom: "Ok (there is no talking her out of this)."
Me: "Besides, I really want to wear this top and these shorts are the only ones that are high wasted enough and they are my favorite!!"
Mom: Just stares and nods
My Sister: Looks at me with her all to common face when I am finished getting dressed, which says 
"You are so weird! You know that don't you?"
Me: "I know....I am weird" (and smile mischievously)

There is peek into my life....hehe! Okay, but seriously I didn't care if the shirt matched the shorts or not. When you have two pieces that you are simply dying to wear you might as well wear them together! After all you are going shopping (an excuse to dress different) and you are at the beach on vacation (another reason to be creative and have fun). To top it off you MUST wear a hat! I have never been much into hats but I can tell you this summer I have turned over a new leaf in the area of wearing hats. I personally think the hat made this outfit...besides it helped me look like a traveler/tourist. 
Hat: Forever21
I have been looking for a pair of 1940's styled shades for the summer and finally found the perfect pair at Forever 21. Aren't they just fabulous!!! I can't wait to wear them with more 40's looks:)

Remember the "gush worthy" houses??? Do you??? This is one of the many stunningly perfect homes that I want to live in, or just look inside of. It is just simply magical and makes me want to have tea parties and drink tea in the garden from fine china and make lemonade and wear big hats. 

Zinias....LOVE them!!!

The Infamous LaKing's which is our seaside tradition! Let me just say that nothing beats the homemade old fashioned ice cream at this place! When you step through the doors you are transported back in time where the workers wear white shirts and cute old fashioned paper hats and serve you heavenly ice cream or make you a malt or box up homemade chocolates or throw freshly pulled taffy at you. This is the experience and the stop to make! LaKing's has been around forever and my family has made it a priority to stop and get ice cream ever since I can remember. 
I would have loved to take pictures of the inside, for that is where all the magic happens, we unfortunately went on a Saturday and the place was jam packed. Otherwise I would have taken a few snapshots at the old metal tables with wire backed chairs and shown you the old wood and marble interior. 

Me, my Sister, and my Brother's favorite ice cream flavor is their "Coffee Chip" (pictures above). It is HEAVEN on a spoon:) And would you believe it that the ice cream in the picture is 1 scoop!! Yes, they serve it right!
Pardon my blurry hands as my sister captures me eating my ice cream:)
When its Texas seaside heat your ice cream melts fast!

While the trip was shorter than most it didn't keep me from making memories, spending time with family, and enjoying all that I love aboutseaside travel traipsing. 
Do you like the seaside? 

What beach is near you?

What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?

Have you ever worn pieces that don't match? :)


  1. That looks like so much fun! Great post, I felt like I was right there with you:)
    Grace Anne

    1. Oh, so happy to hear the Grace Anne! I had so much fun writing this post:)

  2. Really fun summer outfit! I love (!) that beautiful outfit.

    We're about 4.5 hours away from the ocean, but are fortunate to have live in a town that's sandwiched between two large lakes (with many other lakes in the general area). As such, partnered with the sizzling warm weather here in the summer, our town has been a big tourist attraction for decades. It's almost like being on vacay in our town from June to early September. :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. SO fab Madison! I'm so glad you decided to just go with the prints! ;)

    the elder sister

  4. Oh, that town looks like the PERFECT seaside town to visit! All old-fashioned and cute (compared to the only beach I've been to on the Gulf of Mexico, Destin Beach, Florida). Your shorts, sunglasses and hat are positively adorable! And I love the black and white picture of you in front of the old house. So classic.


    the Middle Sister and Singer