Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dreaming of England and traveling there one day
Moving back to College for July(Below)
Reading The New Lady in Waiting (FABULOUS book!!!)
Watching Foyles War, BBC Robin Hood, and any other British TV series or movie
Drinking Coffee....lots of it & Tea at night:)
Creating elegant painted wall art
Sewing dresses from my large store of fabric
Wearing lots of dresses that I have made this summer & Lipstick
Writing my thoughts from devotions
Listening to 1950's retro music and "Cripple Me" by Elenowen
Loving Rimmel London Kate Lasting Lipstick 05 Rossetto 
Wishing I had a British accent 
Planning a bridal shower and new blog posts
Thinking about life and everything that is going on
Cutting my hair, just a few inches shorter :)
Curling my hair with sponge rollers
Painting my nails Red 620 "Roulette Rush" from Revlon Color Stay Gel EnvyTM
Writing bits and pieces for my book "A Girls Story"
Buying books most likely 
Throwing a 4th of July Party

What have you been up to Lately??


  1. What a charming slice of life post. I really dig this (post) format, dear gal and enjoyed reading what's been on your mind and filling your days lately.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh, thank you so much Jessica. I didn't know how a post like this would turn out but I am so glad you enjoyed it:)!

  2. Oh I love these kinds of posts Madison! It's such fun to get a peek into your life and all that you're up to.
    And can we just talk about how cute your dorm room is?!? You've given me room-spiration!

    1. Thank you Kianna! I think these post will have to be a monthly addition to the blog because I am quite loving it myself:) Thanks for the sweet comment on my room:) Totally a Pinterest dorm room.

  3. Fabulous post Madison!
    I'm loving these photos! Your room decor and phone case are to die for! Haha! :)

    of CS Blog

  4. Just wanted to say...WE ARE ROBIN HOOD!!!! Ahem. Sorry. I get a little carried away about that show, dontcha know. Anyway, fun post!:)

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