Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy Saturday to all of you lovely readers! I have an announcement (which you probably guessed). I have decided to start another blog!!! Yay!! What kind of blog do you ask? Well, if any of you read my post Be Different you might have guessed that I can be an overly passionate person on issues that we as young women and teen girls face in the world of today! On that note and the fact that God has REALLY been placing a number of these topics on my heart the last couple of weeks I thought "Why not create another blog?" So that is what I did (today actually) called Standout Girl

Now, I am not sure how frequently I will be posting but I hope to be able to post at least once a week over on Standout Girl be it a devotion, my thoughts, struggles I see around me, or just some good old fashioned girl talk and encouragement in staying strong in our faith and standing out in reckless abandonment! 

I hope you all will go and check it out! So far there is just a short introductory post, but I would love to hear back from you on what you would like to see me write about:) I can't wait to start on another adventure!!

P.S. For those who are wondering (and maybe freaking out a bit) I will still be blogging here on Minnie Muse!


  1. Headed over there right now!! :)
    Grace Anne

  2. What a wonderful venture Madison! I will have to check it out later today!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. So excited for you, Madison! I know how it feels to have thoughts and words pent up in your mind and heart, that you just don't feel have a place on a fashion blog ;) That's why I started up my photography blog, Charlotte's Summer, so that I can have a place to share my art and words from my heart. I can't wait to follow along with this new adventure of your's :)