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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

“Apparently, then, our lifelong nostalgia, our longing to be reunited with something in the universe from which we now feel cut off, to be on the inside of some door which we have always seen from the outside, is no mere neurotic fancy but the truest index of our real situation. And to be at last summoned inside would be both glory and honor beyond all our merits and also the healing of that  old ache.”
- C.S. Lewis The Weight of Glory

This weeks post over on STANDOUTgirl:
Have you ever felt as though you don’t belong in this world? Like.... wherever your turn you come face to face with people and things that seem strange to you and wonder why you don’t really fit into the things of this world? Maybe you even feel like nothing in this world, not even the wondrous and beautiful can truly quench the greater desire you have deep inside? You don't understand where this passion for greater things comes from and you are certainly baffled by the feeling of "not fitting". Maybe that's just it! Have you ever stopped to think that it could be true? That maybe you always feel like you don't fit in because that is how you were created! CRAZY right!!! You are not alone and trust me you don’t have these feelings simply because you feel inferior, no. There is a greater, more glorious reason for this strange happening:) God created us like this for a reason sooooooo AMAZING!......... Read More

//Beauty Parlor// 30's-40's Updo

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Maybe it's the summer or maybe it's me, but I have been obsessed with donning and creating new vintage hairstyles to wear. I used to do simple and easy things with my hair but now my outlook is "Go big or go home" (in a totally not proud way). I guess its just that hair is such an important part of a vintage ensemble? If you wear a perfectly vintage outfit but just wear your hair in a ponytail or straight, it takes away from the uniqueness of wearing vintage. Therefore, if you really want to feel like you stepped out of time than by all means throw your hair up into something fabulous!! 
Evidently you have already studied the header for this post and discovered that I have a new Blog Series that will be hitting the blog every once and awhile...YAY!!! This series is all about the "Beauty Parlor" so I will  focus on hair, maybe a little makeup, nails, and possibly a few facials here and there! I am sooo excited to share this series with you all, so without further ado lets get started.....

The backbone to every vintage hairstyle are the basic tools of course. Then there is the "Oh so important" hairspray! Now, I have had my fair share of going through different hairsprays so in  the above picture are my Top 3 picks in order of their abilities and performance. If you find a good hairspray that does what you want it to, your hairstyle is bound to hold and stay longer. Then of course you need bobby pins, a brush, and a teasing comb to get volume and hold. 
The hairstyle featured today is what I would assume to be a mid 30's to early 40's updo. I tend to think of the 30's when I see this hairstyle, however I have also seen it used in the 40's. Interestingly, this hairstyle was the result of a failed attempt to pin curl my hair (lets just say I need practice). Nonetheless, the slightly curly hair did not go to waste as I decided to try re-pin curling it on top of my head! I started with putting my hair in a high pony tail and left my long curly bangs out in front. Then I re-pin curled my hair around my pony tail as well as my bangs on the very top of my head. I was thoroughly surprised with the results:) I added a flower to the style and headed off to work, mind you I felt like I had truly stepped out of a different time (that is what a good hairstyle will do for you). 


Will I attempt this hairstyle again? Most definitely, but only if my hair is curly. It definitely took more time than other styles but the results were worth it. If I wanted to, I could have even left it in till the next day and then taken it down to have curls? I do however need to work on my fly away's, but I think I can fix those by using setting lotion. 
I hope you lovely readers enjoyed this Beauty Parlor post and wish to see more like them! 
Cheerio until next week!!!

Have you ever attempted a hairstyle similar to this?

How do you manage fly away's and frizz?

Do you want to see more Beauty Parlor posts?

Summer Reading

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shoes: Old Navy; Socks: Target
Happy Thursday to everyone out there...not that Thursday is anything special but it is my, scheduled blog post day, so maybe it is special for me :)
Okay, so it is summer right? And well, with no school it is the perfect time to become a bookworm and eat up all of those books that have been on your list for awhile! Or maybe you just ordered some new reads and they arrived in the mail (like me)!!! I discovered a site awhile back called Thriftbooks and well, lets just say I might have gone a little wild and now be running out of shelves for all of my books. I never used to like reading much growing up, unless of course it was something I "Wanted" to read. However, over the years I have fallen in love with books and eat them up!! Weather it is classics like Jane Austen, old time setting adventures/chick flicks, or just those good ole "make your life better" books (which I have a lot of), I LOVE books. Thus, when summer roles around I roll out the books and start my reading. 
These three books I am featuring today are just a few of the many books I have found at Thriftbooks and can't wait to read. I have for some reason always been a girl who was ever so slightly obsessed with I guess you would call them "relationship books?" Not, that they are necessarily totally about relationships as much as they are about guarding your heart, rethinking dating, courting, falling in love with God, letting God write your love story, "preparing to be a help meet" and so on and so forth.....I just really love books on these topics! I guess it is because our world is so messed up when it comes to these areas of our lives and I have always wanted to do things "right" per say and also understand the struggles that teens and young adults of today face. Therefore, here are three books I can't wait to read!!

When God Writes Your Love Story
Eric and Leslie Ludy

I was intrigued by the title of this book more than anything, but Leslie Ludy is also the founder of Setapartgirl. and also s well known speaker/author. I just started this book and already love it. It is unique because it is written from both perspectives of a Guy and Girl and goes through the process of their relationship and eventual marriage. The book focuses on the central topic of finding a love worth waiting for which is such an encouraging reminder!

Not Even a Hint
Joshua Harris

If you have never heard of Joshua Harris stop what you are doing right now and go buy his books!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Joshua Harris is one of my all time favorite authors!!! He is most known for his book 
I Kissed Dating Goodbye which is an utterly phenomenal read (one of my favorite books) and he also has a sequel called Boy Meets Girl which is just as amazing. His two younger twin brothers are actually the authors of the famous book Do Hard Things (which you are probably familiar with) so evidently writing AMAZING books runs in the family:) I am super excited about this book because it focuses on guarding your heart against lust. Now, I realize that this is not always an issue for everyone, but having knowledge on the subject and realizing how others might fall is so beneficial in life in order to understand what our world struggles with and what is quickly taking over our society and minds! Definitely can't wait to dive into this one:)

Emotional Purity
Heather Arnel Paulsen

Our emotions are one of the hardest things to keep in check when in a relationship or when we like someone. Thus learning how to guard our hearts and emotions in purity will greatly benefit us in the long run so that when the time does come we are not bombarded with emotions we cannot control but rather know how to handle them with friends and in actual relationships. I really am excited to read this book also (I am just excited to read them all)! "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life"- Proverbs 4:23.

Scarf: Vintage; Glasses: Wallmart; Earings: Target; Shirt: Thrifted (JCrew)

So....... now I am curious.......

Have you heard of any of these authors before?

Have you already read one or more of these titles?

Do you like reading books on these subjects?

What are some of your summer readings?

Happy reading to you book worms:)

//Sunday Best// Stitches in the 40's

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Monday dear readers! Today I bring you a "Sunday Best" post from none other than yesterday:) When you make a new 1940's Retro dress from Simplicity 1587 you must wear it to church! And if you make a 1940's dress you might as well make a straw tilt hat to complete the outfit. And if you make a hat to go with the new dress you have to take pictures downtown wearing everything. And after you are done taking pictures in your 1940's ensemble maybe you should stop and fill up your car and while you are at it you might as well take the opportunity to go into the gas station dressed like someone who stepped out of WWII as everyone stares at the strange girl who might have come from a time machine! And when it is all said and done, you have already worn the hat into a gas station so you might as well keep the whole ensemble together and wear it as you traipse through the mall standing out like a total old fashioned girl in a swarm of modern shoppers:)
That basically sums up my Sunday happenings! And might I say they were happenings to always remember. It was so much fun going into Forever 21 dressed in a total 1940's ensemble and see people stare at me and tell me that I look like I came from "back then."  Then when I am standing in line at Bath and Body Works a lady asked  me if I was in a production and that was why I was dressed as such:) However, I explain (to her disbelief) that I normally dress this way! Sometimes you have to embrace being your own person and confidently be different than everyone else. Because the truth is, people need to see a little old fashioned every once in awhile:)

This was my first dress that actually looks 100% like a 1940's dress and I am sooooo "in love" with it! I will definitely be making more dresses of this style in the future. However, like I said all 1940's dressed must have hats so I decided to make a small tilt hat from a straw doll hat I picked up from Hobby Lobby. It turned out quite well and I must say I am really loving the look of a small hat with a sun dress. 

Hat: Made by Me; Earings: Forever 21; Necklace: Pearls (Christmas Present)
I love the bow on the front of the dress!!!
The sleeves are my favorite part of the dress! This was the first time I made sleeves like this and they honestly make the dress. 
Purse: Vintage (antique store)
Shoes: Neutralizers (Thrifted)

Most of you readers know about my sister Taylor (middle girl) but here are my two other sisters (Maryellen & Elizabeth)! Okay, they are not really my sisters but when they are you and your sisters best friends and they live 3 minutes from your house you just say they are your sisters:)

I hope the start of your week goes splendidly! Make sure to check back on Thursday for my standard weekly post. Until then!

Have you every made Simplicity 1587?

Have you ever made a small straw hat or bought one to complete and ensemble? 

Summer Hats & Lemon Trees

Thursday, June 11, 2015

It has been way to long since I have seen all of your lovely faces!! Well, not literally, but when I think of you seeing my pictures it is like I am seeing your face...weird I know, but seriously it has been a couple of weeks since a proper post was published, so to make up for the lost time here is a little something to help you cool off in the summer and shade your face from the sun. 

Tuesday was the day I had planned to take pictures for a post. Since I worked that day I had to take the pictures when I arrived back home, therefore all day I was planning on what I would add to my outfit and where I would take the pictures. Well, I decided on wearing a hat (which I never wear). It turned out to work quite nicely with my ensemble and I almost felt like an accomplished English Lady moseying about in her orchard :) 
You all might remember this dress as my Easter dress? Back then I promised to have a real post featuring the dress and I finally have one (yay)! This dress was my first eShakti dress and is definitely one of my favorites, not only because of the flattering style, but also because of the light airy fabric and light spring colors. I actually had to take the dress bodice in after I received it because I had ordered it a bit to large, but everything worked out and I felt ready to attend an afternoon tea party (speaking of which I should really host one!)

What better way to cool off in the summer heat than with a large glass of lemonade because nothing says summer quite like a lemon tree! A huge bushy lemon tree with hundreds of green baby lemons just waiting to ripen into giant plump yellow lemons. However, in the mean time you can cool off with a glass of tart lemonade made from frozen lemon juice harvested from last years crop (at least that is what we do at home). 

Left: Ripe Lemon     Right: Baby Lemon
Necklace: Icing's (borrowed from sister)
Shoes: Payless...American Eagle Wedges (old)

Well, I am off to make myself a cup of tea and wish I were in England. 
Cheerio dear readers until next time!

Do you like summer hats?

Are you a fan of lemonade?

Does your family have any fruit trees?


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy Saturday to all of you lovely readers! I have an announcement (which you probably guessed). I have decided to start another blog!!! Yay!! What kind of blog do you ask? Well, if any of you read my post Be Different you might have guessed that I can be an overly passionate person on issues that we as young women and teen girls face in the world of today! On that note and the fact that God has REALLY been placing a number of these topics on my heart the last couple of weeks I thought "Why not create another blog?" So that is what I did (today actually) called Standout Girl

Now, I am not sure how frequently I will be posting but I hope to be able to post at least once a week over on Standout Girl be it a devotion, my thoughts, struggles I see around me, or just some good old fashioned girl talk and encouragement in staying strong in our faith and standing out in reckless abandonment! 

I hope you all will go and check it out! So far there is just a short introductory post, but I would love to hear back from you on what you would like to see me write about:) I can't wait to start on another adventure!!

P.S. For those who are wondering (and maybe freaking out a bit) I will still be blogging here on Minnie Muse!