//Summer Happenings// Inks Lake Camping

Friday, May 29, 2015

Can you tell it is summer and I am on no schedule at all (hence the post on Friday and not Thursday). However, there is a slight excuse for my falling off schedule this week due to the recent camping trip I took with my mom, sister, sisters dog Toby, and brother this past week (we just got home yesterday). And while I had already planned to do a project/outfit post of what I wore last Saturday to my friends graduations I decided to postpone that post till early next week (yay...an early post!) in exchange for a post more on the "natural" side of things and share one of our families summer traditions:) 
Every summer our family goes camping at least two times and one of the two times is usually to the beach (next weekends plans). However, this past week we went to our most favorite summer camping place Inks Lake State Park! We were there from Monday-Thursday. Unfortunately, due to my dad being a teacher at a public school he was not able to join us and was greatly missed:( Nevertheless, our camping trip was filled with lots of laughs, glories of God's magnificent masterpiece, summer sunshine, chilly water, kayak trekking, fishing, reading, hiking, swimming/wading, picture taking, game playing, s'more making, and oh so much more!!
So here are the tales told in pictures and some words of our camping trip to Inks. Be ready to see the outdoors, natural, and totally casual version of me which consists of tshirts, sport shorts, tank tops, hiking sandals, no makeup, pale legs, and french braids:) hehe.....

The Infamous "Devils Water Hole" in which crazy people jump of the top bolder a height of 37.5 ft. into the water. I however have only ever jump off the ledge just below the bolder.

A View of the cove just before "Devils Water Hole"
The View from our hike up the mountain in which you get a perfect view of Inks Lake.

While I quite enjoy camping, exploring, hiking, kayaking and spending time in the great outdoors basking in Gods glorious masterpiece of creation, I am also a fan of camping for the perfect quiet times in the morning by the water relishing the messages and love of God. Oh, and all of the great reading spots and time for reading (I finished two books on our trip).
This time we were at Inks the masterpiece of nature was painted full of bright and bold colors, fragrant blossoms, and buzzing bees. There were so many different types of flowers everywhere I turned I don't think I even captures every one that I came upon, but aren't they simply breathtaking!!!

However, before I leave I must say that every camping trip is not only an adventure for we never know what lies around the bend, on the other side of the mountain, or at the end of the trail, but camping is a time full of much laughter for our family. Jokes are constantly made, blond moments are forever embedded in our file of memories, and new friends or might I add "new persona's" are met with. On that note I will embellish to say that not only was my brother on the trip with us but "Steve" the Australian Naturalist and Tour Guide also made an appearance most every day in various activities and kept us in stitches constantly:) LOL What would I do without a brother?

Swimming by the waterfall which was actually running for the first time ever since we have been going camping at Inks!!
You readers usually don't see this on the blog (due to makeup) but I have an abundance of freckles which when out in the sun become more abundant :)

Well that is all for now dear readers! Hope you enjoyed this summer happenings post:) Be looking for a project post coming early next week. 

Do you have special summer plans/traditions?

Does your family go camping?

What is your favorite place to camp?


  1. Oh! My family and I used to go camping all the time when we willed on the west coast, but unfortunately the camping spots worth our while in Ohio are few and very far between :( This post was so fun, and I appreciate you giving us a little taste into your camping trip! Those flowers are simply stunning, and I love the picture featuring the gorgeous blue & orange/yellow blooms!


    1. Oh to bad about the camping spots far away:( I really had fun writing this post and sharing our trip. I have to agree with you that those flowers together are so very pretty!

  2. Yay, it looks like you had a fun time! I like your shots of the beautiful flora. And Toby is cute - he looks so much like my doxie Copper!
    Well, every summer for several years now my family has gone to a lake that is not quite 3 hours from our home. We have gone camping there and in more recent years have made a tradition of staying in the guest house of some friends who live in a little town by the lake. :)

    1. Thanks Paige! The flowers were so pretty this year!! I will have to tell my sister what you said about Toby :) Your family lake trips sound wonderful...I hope you have a great summer!

  3. This is looks like SO much fun! I live up north, so our version of camping isn't quite as fun as yours seems to be. These are WONDERFUL pictures, it makes me want to go there!

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