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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well dear readers, it is Thursday and I am throwing back to the days long ago (well, not that long). I mentioned before that I would share more pictures of my grandmother and today is the day!
For those of you who did not see my first post, Face Behind The Muse, today you get the priveledge of meeting my Granny Minnie, a wonderful woman with a fabulous since of style (and who was also the inspiration for my blog).

I am not sure about you lovely ladies, but I LOVE old photos!! Either old photos of family members or simply random pictures I find in a quaint shop downtown:) Pictures freeze time for future generations to later experience and reminisce about, and they inspire us to delve deeper into the history behind the black and white silhouettes. 
It seems as I have gotten older that rummaging through old pictures at my Dad's house where he grew up has been a constant activity of mine. That and listening to all of the exciting, comical, and adventurous stories told by my 95 year old Paw Paw (who you might just get to meet today?)! Whenever I was a girl, I did not appreciate the old pictures and the stories, but now, it is like a part of me and thus I relish the moments. 

This past trek to Thorndal (my dad's home town) I was rummaging through old photos as always and came across all of these lovely shots that I am sharing today:) The first two photos above were of my Granny Minnie in her early 20's I would assume. I absolutely love the first picture of her sitting in a garden, and Oh, her snow suit (and the snow) is great in the second photo:) The picture right above was taken in 1952 on the porch of what looks to be the farm house my Paw Paw grew up in and is such a perfect candid shot.

As per the date on the top of this picture, it was taken in 1957. My Granny Minnie is holding one of my Uncles. Can we just take a moment to admire her white dress and matching hat! Oh, and leas we forget about the wonderful  car in the background, which just happens to be my dream car (hehe):)
This picture might be an older one, considering that she is holding the hand of my Uncle Jerry who was the youngest of her five children. However, I loved how authentic this picture looked and I also love what she was wearing (this picture was probably taken in the 40's) :)
And now for one of the best pictures of the post.....this fabulous portrait taken on the day she married my Paw Paw! She looks so stunning and elegant, especially on such an important day. This photograph definitely captures the essence of her style, but also the wonderful fashion of the decade.
As I come to a close on this post today, I couldn't help sharing a few more photos, the two above being of particular importance or interest because here my Granny Minnie is pictures with my dad...Yes, my dad. Wasn't he the cutest little boy ever! 
Last but not least, the newest introduction you lovelies might have been anticipating....I now have the privilege of introducing you to my Paw Paw, a lifelong farmer and man of full Scottish blood, Sydney McQuary (but everyone calls him Sid)

I know I could have picked a better picture of my Paw Paw to introduce you all to, but this is one that I found and loved because of the stories it can tell. However, while I would love to tell you all the army adventures of a man who was a commander on a half track in WWII, the day and post are not long enough, so for now I must content myself with the fact that you all have now been introduced to my Paw Paw :)

I hope the day finds you cheered by the sunshine, but whatever the case may be, I hope you dear readers enjoyed getting a little taste of my inspiration and a introduction to my family history. 
Until Next Time!

What picture of my Granny Minnie is your favorite?

Do you have any old pictures you LOVE?

What do you love about old pictures?


  1. How wonderful to still have your grandpa around to tell you stories! My grandpa also fought in WWII, and my favorite photos are those he took while in Europe, North Africa, and later Korea. He died before I was born, but my aunt has retold me some of the few stories he told her. I love family history and I wish I could have asked more about it before my grandmother passed away.

    1. That is so great that your grandpa fought in WWII also! Family history is amazing and now I actually appreciate it that I am older:)
      - Madison

  2. These are excellent pictures!! I love seeing all the clothes and that car is pretty amazing too! what make/model is it exactly? I think my favorite picture that you posted of your granny is the wedding day portrait! She is so beautiful and the dress is so stunning! Thanks for sharing these memories!

    1. Thank you Jill! I am actually not sure what make of car it is(I am horrible with car facts)? My brother could probably tell me what make, but I usually just call those cars "poodle skirt" cars because they were the cars everyone had in the 50's:)
      - Madison

  3. Oh I envy your Grandma's striped dress that she is wearing in the first photo. That looks like such a nice summer dress. And your Paw-Paw is a full-blooded Scot??? Lucky! And you must tell more stories about him and Minnie. You must! ;)


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Oh, thank you so much Brigid! Yes, I do love her dress to!!:) My paw paw is full Scottish descent. My family heritage on my dads side is scottish, and it is so neat because we have our own tartan and crest:):)
      I would definitely love to share more stories about my grandparents!!

  4. omg i love old photos! its amazing how far technology has gone! :) Love your blog!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me? The Chic Cupcake

  5. This is such a heartwarming, fantastic post and ode to your immensely stylish grandma. Like yourself, I've long found real world photos to be wildly helpful and inspiring on the vintage fashion front, in fact they're my all-time favourite source on that front, as I feel that I can relate to them significantly more than those of celebrities or even many looks in magazines of the day, which were often very stylized and not necessarily what the average lady was sporting in her daily life.

    Wishing you a beautiful week,
    ♥ Jessica