//Throw Back Thursday// Face Behind The Muse

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well dear readers, it is Thursday and I am throwing back to the days long ago (well, not that long). I mentioned before that I would share more pictures of my grandmother and today is the day!
For those of you who did not see my first post, Face Behind The Muse, today you get the priveledge of meeting my Granny Minnie, a wonderful woman with a fabulous since of style (and who was also the inspiration for my blog).

I am not sure about you lovely ladies, but I LOVE old photos!! Either old photos of family members or simply random pictures I find in a quaint shop downtown:) Pictures freeze time for future generations to later experience and reminisce about, and they inspire us to delve deeper into the history behind the black and white silhouettes. 
It seems as I have gotten older that rummaging through old pictures at my Dad's house where he grew up has been a constant activity of mine. That and listening to all of the exciting, comical, and adventurous stories told by my 95 year old Paw Paw (who you might just get to meet today?)! Whenever I was a girl, I did not appreciate the old pictures and the stories, but now, it is like a part of me and thus I relish the moments. 

This past trek to Thorndal (my dad's home town) I was rummaging through old photos as always and came across all of these lovely shots that I am sharing today:) The first two photos above were of my Granny Minnie in her early 20's I would assume. I absolutely love the first picture of her sitting in a garden, and Oh, her snow suit (and the snow) is great in the second photo:) The picture right above was taken in 1952 on the porch of what looks to be the farm house my Paw Paw grew up in and is such a perfect candid shot.

As per the date on the top of this picture, it was taken in 1957. My Granny Minnie is holding one of my Uncles. Can we just take a moment to admire her white dress and matching hat! Oh, and leas we forget about the wonderful  car in the background, which just happens to be my dream car (hehe):)
This picture might be an older one, considering that she is holding the hand of my Uncle Jerry who was the youngest of her five children. However, I loved how authentic this picture looked and I also love what she was wearing (this picture was probably taken in the 40's) :)
And now for one of the best pictures of the post.....this fabulous portrait taken on the day she married my Paw Paw! She looks so stunning and elegant, especially on such an important day. This photograph definitely captures the essence of her style, but also the wonderful fashion of the decade.
As I come to a close on this post today, I couldn't help sharing a few more photos, the two above being of particular importance or interest because here my Granny Minnie is pictures with my dad...Yes, my dad. Wasn't he the cutest little boy ever! 
Last but not least, the newest introduction you lovelies might have been anticipating....I now have the privilege of introducing you to my Paw Paw, a lifelong farmer and man of full Scottish blood, Sydney McQuary (but everyone calls him Sid)

I know I could have picked a better picture of my Paw Paw to introduce you all to, but this is one that I found and loved because of the stories it can tell. However, while I would love to tell you all the army adventures of a man who was a commander on a half track in WWII, the day and post are not long enough, so for now I must content myself with the fact that you all have now been introduced to my Paw Paw :)

I hope the day finds you cheered by the sunshine, but whatever the case may be, I hope you dear readers enjoyed getting a little taste of my inspiration and a introduction to my family history. 
Until Next Time!

What picture of my Granny Minnie is your favorite?

Do you have any old pictures you LOVE?

What do you love about old pictures?

//Modest Fashion Weekly Blogroll// 3-22-15

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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The sun has made an appearance and the flowers are starting to bloom. Goodbye icy cold weather and Hello Spring Perfume! If you find yourself completely without anything to do, check out the latest blogs off of the Modest Fashion Weekly Blog Roll and get some inspiration for you spring wardrobe:

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A Musing Skirt

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dear readers, boy am I happy to be sharing this post with you all today! However, I will not reveal to you all the reasoning for this just yet :)
This week the weather has ceased to be nippy and I feel as though the attitude, atmosphere, and ambiance of campus has somehow changed simply because the weather has chosen to smile upon us. While it might have been rainy yesterday morning, the day proved to be quite sunny and inspire the need for photos, reading books, and taking pictures of natures marvels. 

If you cannot tell, this is my current read, and after skimming the first line upon starting this book, I fell in love...with everything about it, from the writing style, to the characters and words. This is definitely a highly recommended book from my perspective, as is the movie based on this book (which is fabulous in itself). 

As I mentioned above, since the weather has been splendid, it has brought out all of the wonderful beauties of nature:) These rain lilies have been a favorite flower of mine since my days of dressing up and picking these beauties to grace the play house table for tea time. I absolutely adore the aromatic aroma they give upon a quick sniff :) and an interesting side note is that you can actually eat their bulb's because they are like miniature onions. 

I am not quite sure what type of tree this is, but it smelled heavenly, and the buzzzz bees thought so too!

Oh, and let us not forget about the graceful dandelion whose feathery seeds inspire withing us the need to close our eyes and blow our wished into the wind, taking them away to far off places!

Okay, for the big reveal (it is really not that big)....have you guessed the reason for today's blog post? Well, lovely readers, for those of you who had the chance to watch my Q&A video, I answered a question as to which Minnie's Menagerie item was my favorite! However, as you all now know, Minnie's Menagerie is what I title all of the pieces I have collected from my grandmother. Thus, in the video I mentioned a wonderful multi colored striped full 50's skirt....and finally today it has been given the opportunity of gracing the pages of the blog!! Hurray!!!
Skirt: Vintage (Minnie's Menagerie); Top: Thrifted; Sweater: Old Navy; Shoes: Sperry's; Socks: Forever21
What do you think? Isn't it just splendid!!! I absolutely love this skirt and for some reason it always urges me to mix and match patterns and prints. Therefore, most often when I wear this skirt I pair it with a checkered button up shirt. For this ensemble I paired it with a fun red and white checkered button up sleeveless shirt. Funny thing, I actually wore this outfit to work last Friday over spring Break and I was blown away by the number of complements I received, many of them being that they loved the mixing and matching of prints, and as always that was fun to hear and smile about :)

I was so happy that the day proved to be so lovely, I only wish I had the time to actually enjoy it longer than sneaking away for a quick photo shoot before my last class of the day.Quite honestly I was surprised at how quickly the weather heated up, but then again, why should I be surprised, I live in Texas for goodness sake!!! However, despite the looming elevated temperatures coming our way, I am sure the rest of this week I will find the time to escape outdoors and bask in the glorious sunlight while doing homework, finishing my book, or maybe even do a little writing, who knows:)

Sunglasses: FiveBelow

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu.....until next time:)

What do you think of my Grandmothers skirt?

How is the weather where you are?

Have you ever read "The Book Thief"?

//Spring Break// 1947

Friday, March 13, 2015

Well.....here it is....a week off of school or for me at least this week is my spring break! In honor of a week off of school and the fabulous years of the 40's-50's here is a post (mainly pictures) of how those young people back in the day spent their spring break.

Have you realized how degraded spring break has become in today's world??? It is so sad to see that people have a negative mindset when it comes to how people spend their spring break. Now being at college I have realized even more the changes in our society. These views of how young people spend their breaks are plastered over magazines and in the plots of Hollywood movies; encouraging and accepting this behavior. It was so crazy to see just how real this lifestyle is when you are at college and see posters all over campus encouraging students to be safe and make good decisions. It is even worse when you hear people mentioning how they will be spending their break. 

Back in the day however, it was a different story!! Spring break back in 1947 was spent by young people at the beach....soaking up the sun, boat racing, dancing to the latest hits, and hosting beauty pageants. When the sun set things were just as special....with glowing, crackling bonfires and portable radios cranking out tunes of the day. 
Spring break was something to remember!

All photos are from an article I ran across here on Time.com in LIFE.

//Q&A// With Madison

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Here it is....my first Q&A video. Before you begin watching, I do apologize for the bad lighting (in my opinion at least). This was definitely a learning experience and it did not help that the lighting in our house isn't the best for filming or that the weather was particularly bad. 
I have definitely learned a lot from filming this video, but firsts are always a learning experience in themselves. I now know that I use the word "like" to much while talking and now that I pointed it out it might drive you crazy also (sooo sorry)! Nonetheless, I did have a lot of fun making this video for all of you lovely readers and I hope you enjoy it:)
I contemplated breaking the video into two parts since it ended up being pretty long, but then I decided to leave it long.....it's spring break after all (for me at least) so if you have nothing else to do at the moment take the time to relax. Grab your favorite drink, find a comfy place to curl up and get to know me a little better:)

//Modest Fashion//Blogroll 3-1-15

Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Are you looking for something to do while it is blistering cold outside? Well, I might have the perfect suggestion....grab a hot drink, put on some comfy clothes and get ready for some great readings from the newest Blogroll from the Modest Fashion Network!! 
Winter seems to be dragging on, but let’s not forget that it’s just about a month before spring is officially here! Our hibernation while cooped up inside our houses just makes us even more creative, trying to find ways to best spend our times wisely before we spend it all day at a park come spring… from brushing up on our sewing to learning more about God’s word.
Here are the favorite five posts the last two weeks:
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//Life as I Live It// Be Different

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Well dear readers, It has been a little to long for my taste since I have been able to write a real post, so here is a little something "different" for you today. I have decided to start a series of posts titled "Life as I Live It," and will focus on a variety of topics.
I thought I would take the time and write something other than an outfit post :) These pictures are back from my graduation shoot but I guess I chose to share them today because they show the side of me that likes to be different. Now, that might sound strange and you are probably be wondering "How on earth do these pictures show how you are different?" Well, lets just say it has to do with this dress...partially at least....:)

Dress: Vintage (A Blast From The Past)
How does this dress tie into my post today? Well, first of all, this dress was a unique find at a fabulous store called "A Blast From The Past." Now, when I was perusing there store I was not looking for anything in particular but when I found this dress I fell in love....and right away I knew where I would wear it. I wore it to our Prom that year, so you can guess how this dress fits in with my post today:) Was anyone else there wearing a dress like me, um, no!!! I was definitely different but that is always what I go for!! 
I have been to my fair share of homeschool homecomings and prom over the years and each time I seized the opportunity to wear something completely old fashioned and different. Why? Because I have always been different, in more ways than one. Yes, as Christians we are called to be different and stand out, but sometimes we can start to blend in more than we ought. Thus, when given the opportunity to stand out and be noticed for my differences I am always a fan!

Homecomming 2012
Dress: Vintage

This brings me to the part of my post were I will talk about one of my convictions or views on a certain topic or area of my life. Therefore, here is a peak today into my views on the subject of being different through modesty.
First of all, I must say that my standards of modesty are probably different than some of you, but that is not to say that I do not hold modesty as a high standard (my mom actually just did a modesty talk for a group on Tuesday). I have always worn clothes that were appropriate and approved by my parents, while always dressing by my own personal convictions as well. 

There are definitely a wide range of modesty standards that I am sure all of you can attest to living by and each of us lives by different views, but as a whole we do it for a reason. The world has so degraded the way that it tells us to dress and sometimes people dress that way because they honesty do not know any better. However, modesty isn't necessarily dressing to cover ourselves, but more so to guard the eyes and hearts of guys that are around us. We do not want guys to be tempted when they see us because we know that every person we come into contact with is the future spouse of someone else. Thus, we should be dressing for our future husbands and to guard the hearts of others future husbands.

"Modesty isn't about the dress code, it is an attitude of the Heart."

Being modest in a modern world is being different! Realize that you will be noticed as someone who goes against the "status quo." You might sometimes be questioned, made fun of, or laughed at, but it is our calling from our Heavenly Father to clothe ourselves with modest of the heart and body. 
People think that if they dress the way the world tells them too that they will be noticed, but have you ever stopped to think that dressing against what the world says will make you noticed? Not noticed in a bad way, but noticed for being different, going against the flow and standing out!! When you are different people will notice you for the reasons you are different and because of this we have a greater impact on those around us!

Take the stand and BE DIFFERENT!!!


Don't forget about my Q&A video coming next week, so leave a comment with questions you would like me to answer!!