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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Plans never go according to plan!!! 
Well dear readers, I was "planning" on posting an outfit post yesterday featuring two of my latest creations, which I have been dyyyyyiiiiiinggggg to share with you all, but alas, plans never go according to plan (as I have so found out). Nonetheless, you are not to despair for there will be a post, though not what I had originally intended or what I would prefer, but I think you might enjoy this tidbit from me and quite possibly find it useful!

First off, if you have never used or heard of Polyvore then you have to go and check it out!! Apart from allowing you to be super creative when creating sets, it is a helpful resource to making outfit inspiration or specific sets to help illustrate something on your blog:) 

Since I was not able to write the post I had originally intended I thought i would share with you all a few things that I find helpful when creating a vintage ensemble, plus they are great items for any one's wardrobe in general. Today I will be talking a little bit about my Major Fashion Staples!
Let's Get Started!!

While I would have to say that there are definitely more pieces, than what I have above, that I would consider staples in my wardrobe, I definitely always go back to these pieces on a regular basis!

Simple and Versatile Earrings- While I put a charming gold pair of studs in my set, and while I do love these particular earrings, most often I usually wear a simple pair of over sized pearl studs or a cute pair of gold and pearl flower earrings. 

Salt Water Sandals- I know most of you are already fans of these fabulous shoes, as am I, so you know full well that they are a perfect staple to a spring or summer wardrobe. Salt Water sandals come in a variety of colors to match every ensemble, but I find the tan sandals match nearly everything:)

A Solid Color Skirt - Everyone should own at least one solid color skirt that can be rotated around with different blouses. I put an army green skirt in my set because that is my favorite solid colored skirt. Don't ask me why I like that color, but it somehow manages to be just what I need at times, plus I can't help loving that my skirt has buttons all down the front. 

A Cream Cardigan/Sweater- I have always found that a cream sweater somehow goes with everything and cream to me seems most old fashioned. A cream sweater is definitely a major fashion staple.

A leather Watch- Accessories can make or break a vintage inspired ensemble. I have always found that a leather watch seems to give off a vintage air about it. Thus I have a black leather watch and a brown leather watch. You can usually find these watches nearly anywhere for a reasonable price. 

Leather Satchel- I have always loved this satchel from ModCloth. While I don't personally own this fabulous bag from ModCloth, I have two  tan satchels that I constantly use and definitely consider it a major staple to my wardrobe.

Ked's- I LOVE my navy Ked's!! Yes, blue might not usually be seen to go with many ensembles, blue Ked's always seem to match. Ked's are a classic and you can wear them with a dress or with pants. 

Pearl Necklace- What can I say, pearls have been a favorite piece for ages, and is such in every wardrobe. 

Cat Eyes Sunglasses- Worn in the 40's, worn in the 50's, worn by all of the famous vintage icons, Cat Eye glasses are a must have for every vintage wardrobe. Found in every color and size, Cat Eye sunglasses are a perfect accessory on a sunny day!

Stripped Shirt- Weather you want to go with a blue and white stripped shirt for an Audrey style or choose a red and white stripped shirt for a sailor look, stripped shirts are a simple piece that can be dressed up or down. My personal favorites in my wardrobe are my pin stripped red and white cotton shirt and a unique mustard and cream stripped quarter sleeve shirt:)

Well lovelies, I hope you found this post intriguing if not helpful! I know each of us has pieces that we constantly fall back on when we are low on imagination or need a simple staple as an addition for the days outfit. Every wardrobe consists of it's staple pieces, and every one has different opinions on what pieces are staples for their personal wardrobe.

Are any of these pieces your Major Staples?

What other pieces do you consider a staple?

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  1. You are right on with vintage-inspired staples! I can agree 100% with every last piece :D


  2. Oh! Salt-Water Sandals are the BEST! I bought a pair last summer, and practically wore them non-stop the entire time! One thing I have yet to have in my wardrobe is a good pair of nice tennis shoes. I may have to take a look at those Keds... :)

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Keds are Awesome!!! They are super comfortable, and come in any color or print!!!

  3. I LOVE Salt Water sandals! :D I've never used Polyvore before! I'll have to check that out. :D

    ~Michelle ^_^
    Delightful Handwork

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