The Face Behind The Muse

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

You dear readers will have to forgive me for not posting any of my latest ensembles, but life has been busy. Since I do not have any pictures of my latest ensembles I thought I would take the time to formally introduce you all to my Granny Minnie. I wish I had more than these two pictures of her to show, so next time I am back in Thorndale I will have to snag the other amazing picture of her:) 

As you lovely readers know, my Granny Minnie was the inspiration for my blog as well as the namesake for Minnie Muse. My grandmother passed away about eight years ago and unfortunately it wasn't until a few years after she passed away that I discovered her amazing since of style and treasure trove of vintage pieces, thus began my love of all things vintage!! 

I also have to take a moment and talk about the picture at the top of this post because it is one of my favorites captured of her. This picture is quite a candid and random shot and quite honestly we do not even know who took it, but somehow it came into our possession and I LOVE it (I have it hanging on my bedroom wall as daily inspiration). I believe this was taken when my grandmother was in business school (probably in the 1940's), so evidently she was in some bustling city and I suppose she knew the gentleman who was walking with her, but that is another mystery of this picture. I think for any of you readers, you all can understand why I love this picture so very much!! It is a picture you would not expect to see, much less capture so effortlessly, but to me it is perfect and holds a story and mystery that I will never know, but that says everything. 

I have always wanted to recreate the look she was wearing and also recreate this picture, so maybe one day you will see my adaption of this shot gracing the pages of the blog???? Who knows????

The picture above is the only other picture I have at home of my grandmother (she is the lady on the left) and I think I actually brought it home all for the sake of what she was wearing! My Granny Minnie always managed to look utterly fabulous in whatever she wore and definitely had a wonderful since of fashion. I absolutely LOVE what she is wearing in this picture because it is a perfect example of the typical casual and comfortable pants style of the 40's. I love to wear high waisted pants and go for that 1940's working woman look so this picture is definitely a treasure for me:)

I hope you lovely readers enjoyed this overview of the wonderful lady who was the face behind the muse of this blog, and enjoyed seeing just how she wore fashions of her day!! I hope you all are having a lovely 2015!!


  1. Oh my goodness Madison! That street shot of your Grandmother is so amazing! Her style certainly was impeccable. I do hope you'll be able to share more about her in the future.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Oh, thank you. I definitely hope to share much more of her!!!

  2. Oh my heavens!! This post is absolutely amazing :) That top one looks like it came straight off of pinterest, and that's your grandmother?! No wonder you're so gorgeous and photogenic... it must run in the family ;)


  3. Your grandma WAS a fashionista! How fantastic!