Wardrobe //Major Staples//

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Plans never go according to plan!!! 
Well dear readers, I was "planning" on posting an outfit post yesterday featuring two of my latest creations, which I have been dyyyyyiiiiiinggggg to share with you all, but alas, plans never go according to plan (as I have so found out). Nonetheless, you are not to despair for there will be a post, though not what I had originally intended or what I would prefer, but I think you might enjoy this tidbit from me and quite possibly find it useful!

First off, if you have never used or heard of Polyvore then you have to go and check it out!! Apart from allowing you to be super creative when creating sets, it is a helpful resource to making outfit inspiration or specific sets to help illustrate something on your blog:) 

Since I was not able to write the post I had originally intended I thought i would share with you all a few things that I find helpful when creating a vintage ensemble, plus they are great items for any one's wardrobe in general. Today I will be talking a little bit about my Major Fashion Staples!
Let's Get Started!!

While I would have to say that there are definitely more pieces, than what I have above, that I would consider staples in my wardrobe, I definitely always go back to these pieces on a regular basis!

Simple and Versatile Earrings- While I put a charming gold pair of studs in my set, and while I do love these particular earrings, most often I usually wear a simple pair of over sized pearl studs or a cute pair of gold and pearl flower earrings. 

Salt Water Sandals- I know most of you are already fans of these fabulous shoes, as am I, so you know full well that they are a perfect staple to a spring or summer wardrobe. Salt Water sandals come in a variety of colors to match every ensemble, but I find the tan sandals match nearly everything:)

A Solid Color Skirt - Everyone should own at least one solid color skirt that can be rotated around with different blouses. I put an army green skirt in my set because that is my favorite solid colored skirt. Don't ask me why I like that color, but it somehow manages to be just what I need at times, plus I can't help loving that my skirt has buttons all down the front. 

A Cream Cardigan/Sweater- I have always found that a cream sweater somehow goes with everything and cream to me seems most old fashioned. A cream sweater is definitely a major fashion staple.

A leather Watch- Accessories can make or break a vintage inspired ensemble. I have always found that a leather watch seems to give off a vintage air about it. Thus I have a black leather watch and a brown leather watch. You can usually find these watches nearly anywhere for a reasonable price. 

Leather Satchel- I have always loved this satchel from ModCloth. While I don't personally own this fabulous bag from ModCloth, I have two  tan satchels that I constantly use and definitely consider it a major staple to my wardrobe.

Ked's- I LOVE my navy Ked's!! Yes, blue might not usually be seen to go with many ensembles, blue Ked's always seem to match. Ked's are a classic and you can wear them with a dress or with pants. 

Pearl Necklace- What can I say, pearls have been a favorite piece for ages, and is such in every wardrobe. 

Cat Eyes Sunglasses- Worn in the 40's, worn in the 50's, worn by all of the famous vintage icons, Cat Eye glasses are a must have for every vintage wardrobe. Found in every color and size, Cat Eye sunglasses are a perfect accessory on a sunny day!

Stripped Shirt- Weather you want to go with a blue and white stripped shirt for an Audrey style or choose a red and white stripped shirt for a sailor look, stripped shirts are a simple piece that can be dressed up or down. My personal favorites in my wardrobe are my pin stripped red and white cotton shirt and a unique mustard and cream stripped quarter sleeve shirt:)

Well lovelies, I hope you found this post intriguing if not helpful! I know each of us has pieces that we constantly fall back on when we are low on imagination or need a simple staple as an addition for the days outfit. Every wardrobe consists of it's staple pieces, and every one has different opinions on what pieces are staples for their personal wardrobe.

Are any of these pieces your Major Staples?

What other pieces do you consider a staple?

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// Face Time //

Friday, January 23, 2015

Well dear readers, what a treat for both of us that I get to post two times in two days!!! Thankfully I don't have that much work for my classes yet and I was simply dying to share with all of you my beauty regime (not that it is all that exciting). However, I find that I enjoy reading the post other bloggers publish talking about their beauty routine and the products they use, so here is my post on the subject. Lets take a minute for some "face time" and a peak into my makeup bag.

My Face & Skin Routine:

1) Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soup (w/ sonic face brush)
2) Clinique Acne Solution Cleansing Foam (w/ face brush)
3) Clinique Clarifying Lotion (toner w/ cotton ball)
4) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (AMAZING)
5) Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical (Silicylic Acid)
First let me start at the beginning and at the most important part of my routine, my skin. Now, before I begin I must tell you all that I have very problematic skin! Ugh!! But alas, most of us do, so I deal with it as best I can. I have always struggled with acne prone skin, sometimes having clear months and sometimes fighting a never ending battle. For years I have tried many different treatments from proactive and prescription topical creams, but I recently started using a Clinique system specially tailored to my skin type. 

Now, before I go any further, please hear me when I say that I am not discrediting the other treatments I have used, because they did work fairly well for me, but they simply were not the best for my skin; after all everyone's skin is different and those products might very well work wonders for you. 
Skin is fickle and there are many factors that contribute to breakouts, weather it be not drinking enough water, hormones, stress, or those sweet treats (CHOCOLATE) that cause a battle to erupt. When I went to the Clinique counter to get a makeover, the wonderful lady (who had a fabulous accent) told me that my breakouts are caused more by stress and hormones, rather than an actual acne problem due to the fact that I only break out on the sides of my face and chin. Well, that was interesting and surprising to hear!!! The crazy thing is that I don't feel stressed, but I know that with school and other factors of life, stress (though I don't notice it) is quite possibly a contributing factor. 

Thankfully, I was able to create a routine to fit my skin type. So far I am loving my new routine! While my face has not completely cleared up (but then again college just started), my skin itself feels AMAZING! I had realized over past couple of years, that the general health of my skin had suffered due to the constant use of face medicine. However, now that I have started using Clinique (especially the moisturizer) I no longer have dry skin and I also have less oil. Yay!!! 

In My Makeup Bag:

Foundations and Powders: Clinique
Lashes: L'real Original Voluminous Black/Brown
Cheeks: e.l.f Contouring Blush & Bronzer or Mary Kay Strawberry Cream Blush
Lips: eos Mint, Burt's Bees Cherry, or Clinique Chubby Stick baby tint 03 Budding Blossom

Now for the fun part, a peak inside my makeup bag!!! While I am usually a cheapo when it comes to makeup (I hate spending a fortune on it) my mom just recently treated me to some good base makeup (which I kinda needed). Thus, I have started using Clinique makeup products for my foundation. After all, foundation is the first thing that goes on your skin (if you choose to use it in your routine) and you really want something that is beneficial to your face. Thankfully Clinique has an Anti-Blemish Solutions liquid makeup that I use for the base and touch up problem areas with a concealer (which you can get for acne too). These products definitely look better on your skin as well as last longer which is a plus! 

When it comes to everything else in my makeup bag, you will not find anything over $10! For blush, I really love pinks but most often I wear the e.l.f. blush that comes with a bronzer. If I want to go more for a pink shimmer, I usually fall back on my Mary Kay Strawberry Cream blush that I  have had forever. Mascara, I use the original  L'oreal but in black/brown. This is the mascara my mom has always used and I really love it (plus it is a reasonable price). Lips wise, I tend to wear chap stick most often and don't even bother with lipstick, so my go to chap stick is eos mint (I love mint chap stick). I also really love the eos coconut milk as well (it tastes so good, hehe). However, if I am feeling like I need a little color for my lips I like to use a light pink Clinique Chubby Stick for a subtle color and Burt's Bees Cherry for that red vintage look (oh, and the red Burt's Bees is mint of course!!). 

Oh, and I plum forgot about eyeshadow!!! I tend to be super simple when it comes to this, most often throwing on some tan sparkles, pink shadow, or the Clinique sample I got of Strawberry Fudge (which my sister wears daily). When I want to have a little fun, I will use browns and tans blended together and occasionally (when I feel extra bold and vintage) I will swipe on a quick cat eyeliner (though I haven't quite mastered the quick part). 

All in all, I tend to be fairly simple and repetitive when it comes to my makeup and some days I choose to wear less than others depending upon how much time I have and where I am going. 

Well lovely readers, that is it for my beauty regime. I hope you enjoyed reading about the different products I use. Until next time!!

What products are your favorite in your routine?

Do you use any of the same products as me?

Random Ramblings

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Well dear readers, I finally found time to escape this past week (during the Monday holiday) and snap some pictures for a post. It has definitely been awhile since I was able to share an actual outfit post, and I have missed it terribly, so here it FINALLY is!!! 
I will have to warn you all in advance that this post might really be full of "ramblings," as I would choose to call them, for sometimes when I have a lot of random things to say I ramble in my writing. However, while some might see it a sporadic and unorganized writing, it is my favorite type and always manages to make since to me (or maybe just in my head), so hopefully you will be able to follow :)

Okay, so enough with the forewarnings and introductions to this post, and here's to moving forward with everything I wanted to write about. First on the list of topics for today is the fact that my camera is finally cooperating with taking pictures of me (with the self timer). The last few times I took pictures for a post all my shots came out blurry, but thankfully I was able to get the camera situation all sorted out, so I am happy!!

I am truly envious of all the bloggers who have sisters who blog along with them, or simply have siblings or a friend who likes to take pictures (LUCKY). I do have a brother and a sister, but I might as well take my own pictures rather than talk them into helping me. And yes, I do have some friends who love taking pictures, but to try and fit our schedules together is sometimes not even worth it (no offence). On that note, I have to say that I might have finally/somewhat mastered the "art" (if that is what you call it) or taking self portraits. YAY!!

Quite honestly, while taking pictures of yourself can be challenging at times, what with the tripod, self timer, lighting, etc. it really can be fun. Sometimes, I actually have more confidence with pictures when it is just me in front of the camera.

Sweater: Hand me Down :)
I suppose I should talk briefly about my ensemble for this post, so here it goes. This skirt is one of my all time favorites, and I really don't know why?? Maybe it is because I love the shade of blue and the small specks of yellow in the pattern (that are really unique). I tend to usually wear this skirt with a powder blue shirt and cream sweater, but for this shoot I decided to pare one of my grandmothers 1950's blouses with the skirt. This proved to be quite rewarding, for I love the style of the blouse, with the raised neckline and sleeves that are not separate pieces, for the blouse is only made up of a front and back. Plus, it is almost a mustard yellow which is one of my favorite colors to wear. 

Okay, so now for what I really wanted to write about today, which has nothing to really do with this outfit at all, but I thought it would be something you readers would possibly enjoy? 
Have you ever received compliments on your ensembles or had people tell you how much they love your style? I don't have this happen all the time, but it always happens when I least expect it. For example, yesterday I received three complements on what I was wearing, which was a very simple red sweater with a black and white checked skirt. However, the thing I found most unique about the three comments I received, was that the first comment was from a guy. Now, who knows why he complemented me on my outfit, but I honestly think (not trying to be proud or anything here) that he found it so unique that a college girl would be wearing something so modest and tasteful (because you don't often see that). No matter what many girls say or believe, guys really do like it when a girl dresses modestly, and when a guy complements you I believe (in most cases) it is because he really appreciates your standards of dress. 

Skirt: Thrifted, Vintage (Prophecy); Shirt: Minnie's Menagerie 
On the flip side of this, I know that most other people complement me because I dress so opposite of the ordinary human. Now, let me clarify that by no means do I dress the way I do to see how many compliments I will receive. I choose to dress this way because it is most comfortable for me, it makes me feel confident, and I love wearing clothes with a story. However, back to what I was saying before, I always just have to smile when someone tells me that they love what I am wearing, especially all of the ladies at that come into tearoom, because I am sure they find it refreshing and different.

Shoes: Thrifted (Bass)
Necklace: Grandmothers 
If you can't tell, this is a Selfie, but it was the only way to get a slightly decent head shot:)

What trouble have you run into when taking pictures?

How do you feel about getting compliments?

Throw Back Thursday

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dress: Minnie's Menagerie; Shoes: Marshals; Broach: Grandma's 
Well lovely readers, I thought since I have not yet had time to take any new pictures since starting this semester I might as well take the opportunity to share some old pictures with you all. These pictures document my two adventures over the last two years in the quaint town of Round Top (about an hour away from where I live). 
To introduce the purpose of these adventures, we must start at the beginning. The only reason we traveled to this Round Top (both times) was for a big square dance that our (my sister and I) club was invited to. However, we could not pass up the opportunity to explore the town and places around it. We had a family friend who is a photographer and she mentioned a lovely spot she had discovered. Well, lets just say that this
             spot is was very magical (to me at least) and reminded me of something from a fairytale.

These pictures were taken back in 2013 (ages ago) and that was when I had bangs:) Anyways, there is a house which has this amazing stone bridge (above picture) which crosses a river/pond, but at that particular time it was dry, so we were able to take pictures under it. They also have a wonderful garden with a tower that reminds me of Repunzel.

All in all, the day was fabulous and full of adventures and perfect picture spots, including a number of red British telephone booths!!!

This past summer, we traveled to Round Top again, and this time on the way we stopped off at this enchanted creek with some dear friends to take a few pictures. I must say that we look somewhat like characters from a fairytale ourselves:)

However, I was unfortunately the one who decided to wear a splendid red skirt, not even considering that I would stick out like a "sore thumb" in every single picture. But nonetheless, this spot proved to be picture perfect!
Skirt: Thrifted; Shirt: Sister's; Belt: Minnie's Menagerie
After capturing our fare share of shots at the stream, we headed to Round Top and captured some even more enchanting pictures. 

Dress Left: Forever 21                 Dress Right: Thrifted (100% silk )

All in all, the day was wonderful, and these spots are some of our most favorite places to capture pictures!!
I hope to post some pictures next week of one of my newest ensembles that I made for school. 
Until next time!

What is one of your favorite places to take pictures?

The Face Behind The Muse

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

You dear readers will have to forgive me for not posting any of my latest ensembles, but life has been busy. Since I do not have any pictures of my latest ensembles I thought I would take the time to formally introduce you all to my Granny Minnie. I wish I had more than these two pictures of her to show, so next time I am back in Thorndale I will have to snag the other amazing picture of her:) 

As you lovely readers know, my Granny Minnie was the inspiration for my blog as well as the namesake for Minnie Muse. My grandmother passed away about eight years ago and unfortunately it wasn't until a few years after she passed away that I discovered her amazing since of style and treasure trove of vintage pieces, thus began my love of all things vintage!! 

I also have to take a moment and talk about the picture at the top of this post because it is one of my favorites captured of her. This picture is quite a candid and random shot and quite honestly we do not even know who took it, but somehow it came into our possession and I LOVE it (I have it hanging on my bedroom wall as daily inspiration). I believe this was taken when my grandmother was in business school (probably in the 1940's), so evidently she was in some bustling city and I suppose she knew the gentleman who was walking with her, but that is another mystery of this picture. I think for any of you readers, you all can understand why I love this picture so very much!! It is a picture you would not expect to see, much less capture so effortlessly, but to me it is perfect and holds a story and mystery that I will never know, but that says everything. 

I have always wanted to recreate the look she was wearing and also recreate this picture, so maybe one day you will see my adaption of this shot gracing the pages of the blog???? Who knows????

The picture above is the only other picture I have at home of my grandmother (she is the lady on the left) and I think I actually brought it home all for the sake of what she was wearing! My Granny Minnie always managed to look utterly fabulous in whatever she wore and definitely had a wonderful since of fashion. I absolutely LOVE what she is wearing in this picture because it is a perfect example of the typical casual and comfortable pants style of the 40's. I love to wear high waisted pants and go for that 1940's working woman look so this picture is definitely a treasure for me:)

I hope you lovely readers enjoyed this overview of the wonderful lady who was the face behind the muse of this blog, and enjoyed seeing just how she wore fashions of her day!! I hope you all are having a lovely 2015!!

New Year

Thursday, January 1, 2015

WOW!!! It feels as if 2014 just began and here we are now in 2015! 
This year has flown by. It seems like each year goes by faster and faster. I seem to close my eyes and the year is half gone, then close them again and it a new semester of school and before I know it the year is over and in rushes a new year full of new discoveries, paths, adventures, trials, goals, seasons, people, places, etc. This reminds me of a quote from an amazing book by one of my favorite authors N.D. Wilson (you have to read his books Notes From The Tilt-A-Whirl & Death By Living) that I am presently reading.

"Cliches are true. Time flies. You can't take it with you. You don't know what you got till it's gone. Dust to dust....Time, the ever-expiring resource. Time, the thief. Time, the motivator. Time, the finish."
-N.D. Wilson  Death By Living

As much as we want time to slow down and life to take a pause, it never does. Time races full speed ahead and we have to realize that time is fleeting and we must treat each and every moment as if it is our last. Live each day to the fullest. Carpe Diem --> Seize the Day!!!

As per the start of a new year, as always here come the resolutions. While I have a number of them I am only going to share those that pertain to this blog :)

2015 Resolution (as pertaining to this blog):

 #1 - Post more often if at all possible! Though I must warn you dear readers ahead of time that this is likely to fail once my spring semester starts.

 #2 - In my "spare time" learn more about blog design and HTML so that I can further improve my blog for all of you who are so dear to read it:)

#3 - Try new things when it comes to my style!!! I tend to be border line vintage, and I want to become confident in styling my ensembles with more of a 100% vintage flare.  (this would include hair, makeup, and accessories which I tend to go simple on most days)

    #4 - Reach a larger blog reader audience with Minnie Muse, though this might prove challenging since I might not post as often.

#5 - Spend free weekends perusing quaint vintage and antique stores!

# 6 - Grow my record collection as well as my Library!

Well, that is it for now, but I sincerely wish each of you a joyful and prosperous New Year!!!