The Turkey Is Wearing Off

Friday, December 5, 2014

Adorable oxford inspired Ballet Flats from Payless.

Meet Georgia!!

Skirt- Forever21
Cardigan- Forever21

Just a little Ballet:)

               Well, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is just around the corner, unfortunately the weather here in Texas is quite depressing, not having been anywhere below 60 degrees for the past couple weeks. I can’t wait for the nippy weather to finally arrive so that I can bundle up and enjoy the cold while some days dreading it at the same time. Finals for college are this next week, and while I should be studying right now, I needed a break to rest my brain, and write some wordsJ.

                These pictures were taken at Thanksgiving in Thorndale (where my dad grew up). While my whole ensemble is not at all authentically vintage, I picked up this lovely skirt and sky blue sweater whilst shopping with some dear friends for my birthday a few weekends ago. And while the colors of my outfit do not match my surroundings at all, I was so excited to capture some lovely pictures of the leaves around the house, because they just made me so happy.

                Thanksgiving was great as always!! And of course my mom, sister, and I went on our traditional Black Friday shopping spree! While some people start at 12:00am, we don’t get on the road until around 6:00, and usually shop till 1:00. We found some great bargains as always, and I am so happy to have picked up a record player for my Christmas present!!!! Well, I hope all of you lovely readers have a wonderful Christmas season and enjoy the weather wherever you are!


  1. Lovely outfit and such cute shoes! And gotta love a record player for Christmas!

  2. Thank you Lucy in the Sky! I know you are an avid fan of records, so I can't wait to start collecting.

  3. Adorable outfit! And fun that you're getting a record player! My sister and I love for hunting for our favorite music group's records from the 50's and 60's in thrift shops and antique stores.