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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dress: Plato's Closet (Heritage 21)
I had a simply splendid time today with the lovely Asten Davis of Jane of All Trades, as she allowed me to impose upon her photographing skills and snap some pictures (before we had class) of me for this post. I have been missing many a day of capturing my ensembles from either feeling uninspired, or not wanting to put up with the hassel of taking my own pictures. Thankfully today was different!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was, from the "almost" fall weather, to the greenery around me, to the most perfect dress and hair, or to the BEST pictures I have had in awhile. While the rest of today might have been filled with loads of homework and preparations for dinner, it was the knowledge that I had beautiful pictures and a post to write that got me to the place I am now, sitting in a chair and stairing at the screen before me, feeling inspired. 

This picture is a bit blurry but I just pretend that it is all part of the art, especially since I love the picture to much, but then again if you squint your eyes it looks clear:)

Sweater: Minnie's Menagerie (Grandmothers) 
Now, where should I go from here? I suppose I might as well tell you dear readers about my favorite pieces from this outfit. First of all, the mustard sweater that was a treasure from my grandmother is absolutely to die for! Most people might abhor the color, but I on the other hand LOVE it, and honestly wish I could somehow wear a smidgen of it every day:) Nonetheless, it went splendidly with this dress because it just so happened that the dress had hearts that were the same color. 

Traveling now to one of my favorite dresses in my collection and such a treasure at that. I picked this dress up at a resale store we have around here called Plato's Closet (it is where college kids can bring their clothes and get a little extra cash). Normally all they have is modern styles that I do not typically wear, but every once and awhile providence has its way and I find a perfect piece. The interesting part about this dress is that it is not even vintage but gives off all the ares of a dress straight from the 40's. It is actually a Forever 21 dress from their brand Heritage 21 (which tends to sometimes be vintage). At first I was hesitant to purchase the dress because it is a sheer fabric and was missing the liner, but the dress was calling out my name and I couldn't turn a deaf ear to it's pleas. It is now one of my favorites, plus, it has colorful hearts all over the fabric which just makes me happy!:)

Apart form the perfect dress, I decided to curl my hair for the first time in awhile which made the day and  my ensemble even more inspiring. I have greatly missed that 40's look with curls and victory rolls! But whenever I have the time I am bound to seize the opportunity before it slips away or before I decide that I am to lazy to do "bandanna curls" (which are crazy super easy). 

Edited and love how it turned out!

All in all, today was quite rewarding and productive blog wise, and I hope to find the time to capture all of my fall ensembles if fall will hurry up and arrive already, but in the meantime I hope you are inspired to be yourself and enjoy the fun of being an old fashioned soul. 


  1. Such lovely photo! I really like your hair, dress and what a great cardigan. I love the colour mustard!

  2. Your pictures, your clothes, and your blog is so lovely!! I think your style is amazing.

  3. Oh Maddison, you are simply magical in that dress, cardigan (LOVE the color!), and curls! So, so sweet! And what a score on that dress!


    1. Thank you so much Charlotte! Yes, this dress is a fave of mine:)

  4. I just love this ensemble. I'm a big fan of mustard as well. :) Your hair is just stunning - those curls! I've really been into Victory Rolls lately...

    ~Michelle ^_^
    Delightful Handwork